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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Andy Martin says Illinois Politics has hit a new low: The Death Rattle of Tammy Duckworth

America’s leading independent conservative writer and internet Powerhouse says Illinois politics has hit a new low with Tammy Duckworth’s attacks on Joe Walsh’s family. Andy says Duckworth’s smear campaign against Walsh, which is ultimately going to harm Walsh’s children, is a form of child abuse. Duckworth’s smear ads are the sign of a desperate candidate who is disgracing herself. Andy says decent Democrats in the 8th congressional district should vote for Walsh as a protest against Duckworth’s slimy campaign ads.


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Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin

says Tammy Duckworth’s latest campaign advertising reflects a “new low in Illinois politics”

Andy says Democrats should vote for Republican Joe Walsh to punish Duckworth for her despicable campaign tactics

Andy says Duckworth is engaging in “child abuse” by dragging Walsh’s children into Duckworth’s swirl of TV smear ads

(CHICAGO) (October 24, 2012) Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Tammy Duckworth’s latest campaign ads, dragging Representative Joe Walsh’s children into her campaign advertising, is a despicable act that should lead to Duckworth’s defeat:

I never would have thought I would come to the defense of Joe Walsh. Joe is not a friend and he has not asked for my help.

Representative Walsh has also said some cringe-worthy things about his current opponent. But Walsh was commenting on his opponent, Tammy Duckworth, not dragging Duckworth’s family into a campaign controversy.

Duckworth’s latest ads, however, dragging Walsh’s children and child support battle into her cmapagn advertising, hits a new low in Illinois politics.

I am no fading violent when it comes to campaign advertising. I have hammered opponents over the years. But my opponents were adults, and adults who are candidates can expect a tough battle in a primary or general election. My ads were always based on facts. And I was even involved in a very rough family-related campaign ad once. But in that instance it was the family members themselves that stepped forward to made the accusations. They went on camera with their charges. So I don’t shy away from rough advertising.

Tammy Duckworth, on the other hand, has had a career of distinguished military service and I honor her for her service and sacrifice. Unfortunately, since leaving the Army she has fallen in with a bad crowd who are exploiting her military sacrifices for their own selfish political ends. Rahm Emanuel and Dick Durbin, Duckworth’s leading sponsors, are two of the most corrupt figures in Illinois politics, not far behind the admirals of the cesspool, Barack Obama and David Axelrod. With Axelrod’s helping hands (dare I say that), Obama rose to the White House by exploiting the sexual peccadilloes of his Illinois opponents.

Almost everyone today has either been through a nasty divorce battle or known someone close to them who has. Divorce and all of the paraphernalia that accompany divorce, such as child custody and visitation wars, support battles and the rest, are a human tragedy for all involved but particularly for the helpless children who are caught up in a failed marriage or relationship. Divorces, particularly when accompanied by nasty custody battles or financial extortion, reflect people at their most vulnerable and, often, at their most despicable.

I don't know a thing about Joe Walsh’s divorce. Without knowing anything I am sure Joe is still angry at his former wife, and I am sure his former wife still harbors anger towards Joe. You don’t have to be a bad guy to get caught up in hostility and irrational anger.

People act out in divorce court in a way that confirms we are only marginally removed from the behavior of apes. Both men and women lie, elaborate extortion schemes are concocted by both spouses, false claims are filed with law enforcement as routine tactics, and so on.

Joe Walsh has a political record. He has served in Congress. If you like Walsh’s record, vote for him. Even if you don’t like Walsh, vote for him to defeat Duckworth and strike a small blow for decency in Illinois politics.

In 1972 (yes my memory goes back that far) the Wall Street Journal published a classic line: “There is no high road in Illinois politics.” And, as if on cue, Duckworth is trying hard to hit the lowest of the low roads for 2012. As I said, Duckworth may have hit a new low in Illinois politics.

There is an obvious question. If Duckworth is so right (and I completely disagree with Duckworth on most issues) and Walsh is so wrong, why not attack Walsh where he should be most vulnerable, on his record? Why bring his kids into the campaign?

Make no mistake, when you drag children into a campaign spectacle and embroil them in vicious campaign advertising, you are engaging in a deliberate and despicable form of child abuse.

Walsh’s children have had to negotiate between the failed relationship of their parents. Without knowing anything about the kids’ problems, I know everything; the separation hasn't been easy for them.

But this much is clear: both Joe and his former wife love their children. Good people often get embroiled in failed relationships or marriages. It's part of life. Is Duckworth so desperate for “issues” she has to drag Walsh’s children into her campaign? Bitter divorces leave scars, permanent scars. That's without “Dirty Duckworth” stepping up to drag the kids into her campaign mudslinging. Is Walsh such a formidable opponent that Duckworth can’t win without using smear tactics?

Not everyone who is a good person is a good candidate. Duckworth is apparently not a particularly inspiring candidate despite her very inspirational life story. Serving the nation in one capacity does not automatically translate into being successful in serving the nation in another capacity.

Walsh could have made his attacks against Duckworth last summer more elegantly, but Joe is almost as ham-handed as Duckworth.

But at the end of the day, and the end of the campaign, if Tammy can’t beat Joe on her issues (and I predicted some months ago to friends Joe was going to win), in a district that was gerrymandered for her to win, then she is a failed candidate. Her latest smear advertising is a literal “death rattle” for her campaign.

Rahm Emanuel and Dick Durbin and the rest of the sleazy leadership of the Illinois Democratic Party have probably told Duckworth she “has nothing to lose” by running her dirty ads. Tammy has everything to lose: her own self-respect and her standing as a candidate, win, lose or draw, the day after the election.

The U. S. Supreme Court once said public officials are allowed to strike hard blows but not foul ones. I have struck a few hard blows myself in my life, but never foul ones. Which is why I have survived in the public arena for half a century. Duckworth is striking foul blows against Joe Walsh and his children. I am ashamed for her.

I could care less whether Joe Walsh is reelected, though I hope he is. I do believe Tammy Duckworth should be solidly defeated to punish her for her despicable efforts to win election by dragging Walsh’s children into her campaign cesspool. For shame, Tammy, for shame.


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