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Friday, March 08, 2013

Former Illinois Republican leader Andy Martin backs ouster of corrupt Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady

For parts of six (6) decades (1960’s – 2010’s) Andy Martin has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois, New Hampshire and nationally. Today Andy explains why Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady must be removed in order for the Illinois Republican Party to survive.


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March 9, 2013

Dear Illinois Republican:

From the time I was a law student at the University of Illinois right down to today I have been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois. If you go to you can see how I led the fight to purge the Democratic Party of crime syndicate influence and helped send mob Democrats to federal prison.

But as an Illinois Republican I found myself in a party that was becoming increasingly corrupt. Party “insiders” were using a series of state statutes, originally orchestrated by former Governor Jim Thompson, to centralize party power in his hands, to prevent internal party democracy from flourishing. I decided I needed a change and starting in 2010 began a gradual move back to the state of my forbearers, New Hampshire.

I deeply love the state of Illinois, and will be eternally grateful for all that the state has given me and done for my family. But there comes a point when you have to say “enough.” When Party leaders such as Pat Brady and Mark Kirk are systematically destroying the party to retain their own personal fiefdoms, it’s is time to go. So I left, joining others who had left before me. (Our National/Illinois corruption-fighting office remains open, however, so you should feel free to report Illinois corruption to me on a continuing basis.)

New Hampshire is not perfect and – no surprise – I am fighting corruption in New Hampshire. But New Hampshire does not have the oppressive state-created legal structure for the state party that prevents party democracy. In New Hampshire, state committee leaders are openly elected. The process is not rigged in advance. In Illinois, state law creates an indirect, boss-dominated structure for the state party [see § 10 ILCS 5/7-9. County central committee; county and State conventions].

What finally motivated me to move to New Hampshire was that New Hampshire had neither a state sales tax nor a state income tax. Think about it. And, there was one more thing. When the state party closed its offices (under allegedly “great” fund-raiser Pat Brady) and moved the party’s headquarters “office” into Mark Kirk’s office, it was clear that the state party had ceased to exist as an independent organization.

I am delighted that some Illinois state committee members are finally trying to oust Chairman Pat Brady. Pat Brady has done more to damage the Illinois Party than any other individual.

I have a bias against Pat Brady, and I will discuss the source of my bias in Part B of this letter. First, I want to give you an impartial response to some of the nonsense claims Brady is floating.


1. Brady claims “Mike Madigan” is behind the effort to oust Brady as chairman. (Please see link #1 below). I don’t think Brady is on Madigan’s payroll - but Brady should be. Brady is Madigan’s greatest ally and asset. Madigan doesn’t need a few Republican votes to pass gay marriage. That’s a sideshow. But Brady’s ongoing efforts to sabotage the Republican Party and to make the party an adjunct to Mark’s Kirk’s compromised operations is what really helps the Democrats. So, no, Madigan is not behind the effort to oust Brady. Republicans are.

2. Pat Brady has bamboozled LaSalle County Republicans and other gullible organizations in the party into believing that Brady has voiced his “personal” or “private” opinions on gay marriage (please see Link #2 below).

First, the Republican Party state committee is not a private organization. The committee structure is created by and mandated by state law (see the state law citation above). The party’s central committee is a “quasi-private” organization performing a private function by virtue of a grant through state law.

Second, there is a large body of law on conflicts between “private” and “personal“ opinions and how to resolve the conflicts between personal views and organizational duties. Most often the “private vs. public” issue arises with public employees. Courts have ruled that when public employees voice general or unrelated opinions, they have a right to do so. When public employees criticize their public employers or try to involve themselves in public disputes related to their duties, they lose that freedom.

So Pat Brady is free to have a “personal view” on his favorite breakfast cereal, or his “personal view” of Republican politics in California, or whatever. But when Brady voices views and takes stands contrary to his own Republican organization, he does not have a right to play word games. He has no right to “private” views when he is performing his quasi-public state duty. The Illinois Republican State Central Committee is created by state law to manage the party’s affairs and to set policy (state law mandates a state convention, for example, and regulates how delegates should be selected).

In fact, the state law under which today’s meeting has been scheduled, § 10 ILCS 5/7-9 (h), is a provision of state law, not “party law and not Robert’s Rules of Order.”

Because parties adopt platforms to set party policy, the state committee would be fully within its rights to remove Brady for attacking the party’s state policy as adopted by the state convention.


1. Pat Brady has pulled the “expressing my personal opinion” scam before. In 2012 Brady tried to endorse candidates in the primaries, claiming that he was expressing his “personal opinion.” But the reason Brady has been so bold with his dirty tactics is because he got away with it in 2010.

2. In 2009 I filed for the Republican primary nomination for U. S. Senator in 2010. Mark Kirk had already purchased the nomination for $50,000 in cash to Brady & Co. Kirk had begun his castration of the Republican Party leadership.

3. I did some “opposition research” on Kirk. Jack Roeser, who now masquerades in 2013 as a supporter of Bruce Rauner, in 2009 was obsessed with opposing Mark Kirk. Roeser had a radio program. He placed a tape on the Internet from the radio program in which Roeser accused Kirk of being a homosexual. I never accused Kirk of being homosexual, though many others have. I just pointed to Roeser’s tape which could be heard on the Internet (it has since been removed but I still have a copy).

I also researched Kirk’s claims that he was some sort of military hero and macho man. Unlike some candidates who talk trash, I always document claims and link to facts or evidence (look at the seven [7] links below). I put up a web site on Kirk’s bogus reputation (please see link #3) and I specifically pointed to a military letter showing there was no record of Kirk’s official service in Afghanistan (please see link #4).

During December, 2009 and January, 2010 I presented the facts about Kirk to the public. Pat Brady immediately attacked me for exposing the truth about Kirk. Kirk won the nomination. But, as I had predicted, Kirk’s lies would come back to haunt him and the Illinois Republican Party.

In June 2010 a homosexual activist formally “outed” Kirk (please see Link #5). The Washington Post exposed Kirk as a liar who had awarded himself imaginary decorations and “reported” on imaginary battles to Chicago media (please see link #6). Kirk was and remains a total fraud. In 2010, a landslide year for Republicans, Kirk was barely elected against a mob banker who helped finance Crime Syndicate hoodlums.

The bottom line: Brady had used his position as state chairman to suppress the truth about Kirk, and had willingly and knowingly misled Republican voters into supporting a fraudulent and flawed candidate, Kirk. Brady claimed he was only expressing his “personal” views when he attacked my campaign. In 2010 other members of the state committee did nothing to protect the primary process and remained mute.


The “usual suspects” from Jim Edgar to Judy Topinka are opposing Brady’s ouster. No surprise there. And Jim Thompson, who originally denied Republicans a vote for their state committee leaders, is also backing Brady. Rumors about Thompson abound.

After the 2010 election Brady packed up the Republican Party’s offices and moved them into Mark Kirk’s operation. The Illinois Republican Party ceased to function as an independent political organization.

Now (March, 2013) Brady has issued an anonymous “legal memo” to a Democratic-leaning newsletter (Capitol Fax) claiming he can’t be removed (please see link #7). An organization has the inherent power to remove a faithless leader for cause. There is abundant cause to remove Brady.

Every day that Pat Brady is in control of the Republican Party Republicans suffer. Can Illinois Republicans win in 2014? If Brady survives an ouster, fuggedaboutit.

Is the “get rid of Brady” movement really about gay marriage? Probably not. For years people have been watching Brady screw up the party and hand the ball to Democrats, and said/done nothing. Finally, it got to be too much. “Gay marriage” became the pretext to remove Brady. Removing Brady for opposing the party’s platform is certainly “cause” to oust Brady. But in my opinion the movement to oust Brady has been gathering steam for years. People don’t want the Republican Party to be in the back pocket of Mark Kirk. Kirk’s career is over (watch for my reports next week).

It is time to put an end to “stooge” chairmen in the Illinois Republican Party. It is time for Pat Brady to go. Three cheers for the state committee members that are meeting today (Saturday) to remove Brady. And while they are at it, they should take steps to adopt an elected state central committee, not an indirectly-appointed one (a movement I have strongly supported).

In closing

Because I have joined the list of those who have given up on the management of Illinois, I am expressing these views as helpful observations to those who remain behind.

You will still receive my “national” columns as well as any Illinois-related writing. Next week, for example, I will be visiting Illinois to take the “phantom senator,” Mark Kirk to task. But if you would like to receive our New Hampshire commentaries you have to ask to be added separately to our New Hampshire list (look at page one to see how to do that).

Best wishes,



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