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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Honolulu news conference Andy Martin explores President Barack Obama’s marriage

Obama author and investigator Andy Martin will hold a global news conference by telephone from Honolulu Saturday May 11th to discuss the state of President Barack Obama’s marriage. Andy wrote the first investigative column about Barack Obama nine years ago; Andy’s “Psychological Profile” of Presidential Candidate Obama in 2007 has proven to be prophetic. Andy is in Honolulu continuing and updating his psychological profile of the president for a new book, “The Search for Obama.” Saturday Andy discusses his observations on the unusual marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama. [Andy returns to New Hampshire next week.]


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New Hampshire author Andy Martin probes the state of Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage and finds disturbing evidence of a troubled and possibly sham marriage.

Andy says President Obama’s marital dislocation may be affecting his job performance

(HONOLULU, HI) (May 11, 2013) From Andy:

Aloha from Hawai’i where I am continuing my research into the life of President Barack Obama. I am working to pull together my columns for a new book, “The Search for Obama.” Whether you like or dislike President Obama, his existence is a fact of history that must be respected. While my partisan opposition to President Obama is well-known, I have also continued independent scholarly research on Mr. Obama since 2004. I attempt to scrupulously separate my political opinions from my scholarly opinions. Whether you agree or disagree with my views, my independent research into Obama-the-man has forced the mainstream media to focus on Barack Obama’s personal life; I am a “watchdog” who is not afraid confront media propaganda about Obama.

With today’s news conference we enter a new zone of psychological profiling: how is Obama’s personal life affecting the performance of his public duties? Once again, Contrarian Commentary leads the way with independent research and provocative analysis about the Obama marriage.

1. Why “marriage” is important

Recently both supporters of homosexual marriage and supporters of traditional marriage have been battling away in the U. S. Supreme Court. The only issue both sides agree on is the importance of marriage as an institution. (As of yet I have taken no side in this controversy.)

In a nation where the personal relationships of public figures range from the puritanical to the libertine, marriage is a balance wheel for all points of view.

Several lifetimes ago when I was on track to become an air force pilot our ROTC instructors told us there was no room for marital dissonance at the breakfast table before we headed for the cockpit. If the state of one’s marriage is important to a pilot’s job performance, how much more important is the state of the president’s marriage to his actions in office?

2. My “psychological profile” of Obama in 2007

Does this guy sound familiar?

Ultimately, his personality matrix left him weak inside, weak under the surface, “all sail and no anchor.” He learned to avoid conflict, not fight. His mother raised someone who would run away, not stand his ground…

He will strive to be a strong leader on the surface, using powerful language and images; but inside he will still be the pied piper of powerlessness…

Obama's natural tendency, his default state of mind, is to evade, conceal, avoid--and escape.

His approach to dealing with his adversaries will ultimately come to be seen as weak.

[Please see Group Link #1 below for the Psychological Profile of then-candidate Barack Obama]

My 2007 Psychological Profile of Barack Obama’s future leadership style has proven to be uncannily accurate. (Looking back as a “profiler,” I’d have to say I got Obama’s “psychology” better than his “politics.” My own party’s incompetence helped propel Obama into office and keep him there. Ironically, my February 10, 2007 Psychological Profile was the first instance of a writer referring to Barack Obama as a “man behind a mask,” a term which morphed into my 2008 book.

3. The Oval Office

If marital discord can influence a pilot’s performance the state of the president’s marriage is obviously a critical factor in his performance in the Oval Office. President Bill Clinton’s loveless and probably sexless marriage led to his compulsive philandering, right next to the Oval office, and to his disgrace and impeachment.

4. Media reluctance to probe political marriages

Serious journalists remain reluctant to probe the state of presidential marriages. Nevertheless, the world has changed greatly since the 1960’s. Senator John F. Kennedy would never have been a serious presidential candidate today because of his compulsive fornication. LBJ might not have made it on to the national ticket and become president.

Sometimes politicians survive “sex scandals,” sometimes they are brought down by marital infidelity.

In the case of the Obamas’ marriage the media continue to portray the Barack-Michelle relationship as a storybook connection. One of the reasons I am in Hawai’i is to probe how the Obamas relate to each other when they are on vacation in Hawai’i, a place where they have an opportunity to spend more time together and yet apparently do not.

Nevertheless, rumors about the state of the Obama marriage are quite persistent, see Group Link # 2.

5. The “gay rumors” about President Obama

Rumors persist that President Obama is gay. We’ll analyze those rumors tomorrow, in Sunday’s news conference, and discuss how they impact the marriage.

5. The Obama marriage: you be the judge


Michelle Obama: the spendthrift-spouse-in-chief

No one elected Michelle Obama to be the spendthrift-spouse-in-chief. But that’s the role she has arrogated to herself. Michelle Obama treats the U. S. Treasury as her own personal piggy bank. She jetted off to Europe with an entourage of hundreds, all at taxpayers’ expense. Michelle’s “Marie Antoinette” lifestyle is grossly inconsistent with seeking to maximize the image of her husband. Michelle Obama’s casual contempt for the fact that her husband is borrowing money from China to fund her shopping sprees and vacationing – often gussied up as “official visits” so the president personally does not have to pay - reflects contempt for the financial problems facing the American people.

Michelle Obama acts as though she is flaunting her freedom to engage in conspicuous consumption, and as though the president is helpless to do anything about her excesses because she has some sort of “hold” over him. The state of the Obama’s marriage has generated considerable gossip, and a protective reaction by African-American partisans, see Link #3.


The “separate vacations” issue

Whether you like Obama or hate him, whether you consider him a savior or socialist or both, there is no doubt the office of president imposes substantial duties on the occupant, which is why the repetitive “separate vacations” of Obama and his daughters is so strange, and suspicious.

Indeed, I believe that it is through the window of their daughters that we can really see how hollow the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama really is.

In an interview with Vogue, Michelle Obama stated they “prefer to spend free time with their daughters.” (Please see Link #4) What?

Surely the president’s vacation time is limited. If he prefers to spend his quality time with his wife and daughters, why is he spending it with Tiger Woods? When the Obama family comes to Honolulu, Barack and Michele again live separate lives. Obama makes cameo appearances with his daughters for shave ice and late lunches, but then spends more of his time with his Chicago cronies than he does with his family.

There is a massive gap between the image of Obama-the-devoted-father and the Obama who vacations alone when he could be spending time with his wife and daughters. By constantly vacationing alone the Obamas are flaunting their separation and detachment from each other. If through their separate lives they intend to send a message, that message has been received.

6. My predictions


The future prospect for the Obamas’ marriage

I think there is a strong possibility Michelle Obama will seek the vacant U. S. Senate seat from Illinois in 2016. Senator Mark Kirk’s career is over, despite his protestations to the contrary. Because Kirk is all-but-a-Democrat, President Obama could create a graceful exit for Kirk and provide a vacant seat for Michelle.

If Michelle wants a political career she will opt to continue a Clinton-style fake marriage. If she is through with politics and merely wants to cash in her chips, she will seriously consider a divorce. The current state of the Obama marriage is unsustainable unless both parties continue to live a lie. After 2016 Michelle will no longer be able to impose her lifestyle and spending sprees on the U. S. taxpayer.


Is Obama’s martial situation affecting his job performance?

In my opinion, the family turmoil with Michelle only adds to Barack Obama’s instability and exacerbates the psychological challenges which I predicted way back in 2007. As someone who accidentally became Barack Obama’s first biographer in 2004, I continue to study his actions and to expand and extend my psychological profile of the president.



New Hampshire author Andy Martin


Andy Martin will hold a global news conference to discuss his ongoing and updated psychological profile of Barack Obama, focusing on the current state of Obama’s marriage


Telephone news conference from Honolulu:

Date and Time: Saturday May 11, 2013 10:00 A.M.

Dial-in Number: 1-800-466-8543

Conference Code: 510518


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SUNDAY: From Honolulu, Andy continues his ongoing “psychological profile” of Barack Obama with a second telephone news conference: “President Obama’s obsession with homosexuality”

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