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Friday, July 05, 2013

“Is Barack Obama the Islamist in the White House?” [Islam is the enemy, Part III]

Foreign policy expert Andy Martin says Barack Obama’s Islamic roots are distorting American foreign policy:
2014 New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin, possibly the Republican Party’s most knowledgeable Middle East/Egypt foreign policy expert with actual overseas experience, has been looking back into Barack Obama’s family history and reviewing the record of Obama’s religious roots in Islam. In 2004 Andy was the first person to focus on Obama’s Islamic parentage; as a result Andy has been relentlessly attacked by Obama operatives for focusing attention on the president’s peculiar family history. As always, we welcome your feedback to Andy’s comments. Is President Barack Obama the “Islamist in the White House?” You be the judge.

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U. S. Senate candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin

says President Barack Obama’s Islamist sympathies may be undermining U. S. foreign policy

Is Barack Obama “the Islamist in the White House?” You be the judge

Part III of a continuing series, “Islam is the Enemy”

(New York) (July 5, 2013)

Andy’s views:

[First, a disclaimer: in my opinion the upheaval in Egypt is a significant challenge to the established world order in the Middle East. How the U. S. responds will affect American national security. In analyzing President Barack Obama’s Islamist history I do not bear Muslims any ill will. And, surprisingly, I also do not bear Obama any personal ill will. Mr. Obama is merely (1) an interesting political figure and (2) a political opponent in the sense that he leads the Democratic Party. I am a conservative and a Republican. Generally speaking, I believe Obama is bad for America. That is my point of view.

In writing about Obama-the-man, I try to separate my personal feelings from the factual records of his life. No one is perfect, but I try to keep my opinions about Obama separate from the facts.]

Here are some thoughts:

1. My 2004 article on Obama’s religion

I first encountered Barack Obama when he was an obscure state senator in the Illinois legislature. In 2004 I watched with amazement as David Axelrod’s investigative wizardry gave Obama the nomination and eventually the election for U.S. Senator. So I was not surprised when Obama emerged on the national stage in August 2004. But Obama’s “story” about a “goat herd” father and his Kenyan roots did not make sense to me. Still, that was what Obama claimed as his family background.

I picked up the phone, called London and asked, “Do you suppose the FCO has something on Obama’s background?” The eventual response was “yes.” Obama’s grandfather was a wealthy and sophisticated man who had traveled to Europe. His son, Obama’s father, was well educated when he left for Hawai’i. Obama’s grandfather had been linked to the Mau Mau rebellion which sought to end British rule in Kenya. (Obama did not admit to his family’s Mau Mau links until he visited London and disclosed why he loathed Britain.)

In August, 2004 I conducted a news conference in New York to announce the results of my overseas research (link #1 below). I exposed that Obama’s “story” was largely a fraud. Based on Muslim law, which transfers religion from the father to the child, Obama had been born a Muslim. Obama’s father was not an uneducated goat herd but rather the offspring of a wealthy colonial family. I exposed that Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father,” was largely fiction and urged the publisher to withdraw Obama’s fabrications from the “autobiography” section.

My remarks were duly noted in 2004, but back then few thought Obama would move beyond the U. S. Senate. I continued my research into Obama’s past “just in case.”

When Obama announced he was a presidential candidate in 2007 I published a series of articles under the topic of “Obama Week.” The most profound of those articles was a psychological study of the candidate. That study predicted almost exactly how Obama would react if he reached the Oval Office. My activity did not go unnoticed among Obama’s staff and sycophants. The more I investigated the more I came under criticism and investigation from Obama’s minions.

2. Nicholas Kristof speaks about Islam with Obama

In 2007 New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who is very sympathetic to Obama, published a column relating Obama’s religious background while living in Indonesia (link #2 below). As a child Obama had been a practicing Muslim. My original 2004 accusation was confirmed. When Kristof realized his disclosures had boomeranged with the American public he began attacking me and others who raised questions about Obama’s religious heritage (link #3 below). During the 2008 campaign Obama did everything he could to mislead the public about both his religious background and his family history in Hawai’i.

I was the first independent investigator/author to actually go to Hawai’i to start studying public records about Obama. By then, Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibbs had gone on the Hannity and Colmes program and tried to suggest I was an anti-Semite based on ridiculous remarks in a twenty-five year old lawsuit (I am not an anti-Semite; quite the opposite). Gibbs and his mentor David Axelrod play politics Chicago-style, which means phony and dirty. I fired back, Chicago-style. I also published doubts about who Obama’s biological father really was. My doubts remain to this date.

As I continued to write about Obama in 2007 and 2008 some of my readers in the Middle East contacted me and asked me to “go easy on Obama” because “he’s one of us,” a Muslim. I paid no attention to the request but found it strange that Muslims had firmly decided Obama was one of them. Whatever Americans believed or believe today, Muslims have always believed that Obama is a Muslim and that he has never renounced his birth faith.

3. Obama’s bizarre 2009 speech in Egypt

After becoming President Obama went to Cairo and delivered a bizarre speech. The Cairo apologia became the basis for subsequent accusations that Obama was on an “apology tour.” (Obama had also apologized in Turkey before he landed in Egypt.)

In preparation for writing these remarks, I went back and took another look at Obama’s 2009 speech (link #4 below). Obama’s remarks were weird. He spoke of “great tension” between Islam and America. What tension? America had and has no cavil with the religion of Islam. We had no colonial history with Muslims. America was and is logically and justifiably opposed to Islamic extremists.

Obama claimed he was coming to Cairo with a “new beginning.” More peculiar was his admission that he had “known Islam on three continents” before arriving in Cairo. Three continents? “Known” Islam? In his speech Obama also confirmed my 2004 accusation that his family was Muslim. Looking back four years, Obama’s Cairo remarks partake of delusion and self-deception.

Cairo, where Obama made his grandiose remarks in 2009, has since experienced two revolutions, one a generic revolution to throw off a decades-old military dictatorship and a second revolution this month (2013) to throw off the yoke of a budding Islamic dictatorship.

4. The pro-Islamist cocoon in Washington

The reaction of the “foreign policy community” to efforts by Egyptians to free themselves from religious oppression has also been peculiar. The Washington Post seems to be part of Obama’s Islamist cocoon (link # 5 below). It is clear that Obama and his supporters do not want freedom in the Middle East. They want Islamist (not just Islamic) rule over the oppressed peoples of that region.

The idea that Egyptians should rebel against the noxious Islamic regime that was being imposed on them was unacceptable to Obama. Amazingly, the U. S. ambassador in Cairo had become an apologist for the Islamist regime and, not surprisingly, freedom-living Egyptians began attacking our ambassador as a tool and stooge of the Morsi regime.

Obama has triggered a great debate over whether a “coup” has been staged in Egypt. The accusation is nonsense. Cairo’s celebrations have been even more excessive than our own contemporaneous July 4th festivities. When millions of people come into the streets and demand change, that’s not a coup. That is the-people-in-action “Internet democracy.”

Egypt is not a well-developed democracy; unfortunately, the military plays a larger role in Egyptian society than officers do in western societies. But the military could not act and did not act without massive public support from the Egyptian “street.” Egyptians live without basic services. Illiteracy is a serious problem. Morsi was more concerned with imposing Sharia than he was with servicing sewers. Good riddance.

5. “The ring”

My unique contribution to the Obama oeuvre was the original research on his family history and religion in Kenya, as well as my disclosures about the candidate’s links to criminal figures in Chicago. My psychological profile was “prophetic” in a political sense. I predicted almost exactly how Obama would react in the Oval Office. But, generally speaking, “I don’t do jewelry.”

Nevertheless, in preparing these comments on the “Islamist in the White House” I went back and reread much of the Obama literature. I came across the “ring” controversy and have given Obama’s “ring” serious review and reconsideration. My evaluation is that Obama’s “ring” is a Muslim ring and that the entire issue of the ring is creepy. I don’t often use the term creepy, because I am someone who cherishes freedom of lifestyle for myself and every American. But when I went back and looked at Obamas “ring” controversy, I could only say “creepy.”

Obama, of course, has a “thing” with rings. He kissed the Saudi king’s ring.

Here are what I believe the undisputed facts. According to the liberal web site (see link # 6 below) Obama was given a ring when he was living in Indonesia. Obama left Indonesia as a ten year-old and never returned. What kind of a “ring” would a mother who claimed to be financially strapped give to a 10 year-old child? The ring became an object of controversy in 2008 when some writers claimed it was an “Islamic ring.” The New York Times (link # 6) stated that Obama wears as his wedding ring the same Indonesian ring he received as a 10 year-old.

I find it creepy that a ring given to Obama by his mother who claimed to be in financial distress has been retained for forty years and is worn in lieu of a wedding ring. This is such a strange situation that if anyone knows of any married man who wears a ring he received as a child, still wears the ring as a wedding ring in lieu of a gold band, please let me know. I’m not an expert on jewelry.

My honest opinion: the ring is some form of an Islamic symbol, and the ring reflects Obama’s lifetime of reverence for and attachment to Islam.

6. The mystery continues

I chose the title for my 2008 book: “Obama: the Man Behind the Mask.” Since then many writers have adopted the “mask” allusion to raise questions about Obama’s true nature. Controversy continues about who Obama is and what he is (link # 7 below).

Islam is an accepted and protected religion in the United States. Law-abiding Muslims enjoy the same rights as any other law-abiding citizens to worship God as they wish. But there is no question that Islamic extremists have continued to infiltrate the United States. The Somalis in Minnesota and Maine and the notorious Tsarnaev brothers in Massachusetts are merely the tip of the iceberg. Obama’s efforts to “Islamicize” the U. S. Government will be the topic of a future column. Today it is sufficient to state that Obama’s life history makes him an Islamist president. His religious and political views are a threat to U. S. National security around the world.

Obama will not be deposed by an Egyptian-style revolution. But if Americans do not elect a Republican congress in 2014 (and if Republicans do not nominate too many extremist “crazies” as candidates) the last two years of Obama’s term will place every American in extreme danger.


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