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Monday, August 05, 2013

Is Barack Obama’s latest Al-Qaeda terror warning a colossal hoax? Andy Martin challenges Obama’s tactics and motives

Counterterrorism expert and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says the latest “terror” brouhaha announced by the Obama Administration borders on a “Wag the Dog” hoax designed to deflect attention from Obama’s abuses of national security information. Andy says the overall terror threat is very real; but bona fide intelligence agencies do not respond to “threats” by announcing they have cracked their opponents’ communication codes. “This looks like another bogus Obama grandstanding operation,” Andy says. “Obama said Al-Qaeda was finished. Now he has created ‘divisions’ of Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda ‘core’ and non-core. I think Americans are the victims of a colossal bipartisan boondoggle. The enemy is out there. But not when and where Obama says he has cracked their codes and is listening in to their plans. That’s not the way ‘intelligence’ agencies do their work. Put me down as skeptical. I can’t be certain but I think Obama is crying ‘wolf,’ and for a very good reason. He wants to distract the American people.”

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Counterterrorism expert and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Barack Obama’s “terror” warnings appear to be an exaggeration bordering on a hoax

Andy says Obama’s political operatives have captured message control of America’s intelligence agencies

Andy says Obama’s anti-terror “alarms” go against every rule of intelligence activity

(MANCHESTER, NH) (August 6, 2013) Counterterrorism expert and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says he is very suspicious of President Barack Obama’s latest “terror warning” to Americans that Al-Qaeda is planning to strike in the next few days. “I think Americans have been the victims of a bipartisan boondoggle,” Andy says. “Intelligence agencies around the world are laughing at us.”

1. What Obama says

During the past several days Americans have been inundated with reports of a worldwide terror threat from Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization Barack Obama declared dead and gone last year. Now Obama is using Clintonspeak to explain his past mistakes. Mouthpiece Jay Carney says Al-Qaeda is gone but the “threat” from Al-Qaeda is not. Nonexistent Al-Qaeda now “exists” in two forms, “core” Al-Qaeda and non-core Al-Qaeda. Got that?

As if on schedule, Monday August 5th Obama “leaked” to the liberal media self-laudatory claims that Obama’s intelligence agencies were reading Al-Qaeda’s communications and translating messages between Al-Qaeda leaders. So when Obama leaks his own exaggerated intelligence claims he is merely engaging in a leak; when anyone else discloses questionable information, they are committing a crime.

According to Carney/Obama we listening in on Al-Qaeda communications, translating their messages, and know their whereabouts (ooops, apparently not?) and what they are planning (but not with any “specificity”). Yes, Obama is not too “specific” about the latest threat. But the threat is “worldwide” anyway. In response to this worldwide threat he issued a worldwide travel advisory. All of this activity is directed at an organization that Obama says is no longer functioning effectively.

A careful analysis of intelligence and counterintelligence practices raises a reasonable doubt that Obama is engaging in massive exaggeration to the point of potentially pulling a hoax on the American people. Obama’s motive: to distract Americans from his other scandals and abuses of national security information. Obama’s terrorist threat was announced only hours after Russia granted asylum to genuine “leaker” Edward Snowdon. Timing, anyone? Distraction? Obama embarrassment?

2. The history of code-breaking

Reduced to its basics, Obama claims we can listen in on Al-Qaeda communications and translate the organization’s “chatter.” Does this make sense to anyone with an intelligence background? Of course not. If we have actually broken Al-Qaeda’s codes, the last thing we should/would be doing is announcing to the world that we have broken their codes.

During World War II Britain cracked Nazi codes. But rather than create a suspicion that codes had been broken, Prime Minister Churchill allowed Nazi air raids on British targets to go forward so as to avoid any appearance of advance warning of the attacks.

Likewise, the United States cracked Japan’s codes in World War II, and similarly allowed attacks to proceed to avoid tipping off the enemy that code security had been compromised.

In other words, if you really have cracked someone’s codes, you don’t announce that fact and you don't make a big show of drawing attention to the code-breaking by closing embassies and issuing “alerts” on the basis that you have “cracked the codes.”

Obama’s worldwide announcement, terror threats and general hullabaloo appear to be a lot of Obamabaloney designed to scare the public and deflect public attention from all of his other scandals and abuses of power. And, no surprise, Obama’s tactic has worked. Even Republican leaders have been bamboozled by Obama’s scare tactics.

3. President Bill Clinton’s “Wag The Dog” operations

Those who remember the Clinton Administration remember tactics similar to Obama’s current antics. In fact, Clinton’s misuse of military and intelligence authority came to be known as “Wag the Dog” activity after a Hollywood movie in which a president starts a phony war, “wagging the dog,” to deflect attention from his domestic problems (please see links # 1 and # 2 below). Sound familiar? Obama’s tactics are almost exactly a carbon copy of Clinton’s. (Clinton, of course, denied “wagging the dog.”)

Obama has created worldwide pandemonium by closing State Department missions and “warning” U.S. citizens to be careful during the entire month of August. But wasn’t Al-Qaeda only supposed to strike during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan? So why the month-long “alert?” The bigger the better when a Clinton/Obama “Wag the Dog” operation is in progress.

4. Can Obama be trusted? NO

If recent events in 2013 have established anything, they have confirmed that Barack Obama cannot be trusted. Obama increasingly uses Clintonian tactics and Clintonian double-speak to conceal his true motives from the American public. So why trust him now? The tale Obama tells, of cracking codes and listening in, is simply too implausible in the context of a 12 year-old war against Al-Qaeda. Was there some “chatter?” Are we trying to crack codes and listen in, and sometimes succeeding? Yes, of course. Is there a serious terrorist threat? Absolutely, but not the one Barack Obama has ginned up over the past few days.

Bottom line: I do not trust the man. Obama is exaggerating the terrorist threat to satisfy his need for a distraction from his failed presidency.

5. Is the terror threat real? Absolutely

Please do not be confused by my skeptical and critical remarks. I am not minimizing the worldwide terror threat. Although Obama has been ridiculing the “global war against terror” for five years, and in fact declared “victory” a few weeks ago, terrorists do not go away. We must be vigilant on every flight, every shipment, every day, everywhere.

When a president creates terror scares, and issue warnings that will probably not result in an attack, he creates public skepticism. The next time Obama claims he has “intelligence” and issues warnings, people will be more suspicious. If our intelligence agencies have actionable intelligence, and have really cracked enemy codes, the thing to do is keep that secret and keep listening in. Or, they should use their “actionable” intelligence to take “action,” and not to issue “the sky is falling” warnings.

So my skepticism about Obama’s motives and methods in the current terror scare should not be misconstrued to reflect any lack of concern on my part for the genuine terror threat. It’s real. And, contrary to Obama’s claims of victory, the terror threat is not going away. We have not won the war. Yet.

6. What would “real” Al-Qaeda do confuse the US?

If you were Al-Qaeda and knew that Obama claimed to be listening in on leadership communications, would you just ignore that information? Of course not. You would choose to counterattack using another mode of response.

Ask yourself, if you were Al-Qaeda and you were engaging in counterintelligence operations, that is spying on Americans who are spying on Al-Qaeda, what would you do? The most obvious tactic would be to disseminate disinformation. British, Americans, Russians and every other nation routinely resort to disinformation. Al-Qaeda would likely say, “Why not create some bogus communication appear to be ‘chatter’ about an imminent attack and send the free world into chaos? How many times can they shut embassies and issue warnings before they become a joke? Then we strike.”

My best guess is that Al-Qaeda knows we are either listening in or trying to listen in on their communications. Using “chatter” as a basis for publicly releasing terror alerts plays right into the hands of Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda and all of its terrorist followers remain in control of when and where and how to attack. They have simply made a fool of Barack Obama by using conventional counterintelligence tactics to bamboozle Barack Obama, who in turn was only too willing to bamboozle the American people. Chatter, anyone?

7. Andy’s worldwide counterterror experience

[How Andy became a counterterrorism expert:

Andy has forty-eight years of experience in Asia, Southwest Asia and the Middle East; he is regarded overseas as one of America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analysts. He is known as an “over-the-horizon” expert who synthesizes conditions to prepare predictive opinions.

Andy’s experience fighting terrorism began during the Cold War in 1965 when he became an acolyte of Professor Bernard Fall. The U. S. Government was calling the Viet Cong “terrorists” and insurgents; use of the word “terror” had largely lapsed after World War II. Professor Fall believed that Viet-Nam was a “revolutionary” war, a military campaign based on political goals that more properly fit the matrix of political analysis.

After Professor Fall was blown up, Andy persevered in studying counterinsurgency (COIN) in Viet-Nam and around the world. Andy founded the Revolutionary War Research Center and in 1974 he began to offer counterterrorism consulting at the World Trade Center, becoming one of the nation’s first counterterror specialists. Andy was in New York on September 11, 2001 and rendered assistance.

Andy was in Iran and Afghanistan during the hostage crisis in 1979-80, and has regularly returned to Southwest Asia since then. He lived in Iraq in 2003. His analysis of the terrorist threat in Iran during 1979-80, and again in Iraq in 2003, were leading-edge predictions of what Americans faced in the future. Andy has lived in or been in Israel, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Viet-Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.]


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Wow, President Obama is incredible! He even got the Republicans on the intelligence committees to go along with his hoax. It's a conspiracy, and Obama has the GOP in on it. WOW

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