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Monday, March 03, 2014

Fox News: Scott Brown surrenders Ukraine to fellow nudist Vladimir Putin

Echoing President Obama, Scott Brown tells “Fox News Sunday” U.S. has “no military option” in Ukraine

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Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin pounces on Massachusetts airhead Scott Brown’s surrender of Ukraine to Vladimir Putin

Andy says Brown is espousing an “Obama-Brown-Shaheen foreign policy”

Andy says Brown and Putin have something in common; both men like to sashay around half naked

Andy is a Cold War expert and previously sought the release of Yulia Tymoshenko, the formerly imprisoned Ukrainian leader

(Manchester, NH) (March 3, 2014) 

Dear Republican:

Massachusetts airhead Scott brown, who has been trying to float into New Hampshire, showed Sunday that Brown has more in common with fellow nudist Vladimir Putin that he has with New Hampshire’s citizens. It is time for rational Granite Staters to start asking why some Republican “leaders” are trying to promote the Massachusetts reject as a New Hampshire senate candidate.

Brown is paid well by Fox News to be a commentator. But Brown’s Fox News blabbering also exposes his lack of any serious foreign policy credentials. On “Fox News Sunday” Brown surrendered besieged Ukraine to fellow nudist Vladimir Putin by stating “there is no military option.”  Barack Obama could not have delivered Brown’s lines better.

There is one goal that Brown has accomplished in New Hampshire. Brown makes sadly-addled, Florida tanned Bob Smith look like a deep thinker by comparison.

But if Brown wants to campaign on Barack Obama’s foreign policy, he should run as a Democrat against Jeanne Shaheen, not as a Republican. Republicans do not favor a surrender to the Russian leader. I support President Reagan’s foreign policy of peace through strength.

What Brown and Putin have in common is that both me like to run around semi-clad. Brown was recently seen in a bathing suit during frigid weather at the beach. It’s a free country and people have a constitutional right to run around Hampton Beach in a bathing suit during frigid weather. But what does Brown’s behavior say about his judgment?

As someone who has deep experience with foreign policy I monitored Putin's former Ukrainian stooge Yanukovich, who was using Putinesque tactics to eliminate democracy. After Yulia Tymoshenko conducted a free election and Yanukovich won, he returned the favor by jailing Tymoshenko on trumped-up charges. I fought for Tymoshenko’s freedom.

Let me be clear. Tymoshenko was and is no Sunday school teacher. She was a ruthless practitioner of the smash-mouth politics and money grubbing that accompanied the fall of the Soviet Empire. But for all her faults, Tymoshenko helped conduct a relatively free and fair election. Since taking power Yanukovich has been trying to implant a Putin-style dictatorship in Ukraine. He started by jailing his former opponent Tymoshenko.

In the past few days Putin has succeeded in confusing Scott Brown, someone with no foreign policy credentials, by convincing Brown that that America has no military options. Monday I will hold a second New York news conference to outline American options to help Ukrainian officials.

Because Brown speaks in simplistic terms it is not clear that he even understands what a “military option” is. The use of military power is not confined to landing troops. There is no need for U.S. boots on the ground in Ukraine. The Ukrainians are ready for fight for their own freedom (links below). We can and should offer military aid to the Ukrainian government.

Under both the Budapest Memorandum and the U.N. Charter we have every right and a treaty-based responsibility to respond to a request for military supplies from Ukraine.

Just hours before Putin invaded Ukraine last week, Barack Obama proposed a defense budget that aimed to dismantle America’s fighting forces with ruinous budget cuts. Defense Secretary Hagel said we were cutting forces and increasing risks. I for one do not believe we should increase the dangers our men and women confront. Why would any president increase the risks faced by our men and women in uniform? We should be trying to enhance our forces to reduce risks.

For the past several months Scott Brown has been the sweetheart of the liberal media. They love the idea that a jerk like Brown would defeat New Hampshire Republicans in a primary and then stage a liberal-to-liberal election next November where Shaheen is reelected. Contrary to what liberal media claim, Brown cannot defeat Shaheen. That is why Shaheen so badly wants Brown to run. Brown is Shaheen’s only guarantee of reelection.

Of course, now that Brown has endorsed Barack Obama’s foreign policy, and stated we have no military options in Ukraine, echoing the Obama-Shaheen policy, Brown’s true colors have been exposed for New Hampshire conservatives to see.

Watch for our news conference Monday (today).

Later in the week we are going to “declare war” on Brown. I don’t need a “military option.” The truth about Scott Brown’s liberal agenda and Massachusetts shenanigans is explosive enough for the upcoming primary. Brown has never faced an experienced primary opponent.

Don't be fooled by the false prophets in the New Hampshire Republican Party who are promoting Brown. They are the same people who have lost to the Democrats year after year and decade after decade. Fasten your seat belts for a real primary campaign this summer. We may even chase Brown back to Massachusetts. Where he belongs.

And, as a final gesture, avoid the by-now overdone “thank you for your service” and instead ask a real question. Stop a New Hampshire veteran and ask him or her what they think of Brown’s surrender of Ukraine to Vladimir Putin. Get a veteran’s opinion of what the Obama-Brown-Shaheen policy means for America’s future. Ask a veteran whether Scott Brown makes America stronger. Or weaker. And then ask yourself why any Republican “leader” would promote Brown’s candidacy.


ujntsman wasd reelected in November, 2008. A few monrths later he resigned to serve
his president,” Barack Obama. SDo whyh was it so terrible that Palin resigned and Hutsman served evenless of his secondterm? Can I say “double standard” again.

What os this show us? Whetyher thessue s resigfnaitonsor religion,th emedia shamlessly create double standards tgo favr theiiberal medioa pets (fulldisclosure; I am ot aliberalmedia pet).
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