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Monday, March 03, 2014

New York News Conference: Senate candidate Andy Martin slams Scott Brown Ukraine “surrender strategy”

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York City news conference today, Monday, March 3rd to energize Republicans in support of a strong Reagan-style foreign policy. Andy will also attack liberal media and former senator Scott Brown. “One New Hampshire liberal media type told me he thinks the Ukraine crisis is a joke,” Andy says. “Vladimir Putin’s agenda is not a joke. He must be stopped. Putin is trying to build a new Iron Curtain. Those of us who confronted the Soviet Empire during the Cold War know that fear and retreat are not a solution. Republicans such as Scott Brown do not favor the ‘peace through strength’ policies of President Reagan that helped bring down communism. Putin wants to rebuild the Evil Empire. He must be stopped. The liberal media who are trying to hijack the New Hampshire Republican Party by supporting Scott Brown must also be stopped. Brown’s comments on Fox News Sunday show he endorses a ‘Brown-Obama-Shaheen surrender strategy,’” Andy charges.

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Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin asks the Obama administration to begin an airlift of military supplies to the Ukrainian government

Andy says New Hampshire voters must reject the “Brown-Obama-Shaheen surrender strategy”

Andy, a leading Obama opponent, says “Barack Obama is ‘all words;’ now Fox News’ faux New Hampshire Republican Scott Brown has joined Obama’s vapid rhetoric”

Andy is a Cold War expert; he previously sought the release of Yulia Tymoshenko, the recently-freed Ukrainian leader

(Manchester, NH) (March 3, 2014) New Hampshire Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Monday, March 3rd to demand that the Obama administration take strong action against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Andy will also “sounding a warning bell” about liberal Republican pretender Scott Brown’s “surrender” strategy,” which Andy calls a “Brown-Obama-Shaheen foreign policy.”

Andy asks that President Obama take muscular military and economic action to shut down Russia’s access to the west, including: [1] canceling all visas of Russian citizens in the United States; [2] suspending any new visas for Russian citizens; [3] seizing all Russian-related property of Vladimir Putin’s cronies in the United States, including multi-million dollar condos; and [4] offering, if requested, to immediately airlift military equipment and supplies to Ukraine.

“It is a truism that those who choose to forget history are doomed to repeat it,” Andy says. “No people suffered more under the Soviet Union than the Ukrainians. I grew up supporting freedom for ‘captive nations,’ first among them being Ukraine. Tens of millions of Ukrainians were slaughtered by Soviet dictator Stalin.

“Today, liberal Massachusetts-New Hampshire Republican Scott Brown wants to respect a revivified Soviet Union and consign Ukrainians to another era of Soviet-style persecution. Scott Brown’s foreign policy is Barack Obama’s foreign policy. Brown’s foreign policy is Jeanne Shaheen’s foreign policy. New Hampshire Republicans must reject the ‘Brown-Obama-Shaheen surrender strategy’ in the Ukraine crisis.

“In 1946 Winston Churchill foresaw an ‘Iron Curtain’ in Europe. It took 43 years to tear down that Curtain. It took President Reagan’s memorable words to Soviet dictator Gorbachev: ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.’ Reagan was attacked by the liberal media. But Reagan was right! Earlier today I received the first jeer from a liberal New Hampshire journalist. His newspaper supports ‘Surrender and Brown.’ Anti-Reaganism is alive and well among New Hampshire’s liberal media.

“Sunday Brown made the hand-wringing claim on Fox News Sunday that ‘there is no military option’ for Ukraine. There are many military options short of landing U. S. troops. If requested, we can create an airborne pipeline of military supplies for Ukrainian troops to use. We can provide Ukrainian leaders with our best surveillance and intelligence. We can send Ukrainian-American volunteers to help train the Ukrainian military.

“Ironically, many of the Ukrainians in the U.S. today come from Eastern Ukraine. They are the ‘ethnic Russians’ we hear so much about. They escaped crippling poverty and a hopeless future under communism. Under Vladimir Putin’s future plans for Ukraine, 46 million Ukrainians would be reduced to slaves and hostages. Putin abhors freedom and democracy, much like the liberal elites in the Democratic Party and some Republicans such as Scott Brown.

“Surrender to Putin is not an option. Acquiescence in the invasion of Ukraine will lead to more invasions. Putin must be stopped dead and removed from power. George W. Bush went ‘wobbly’ when Putin invaded Georgia. Putin’s troops are violating cease-fire accords; part of Georgia is still occupied. George W. Bush’s will failed.

“Those of us who love freedom, which includes almost all Republicans excluding Scott Brown-types, and also includes very many loyal Democrats, cannot allow a ‘Brown-Obama-Shaheen surrender strategy’ to determine our policy towards the invasion of Ukraine.

“There is no running from Putin; there is no escape. Putin can only be removed and prosecuted as a war criminal. Russians had ‘one man-one vote.’ And then Putin imposed ‘one man-one vote-one time.’ Today the ordinary Russian people are enslaved, while Putin’s cronies, the Oligarchs, purchase hundred million dollar apartments in New York. We must shut down Putin’s oligarchs’ access to America; they will get the message. Leave Ukraine, or leave the United States.

“The only way to avoid a hot war is to fight a limited new ‘Cold War’ until Putin is removed from power.

“Republicans such as Scott Brown who want to surrender to Putin’s military power grab, and who claim there is ‘no military option,’ are endangering the national security of the United States. U.S. ‘boots on the ground?’ Absolutely unnecessary. American military support for the people of Ukraine? Priceless.”

Andy previously demonstrated for the release of formerly imprisoned Ukrainian leader Yulia Tymoshenko. He has been a strong supporter of Ukrainian independence since the fall of the Soviet Union. Andy is a strong supporter of President Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” guiding principles (see links below). Andy believes Democrat Jimmy Carter’s weakness led to the Iran hostage crisis; Reagan’s “peace through strength” brought the hostages home. Andy is committed to exposing and defeating Scott Brown in the 2014 New Hampshire U.S. Senate primary.



New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin


Andy Martin supports military aid to Ukraine, slams “Brown-Obama-Shaheen surrender strategy”


909 Third Avenue, public sidewalk in front of FDR Station post office entrance, New York (under the “909” canopy in case of rain)

Monday, March 3; 4:30 P.M.


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