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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Telephone News conference: Parishioner Andy Martin asks Trinity Church to end frivolous gun control lawsuit

Trinity Church (Trinity Wall Street, New York City) parishioner Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference Wednesday, April 2nd to announce his opposition to a frivolous gun control lawsuit fled by the church in federal court in Delaware. “I am distressed that my church apparently has money to waste on lawyers, when they couldn’t afford to host a picnic last fall,” says Andy. “New York liberals won’t even let Wal-Mart into New York city. Now they are suing the company for meeting the needs of American consumer. I am a very happy and very satisfied Wal-Mart customer and I think the company does an extraordinary job. The church needs to dismiss its lawsuit and return to more rational theological approach. I love my fellow parishioners but in this instance they have gone off the deep end.”

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Attention New York, National daybook/assignment editors

Announcement of telephone news conference Wednesday

Trinity parishioner Andy Martin will announce opposition to Trinity Church’s gun control, dirty music lawsuit

Andy says the church may have been captured by “extreme leftists”

Andy Martin is “a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment”

Andy is a “very satisfied Wal-Mart customer” and issues a ringing endorsement of the company

(New York) (April 1, 2014)  Trinity Wall Street parishioner Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference Wednesday, April 2nd to announce he is asking the vestry of Trinity Church (Trinity Wall Street), as well as the U. S. District Court in Delaware, to end a frivolous gun control lawsuit.

“At first I thought the rector had sent out an April’ Fool’s joke,” Andy says. “Then I did my research and found this crackpot lawsuit had been filed (see link below).

“I am a very happy Wal-Mart shopper and I note that Wal-Mart hasn’t even been allowed to open in New York City by the socialist Mafia that has taken control of local government. So Wal-Mart gun sales are not an issue of importance to New Yorkers. (I usually shop at Wal-Mart in New Hampshire, Florida and Hawai’i.)

“Let me also be clear: I am a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment. In my own state of New Hampshire, as well as outside the New York City metro area, people believe in and live by the Second Amendment. Wal-Mart does not need a bunch of New York City leftists telling them how to meet the needs of America’s consumers. In fact, Wal-Mart is doing a better job of attracting supporters than most mainline Christian denominations, many of which have seen their churches shrink because of adherence to extreme leftist positions. I trust Wal-Mart executives more than I would trust the clergy of most churches.

“I am not aware of any discussions within the parish about filing frivolous lawsuits and enriching greedy law firms with Trinity cash. If the parish has been quietly captured by a faction of extreme leftists that is obviously a matter for concern. Trinity is a wonderful place and a beautiful church and I am distressed that someone within the church has created unnecessary divisiveness. Somewhere within the church the institution’s priorities have been distorted by too much money and not enough common sense.

“I plan to ask the vestry to drop this lawsuit and other  dingbat-style activism, and also will advise the federal court of my opposition. I may be one of the more conservative members of the parish, but I accept most of the usual lefty, trendy nonsense of which the Episcopal Church is so often enamored. You can’t always agree with everyone about everything. Tolerance is important. But I don’t think church loonies should be able to use the parish’s financial resources to file junk lawsuits and to pad the pockets of greedy New York and Delaware law firms.

“In closing, while I am always distressed at the tone of popular culture and am fully sympathetic with the concepts underlying the lawsuit, I don’t think that an institution which is dependent on the First Amendment (a church) should be seeking to limit the First Amendment rights of others. No one has appointed Trinity Church to serve as the ‘trash police’ of American popular culture.

“As for the ‘gun magazine’ issues, they are nothing but liberal nonsense masquerading as ‘Christianity’ and I find it offensive that a faction within my church has been captured by that delusion.

“I have no plans to leave the parish and I love my fellow parishioners, even the loony ones (Jesus might say, especially the loony ones). I am needed more than ever to add some sense of balance and rationality to the parish’s direction.”


April 2 [TELEPHONE] News Conference Details:

Trinity Wall Street parishioner and Andy Martin

Andy Martin asks Trinity Church to drop frivolous gun control and music lawsuit


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