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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Tuesday to criticize Senator Rob Portman for not supporting Jim Oberweis

Independent Republican Party activist Andy Martin launches a new political action team, Coalition for America, with a Chicago news conference questioning why Senate Republicans in Washington are not conducting a “50-state strategy” to take control of the senate. Andy criticizes Senator Rob Portman for appearing disconnected about Jim Oberweis’ Illinois U. S. Senate campaign.
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Announcement of Chicago news conference Tuesday

Attention national and Chicago daybook/assignment editors

Andy Martin slams Senator Rob Portman for undermining Jim Oberweis’ U. S. Senate campaign

Andy says that due to the conflicting polls, “Washington Republicans” should not write off the Illinois senate race

Andy says Jim Oberweis deserves support from national as well as Illinois Republicans

(CHICAGO) (September 16, 2014) Independent Republican activist Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, Tuesday, September 16th, to demand that Senator Rob Portman apologize for minimizing Jim Oberweis’ U. S. Senate campaign.

“In a recent interview Senator Portman appeared lackadaisical and disconnected from the senate races, which only number 33 nationally,” Andy charges. “If he can’t be more focused, why is he acting as vice chairman of a ‘Campaign Committee?’

“I explain my concerns about Senator Portman’s conduct in my letter to him, which follows. The Chicago Tribune has published a poll showing Senator Dick Durbin ahead. Other polls have shown Jim Oberweis within 7 points of Durbin. It is precisely because of the ‘fog of politics’ that Senator Portman should not be undermining Jim Oberweis’ campaign and should be applying a 50-state strategy to taking control of the U. S. Senate.

“My independent Republican team will be working to elect Republicans everywhere across the USA.”

Text of Andy Martin’s letter to Senator Rob Portman (without masthead):

September 13, 2014

Hon. Rob Portman
United States Senator
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Portman:

I am writing to criticize your comments to the media in your capacity as a member of the National Republican Senatorial Committee concerning the Illinois U. S. Senate race.

The Coalition for America is an independent Republican Party political action team that grew out of efforts (Romney’s Rangers) to support Mitt Romney when he ran for president two years ago.

As the individual who first warned about the dangers that then-state senator Barack Obama posed for America in 2004, long before the Republican Party capitulated to Obama in 2008, I have a long track record of making accurate political prognostications and standing up for public integrity.

In my opinion the Republican Party’s platform should consist of six words: Public Integrity; National Security; Economic Prosperity. The rest is surplusage. Jim Oberweis supports a safe and strong America and a strong economy.

Your refusal to support Oberweis and your apparent lack of familiarity about one of only a handful of U. S. Senate races (1/3 of the senate is up every two years) is disturbing.

Illinois has been a “Blue” state due to the incompetence and corruption of the local Illinois Republican Party. Mr. Oberweis is neither. He is a successful businessman and so far as I am aware he built his business honestly. No candidate is perfect and I know that Mr. Oberweis is not perfect. Like all hyper-successful people he can be difficult at times. But he is running a capable campaign and he does not deserve to be thrown under the bus with a “Washington” attitude.

I am not a friend of Mr. Oberweis and he did not ask me to send this letter. I have met him during the course of political campaigns. Nevertheless, because it is always difficult to recruit good candidates in Blue states I fail to see why you are not providing at least some financial support and enthusiastic verbal support to Oberweis. By claiming you are not familiar with the race and by being negative about supporting a hard-working candidate you undermine the national Republican effort.

If the Republican Party is to rebuild and to become both an Illinois and a national force, you must of necessity pursue what Gov. Howard Dean once called the “Fifty State Strategy.” Every state counts. (Obama also pursued a 50-state approach.)

Although I now reside in New Hampshire I continue to closely follow matters both in Illinois where my anticorruption efforts continue and nationally as the CFA letterhead reflects.

I would urge you to send some money to Mr. Oberweis and to apologize for your error in judgment in undermining his campaign. Your noncommittal remarks have a corrosive impact nationally; they do not reflect that the Republican Party has learned any lessons from its past failures.

At a minimum Jim is forcing Dick Durbin to defend his seat and to direct resources to Illinois that Democrats might prefer to assign to other races. And Jim could win! It is about time Illinoisans got rid of Durbin; voters should be are tried of him. Illinois is a mess and Durbin is a contributing factor.

Respectfully submitted,



September 16, 2014 Chicago news conference details:


Independent Republican Party activist Andy Martin criticizes Senator Rob Portman for making light of Jim Oberweis’ U. S. Senate Campaign


Andy Martin says Senator Rob Portman is being unfair to Illinois Republicans who want to defeat Senator Dick Durbin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash Streets,
Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 1:00 P.M.


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