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Monday, February 23, 2015

Does Barack Obama Love America? Rudy Giuliani has focused new attention on Andy Martin’s Hawai’i research

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani touched off a firestorm when he claimed President Barack Obama does not love America. Giuliani is now in full retreat, shifting from clear prose to mumbled nonsense. Leftist media have excoriated Giuliani for impugning Obama. But Obama author, expert and investigator Andy Martin says Giuliani was right with his first set of remarks, and explains why. Even worse, Andy suggests that by their refusal to defend Giuliani, national Republicans are repeating their past mistakes from 2008 and 2012, and strongly suggesting Republicans could now proceed to fumble away the 2016 presidential election.

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Andy Martin says Rudy Giuliani was right to question President Barack Obama’s love for America

Andy says Giuliani has now impeached Giuliani’s own remarks by trying to recharacterize what he said

New disclosures about David Axelrod’s family ties to the Communist Party USA add fuel to the Obama-is-a-socialist meme

(New York, NY) (February 23, 2015) Last week former mayor Rudy Giuliani created a firestorm by claiming Barack Obama does not love America and that Obama was raised differently from ordinary Americans (see link [1]). Giuliani’s remarks triggered a massive counterattack from the media left. Giuliani, after standing his ground on Fox News (see link [2] below) is now in full retreat (see link [3] below).

Over ten years ago I exposed Obama as a complete fraud (see [4] below). I have never had to take back a single word I have written about Obama’s family history.

Adding new concern about Obama’s loyalties, last weekend we learned his campaign manager David Axelrod came from a Communist Party USA household (see [5] below). Out of all the political consultants in the United States, Obama managed to find probably the only one with a communist pedigree.

Unfortunately, with his latest contradictory remarks, Giuliani has now made a mess of his own original commentary.

So what are the facts and what is the truth about Obama?

1. Over ten years ago I exposed that Obama was a political fraud. (see [4] below). I was heartened when Giuliani mentioned Frank Marshall Davis, whom I brought to national attention in October, 2008.

2. In February, 2007 I published a Psychological Profile of Barack Obama that clearly stated Obama has a weak personality and could not function under the stress of being president.

3. During the 2008 campaign John McCain’s “campaign” collapsed and refused to challenge Obama’s qualifications for national office. McCain did a great disservice to the American people by running an incompetent campaign. McCain also muzzled Sarah Palin, who wanted to attack Obama. McCain was seemingly intent on losing.

After McCain’s collapse I was basically thrust into the gap left by McCain’s surrender; Obama then turned his guns on me and started a relentless smear campaign trying to undermine my evidence pointing to his own lack of qualifications for national office. But I continued to nail Obama as a fraud and to predict he wanted to stage a nonviolent Castro-style and Chavez-style “revolution.” See:

4. In 2012 Mitt Romney also failed to attack Obama’s character. After “winning” the first debate between the candidates, Romney became passive and essentially fumbled away the presidency. Romney’s staff also refused to authorize intense attacks on Obama. Like McCain before him, by running an incompetent campaign Romney did a great disservice to the American people.

5. After Giuliani attacked Obama this month, national Republicans and presidential candidates refused to back Giuliani. Why is Obama still important? Because Obama’s record will be on the line in 2016. The Clinton Smear Machine, moreover, is the most corrupt enterprise in American political history. If Republicans fail to attack Hillary Clinton, the same way they were reluctant to take on Obama, the Republican Party will forfeit a third presidential election in a row. So, yes, Obama matters and the unwillingness of Republicans to attack Obama’s character is a serious defect in their approach to both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons and the Obamas have basically changed American politics: today national elections are brutal confrontations. At least they are from the Democratic Party side. In 2012 Democrats went so far as to call Mitt Romney a murderer. Republicans have proven over and over again they are too effete to successfully defend against or wage war against unscrupulous Democratic tactics.

6. In his original remarks, Giuliani drew attention to Frank Marshall Davis. Undeniably, Davis was a communist. NY Daily News columnist Mike Lupica was so eager to defend Obama and attack Giuliani that Lupica got his facts crossed. Davis was not a “communist in Indonesia” (see [6] below) as Lupica mistakenly claimed. On the contrary, the factual record is clear that Davis was the driving force behind Obama’s character from the time Obama returned to Hawai’i at the age of ten until he left for college at age eighteen. And, yes, Davis was a communist.

7. While the list of political campaign consultants with family ties to the Communist Party USA is probably a short one, Obama managed to find what may be the only communist-linked consultant, David Axelrod, to manage his smear campaigns against U. S. Senate and presidential opponents. What a coincidence that we did not learn until 2015 about the Axelrod family’s history of links to the Communist Party USA.

8. Obama is systematically destroying America’s national security. A man who loves his country would not destroy his nation. Giuliani’s original remarks, that Obama does not love America, and was raised differently, were completely correct.

9. Giuliani’s honest and accurate effort to connect Obama’s current campaign of national destruction with Obama’s patrimony of communist associations was absolutely and totally based on fact. While Obama’s policies have also failed, Obama’s presidency is an utter disaster because of his defective character. Obama's egomania and arrogance have doomed his leadership. In the corridors of power Obama is a worldwide laughingstock. Just ask Vlad Putin.

In February, 2007, I provided the nation with a psychological profile of Obama (which became the first chapter of my book [see below] on Obama) outlining why Obama could not and would not be able to function in the Oval office. I wrote that Obama could not handle a crisis. Well, what do you think of my 2007 prediction now? I made perhaps the most accurate prediction in American political history.

Obama is going to leave behind a legacy of disaster and destruction that could doom this nation. Obama could also doom his own political party for a generation – but not if the cowardly lions of the Republican Party keep surrendering to the bluster and “bs” of Democrats such as the Obamas and Clintons.

10. The truth about the Obamas was/is always out there, the way the truth about the Clintons was/is out there. But Republicans refused and refuse to attack the character of these corrupt political hucksters and refuse to wage war on behalf of the American people in defense of our way of life.

I laid out the truth about Obama for the American people starting in 2004. Republicans chose to ignore the truth and to forfeit two national elections in a row. The Republican response to Giuliani’s latest remarks, and Giuliani’s own backtracking about his remarks in the wake of liberal counterattacks, does not bode well for the Republican Party presidential campaign in 2016. Sorry, Rudy. First you told the truth, then you punked yourself.

But thanks anyway, Rudy, for reminding the American people about Frank Marshall Davis, a man I exposed in 2008 as probably being the president’s biological father and the man to the fulfillment of whose communist-inspired principles “Obama” has devoted his life.

There are none so blind as those who will not see, none so deaf as those who will not hear. Are you listening America?

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