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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Hampshire conservative leader Andy Martin: CPAC and ACU should stop discriminating against Log Cabin Republicans

Independent New Hampshire Republican leader Andy Martin “comes out” in favor of allowing CPAC to allow full participation by Log Cabin Republicans and says the time has come for both conservative organizations and the Republican Party to remove any remaining barriers to welcoming gays in the party. “In New Hampshire we have an inclusive party, and no one doubts New Hampshire’s conservative credentials,” Andy says. “When CPAC refuses to allow a legitimate Republican Party organization to be a full participant they are not acting in a ‘conservative’ manner, they are engaging in liberal-style identity politics that we abhor and condemn. I urge CPAC to reconsider and to welcome the Log Cabin Republicans this week.”

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Andy Martin says it is time for ACU to admit Log Cabin Republicans to full participation in CPAC

Andy says that the Republican Party must be open to all; the Republican Party and the conservative movement have their origins in human rights and the universal striving for human liberty and dignity

(New York, NY) (February 25, 2015) The American Conservative Union (“ACU”) sponsors an annual Conservative Political Action Conference (“CPAC”). Once again the ACU has refused to allow a Republican pro-gay organization, the Log Cabin Republicans (“LCR”) to participate in CPAC. I recognize that ACU has a right to decide whom to allow to participate in CPAC. But I urge the ACU to open CPAC to the LCR. The time to do so has arrived. LCR’s are good Republicans and brave human beings and they deserve encouragement.

I call on ACU and CPAC to end their discrimination against gays and specifically against LCR. Let me be explicit as to my views. Homosexuality is not a “lifestyle choice,” although gays have traditionally gathered together out of fear of discrimination and recrimination.

Homosexuality is ordained by God and determined at creation. I accept fully the testimonies of individuals who have stated they were aware of their sexual orientation as children. We engage in hypocrisy when we seek to exclude human beings based on their sexual orientation. As homosexuality has become more openly discussed, I have been surprised to see that so many of my friends have family members who have been hidden from sight because of their sexual orientation. Everyone has right to come out into the sunlight and be recognized and valued for who they are as human beings.

Like most people over the age of 50, I grew up in an environment where homosexual issues were treated very differently than they are today. But the very essence of political leadership is flexibility in response to changed conditions and changing social attitudes. The New Hampshire Republican Party is an inclusive Party. Gays are welcome to participate. The Republican Party has its origins in the struggle for human rights and national redemption in the 1850's, and so should be particularly open to classes of persons who are the victims of discrimination. Republicans led the civil rights progress of the 1960’s.

While race and sexual identity are not exactly comparable, I believe that conservatives should welcome gays who are open about both their sexual orientation and conservative principles. As someone whom many people would identify as an Alpha male, I am cognizant I did not “earn” my sexuality. I inherited my genes and orientation. (I take a contrary position with regard to “closeted” gays such as Illinois U. S. Senator Mark Kirk, because I believe the act of closeting and denial is both politically and psychologically unhealthy. Kirk is a prime example of that confusion and conflict.)

The conservative movement should be focused on issues, not sexual orientation.

Show how about it CPAC? LCR’s are brave people. They have been open about their sexual identity, a status that in the past has not always received a welcoming embrace. The time for a change in attitudes is now. Change is not always easy; I know from personal experience. But change is essential if Republicans are to strive for majority status. Every American must join in the “war” to undo the damage inflicted on America by the very “inclusive” Barack Hussein Obama. (Obama has not only been inclusive as to sexual orientation; he has been especially “inclusive” in seeking to “include” our pocketbooks in his insatiable demand for higher taxes.)

LCR’s. Welcome.

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