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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Andy Martin asks: Does America want Columba Bush, an uneducated Mexican peasant, as First Lady in the White House?

New Hampshire Republican Party maverick Andy Martin met Jeb Bush 26 years ago. Unlike national media that have little background knowledge of Jeb Bush’s earlier life in Miami and Tallahassee, Andy has been a colorful thorn in Jeb’s side for over twenty years (see “history” links below). Andy helped lead clandestine efforts to defeat Bush for Governor in 1994. (Bush has also retaliated against Andy.) In 2015 Andy continues his efforts to see that Jeb Bush is deprived of the 2016 presidential nomination. Today Andy asks: Does America really want an uneducated Mexican peasant as First Lady in the White House? Andy explores Jeb Bush’s “marriage,” and promises new disclosures in the days ahead. “Columba Bush may be the most backward and ignorant potential First Lady in decades,” Andy says (see “Columba” links below). “There are many highly educated and vibrant Latinas in America today. Columba Bush is not one of them.” Andy Martin, who successfully led the fight to expose Barack Obama as a fraud now trains his sights on Jeb Bush.

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Andy Martin questions whether the American people want an uneducated Mexican peasant as their first Lady in the White House

Andy says Jeb Bush’s wife, Columba Bush, might become a serious liability as the presidential campaign comes into closer focus

Andy says that as First Lady Columba Bush could not hide in the White House, watching Mexican soap operas all day, every day

Andy says there is no evidence that Columba Bush has ever manifested any interest improving herself since Jeb met the 17 year-old campesina decades ago

(Manchester, NH) (March 2, 2015) Let me be blunt: Does America really want to elevate Jeb Bush’s bizarre and dysfunctional family into the White House? Or as Rudy Giuliani might say somewhat less diplomatically, “Does America really want an uneducated Mexican peasant as First Lady in the White House?” The answer should be a resounding “no.”

What does America really know about Jeb Bush’s family? Does it matter what his family life is? The answer: American knows almost nothing about Jeb’s bizarre family; and his family life matters very much, both on the campaign trail and potentially in the White House. How can a political party based on “family values” ignore the strange relationships in Jeb Bush’s background?

Recently, liberal media have ridiculed Governor Scott Walker because he did not complete college and obtain a degree. For at least fifty years there has been an implicit understanding that presidents ought to graduate from college. (In my opinion, Walker clearly meets the test, but that is a column for another day.) Columba Bush, on the other hand, is the most bizarre and least educated potential First Lady in recent history (see “Columba” links below). That’s a fact.

Jacqueline Kennedy was the first modern-era First Lady. No one has approached Jacqueline’s glamour since then, but generally speaking First Ladies are expected to be interesting, educated and social. They are usually assets on the campaign trail and helpmates in the presidency.

Jeb Bush’s wife, Columba Bush, is a complete zero.

The original “cover story” was that Columba Bush came from an affluent Mexican family. That turned out to be another Bush Family lie. Today the truth has been disclosed: Columba was a Mexican peasant, her dad a migrant worker.

Let me be clear: there is nothing wrong with coming into life as an uneducated peasant. Many people have risen from humble origins to great heights. Many migrant workers' children have achieved greatness in the USA. Rather, my concerns are focused on what Columba Bush has done since she became part of the “Bush Family.”

Despite being married for decades, and having access to extensive Spanish-language educational resources in Miami, Columba Bush has never manifested any interest in furthering her education. Whether she even has a high school diploma is open to question. Columba Bush would be the most uneducated First Lady in the modern era.

Bush Family Values #1 A marriage, or “a marriage”

Americans have had painful national experiences with dysfunctional marriages in the White House. Bill Clinton disgraced the nation by being a sexual predator there. It is obvious that the Clintons’ “marriage” had and has nothing to do with a marital environment and is solely based on their mutual addiction to power and money. Jeb Bush may have a similar situation.

When Bush was the governor of Florida, he lived in Tallahassee, alone almost all the time. Columba Bush lived in Miami, often sitting in front of her TV watching Mexican soap operas every day and bordering on being a recluse. So what did Jeb do for “entertainment” in the governor’s mansion? We’ll have further stories on his personal life in Tallahassee and along the campaign trail.

Jeb and Columba Bush do not appear to have a marriage as the term is commonly understood. Their marriage is a “marriage” in name only. They are a throwback to an earlier era in our history when, when one of the spouses was a Roman Catholic and refused to divorce the other spouse (Jeb later converted to Roman Catholicism), the partners stayed married in name only. If Bush advances in the presidential primaries Americans are in danger of voting for a slick politician with a phony marriage that is primarily maintained for purposes of deceiving the public.

Bush Family Values #2 How could a full-time parent be so out of touch?

One of Jeb Bush’s sons was a stalker. His daughter became a drug addict. Even assuming Columba Bush avoided a public career to be a stay-at-home mom, how could someone staying at home be so out of touch with her children? Columba claimed to be “fighting drugs” in public while, at home, her daughter Noelle was addicted to prescription medication. And the stalker son? When did Jeb have “the talk” with his son and tell him that stalking women was a no-no? Probably never. There is a massive disconnect between what the Bushes say in public and the way they live their lives at “home.”

Bush family values #3 Is Columba the most uneducated major spouse?

Returning to Columba Bush’s lack of education, it is truly amazing that after meeting Jeb as a teenager, Columba Bush has lived out over four decades of her life mostly sitting in front of a TV set watching Mexican soap operas instead of aspiring to be a more educated spouse and woman. I’m not sure how far back we have to go to find a potential First Lady who is as ignorant as Columba, who apparently never even attempted college and may not have even graduated from high school or the Mexican equivalent (GED, anyone?”).

What role model did Jeb’s children have? A mother who stayed home watching foreign TV, someone whose lifestyle bordered on depression. Someone who apparently did not have the slightest interest in educating herself to match the high-profile and high-intensity career of her husband. Someone who didn’t even want to improve her command of the English language.

Even if she was only an ignorant or teenage campesina when Jeb Bush met her, there is no evidence that in the following decades Columba Bush has done anything to expand her education or language skills.

Put another way, what kind of a family man and husband has Jeb Bush been when there is no evidence he has motivated or nurtured or encouraged his wife to better herself? Jeb Bush acts like a man who is trapped in a bad marriage or non-marriage, who stays hitched because his wife refuses to give him a divorce and because a divorce might undermine his political career. Is this what the American people want as a “First Family” in 2017?

How has Jeb met his need for love and affection given his apparently loveless marriage? We are working on a major story about “The Secret Life of Jeb Bush.”

And so I am left with an obvious question: how far will Jeb Bush go to hide his wife in 2016? Will she be allowed to speak? At the Republican National Convention? (She was in Chicago recently for a “foreign policy” speech but said noting.)

Florida is spread out, with Tallahassee hundreds of miles from Miami. A governor in Tallahassee could “hide” his spouse and that absence might be noticed but not spoken of or written about by the remaining shards of the Florida press. But being First Lady in the White House is public role of a different magnitude. A First Lady cannot hide for weeks at a time, watching Mexican TV soap operas all day every day.

Disclaimer: Andy Martin first met Jeb Bush in 1989. Andy has closely followed Jeb’s activity since then. In 1993 Andy began exposing Jeb’s “rent seeking” (where a member of a prominent political family trades on his or her “connections” to extract payments from people seeking favors from their relatives). Andy is strongly opposed to Jeb’s candidacy for president.

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