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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Andy Martin says the Selma Alabama Fiftieth Anniversary march was a lost opportunity for national reconciliation

New Hampshire Republican Party maverick and national columnist  Andy Martin says the Fiftieth Anniversary of the original Selma Alabama march was a typical Barack Obama clown show, and a lost opportunity for a day of national reconciliation. Andy says Obama should have warmly welcomed the presence of former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, instead of marginalizing them and effectively cropping them out of photos of the events taking place on “Selma Saturday.” Andy accuses the liberal national media of proffering false praise for Obama’s Selma speechifying, and misleading readers and viewers as to the lost opportunity for a day of national unity, healing and reconciliation. Andy says no civil rights law will ever pass again, unless such legislation passes with Republican support. Civil rights “leaders” will have to learn to work with Republicans or their movement will soon be extinct.

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Andy Martin says “Selma Saturday” confirmed his 2009 prediction that Barry Obama and his posse are the most ignorant and self-absorbed people to ever control the White House

Andy says the fiftieth anniversary of the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama could have been a historic moment for national reconciliation, but it wasn’t

Andy says that today’s civil rights leaders lack the vision of the movement’s founders such as Martin Luther King

Andy says the “civil rights” movement is literally dying out because so-called leaders refuse to lead and instead insist on petty posturing for their own self-aggrandizement

(Manchester, NH) (March 10, 2015) When President Barack Obama and his posse moved into the White House six years ago I said they were the most ignorant and nouveau riche bunch of people to even hold court in Washington. Last Saturday, at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Selma Alabama march, Obama and his posse proved me right once again.

The Fiftieth Anniversary of Selma was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a president to work towards national unity and reconciliation.

Many if not most African-Americans believe they are treated unfairly by government. They believe their lives do not matter. Half a century after the civil rights era it is a tragedy that so many Americans have unhappy feelings. Partially, their concerns are correct, as the University of Oklahoma racist video appears to confirm. But partially, perhaps substantially, African-Americans are wrong. Hundreds of millions of Americans are people of good will who believe in national unity and racial reconciliation. Americans are hungry for great leadership; today we are controlled by the pygmies in Washington.

So where did Obama go wrong on “Selma Saturday?”

President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush went to Selma to join the commemoration. But you would never know that from either the news coverage of the events that took place at the Selma bridge or the photography which emerged. The liberal media were so busy praising Obama’s empty words they literally erased Bush’s presence in Selma.

National news media “blacked out” Bush’s presence. All you saw was Obama, all Obama, all-the-time.

Bush, Obama and I have something in common. I was the first name on George W. Bush’s enemies list (his brother Jeb attacked me). And I was the first name on Barack Obama’s enemies list (Obama stooge Robert Gibbs attacked me) (and we now know Obama has such a list, as Senator Bob Menendez is learning). So I am no fan of either Bush or Obama.

But I respect the institution of the presidency, and I respect the humanity and traditions of our great nation. Saturday was a time for greatness. Unfortunately, the day was devoted to Obama’s low class pettiness.

Obama and Bush should have marched together. Bush should have been invited to speak. He is a man of few words; the speech would have been short. Unfortunately, the Obama jamboree was all about Obama.

And Obama did not disappoint.

The speech Obama gave was vintage “Barry.” Flailing arms. Voice shimmering up and down. Obama’s gyrations were a carbon copy of his 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention. But then all of Obama’s speeches are a carbon copy of his 2004 shtick. The liberals loved Obama’s Selma performance, but the reality was to the contrary: more empty words, more hollow promises, more shallow exhortations.

Obama could not bear to share the stage with Bush. Obama can barely share the stage with himself.

John Lewis gave some remarks but Lewis also fell short. Lewis is a historic figure. He was there fifty years ago; he was beaten to within an inch of his life by the mob of state troopers hat rioted at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. But Lewis also fell short.

The civil rights movement is literally dying out. Lewis is in his seventies. Jesse Jackson is no spring chicken, and he was an afterthought, not a center of attention, in Selma. Al Sharpton is an old chicken. Can you name an articulate civil rights “leader” in his 30’s? Probably not. There aren’t any.

Obama was babbling about voting rights in Selma. But he was taking to himself. He said that the people who were present should go back to Washington and press for new civil rights laws. Huh?

No new laws are going to be passed. The civil rights movement in America is dead. Civil rights leaders killed it.

The civil rights advances of the 1950's and 1960’s could not have been adopted without White support. Whites marched. Whites died. But watching the Selma celebration Saturday you would never know Whites had anything to do with passing civil rights. You would never know Republicans were the key to the passage of civil rights; most Democrats voted against the civil rights and voting rights laws.

There was no room for a White presence on Selma Saturday.

Now, obviously, the parties have changed since the 1960’s. Republicans no longer lead the way on civil rights, and Democrats no longer vote against civil rights. Despite the fact that a Republican president sent federal troops into Little Rock to integrate the high school there, during the 1960s the African-American vote completed the transition from being solidly Republican to being solidly Democratic.

Politics is about bringing people together. Truthfully, of course, Obama is not a politician. He has succeeded because he is an Obamatician. Obama is focused solely on himself. He worships himself; Islam is only a secondary religion in his life, Christianity a distant third. Obama is fundamentally ignorant, small, petty. He is, in fact, everything he says to be against (ignorance, smallness, pettiness).

Saturday was a time for Obama to rally the nation. He should have welcomed Bush; the two presidents should have marched hand in hand. Instead Obama just wanted to blather to his shrinking base. Yes, shrinking. The civil rights community is dying out as African-Americans are left behind and eclipsed by the explosive growth of the Latino community. Civil rights issues, the civil rights agenda is in decline.

The grand Republican-Democratic civil rights coalition of the 1960’s can probably never be reassembled. But there is still a lot of room for a leader, be he or she Democrat or Republican, who extends a warm and welcoming hand to the opposition, who acknowledges the reality that if any civil rights legislation is ever again going to be passed, civil rights leaders are going to have to learn to live with and work with Republicans, yes Republicans. Leadership is about politics, and Obama hates politics.

African-Americans have created a cottage industry claiming Republicans are against voting rights for Blacks. I have never heard a Republican say a word against voting for anyone. I am sure there are a few racists in my own party, just as you can find racists in the Democratic Party. Neither party has a monopoly on ignorance and bigotry. But those who aspire to leadership have to transcend the oddballs and outliers of their respective parties and work towards reconciliation.

We know, for example, that some people lack basic photo identification. “Civil rights” leaders constantly remind us. Older people may have documentary problems. Why not a bipartisan effort to ensure that photo ID’s are available to every American? To be without an ID today is to be consigned to the fringes of modern life, maybe beyond. I don't know what the mechanics would be but I am absolutely sure of what our goal should be: full inclusion. But so-called civil rights leaders would rather attack Republicans than sit down and work with them. Obama would rather slight George W. Bush than honor and respect him.

Every American should have a photo ID. Every citizen should be a full participant in our national life, which includes voting. But we should also be fully committed to ballot integrity and avoiding voter fraud. Can’t the two parties agree? Sadly, they won’t. If LBJ were alive, he would cut a deal in a day. ID’s for ballot integrity. Done.

But today the office of president has no occupant. The office is vacant. “Barry” Obama is not the big man he dreams of being, he is still a little guy who was reared to hate Whites (thank Frank Marshall Davis for that instruction), who schooled himself to think he was too cool for school. Obama is now paying the price of his smallness and ignorance in his foundering presidency and he will pay a horrible price in history. The Obama “legacy” will be bitter one.

And so, once again, Barack Obama, who never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to unite this nation, and who glories in his own divisiveness, missed an opportunity for a day of national reconciliation and respect for civil rights on Selma Saturday. He won’t have another chance for fifty years.

This nation needs a leader, needs a president, who will bring us together. LBJ united the nation through sheer force of personal power. I know, I was there in the 89th Congress (as a flunky). The Gipper united this nation through sheer force of personality and wisdom.

America cannot survive another failed presidency, which is why Hillary Clinton should not be elected. America needs a successful leader who will extend a hand to people who disagree with and often dislike each other. That is the essence of leading. Taking people who do not want to move outside their comfort zone and bringing them into your own zone. Combining the talents of every citizen, and ensuring that every person’s worth matters in creating and continuing our great national tapestry.

The sad spectacle on Selma Saturday was a reminder we lack such a leader.

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