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Thursday, March 05, 2015

New York News Conference: Corruption fighter Andy Martin seeks special prosecutor in Hillary Clinton email probe

Corruption fighter Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Thursday, March 5th to ask U. S. Attorney General Eric holder to investigate the Hillary Clinton email scandal. “This scandal is not going away,” Andy says. “Clinton’s behavior in creating a secret email system at her home in New York while she was serving in Washington, DC is emblematic of the kind of president she would be, someone even more lawless than President Barack Obama. Clinton undeniably obstructed implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). FOIA disclosure decisions are made by government employees, not by Clinton’s private henchmen. There is an overwhelming inference that she violated national security laws as well as compromising national security by using a crude email system that could be compromised or hacked by foreign intelligence services. I think Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is effectively over. To quote boxer Joe Louis, Clinton can ‘run,’ but she can’t hide. Her behavior as Secretary of State is clearly becoming one of the most self-destructive periods of service of any recent cabinet officer. Democratic Party leaders are about to have a massive panic attack. If she does run, Clinton will be a drag on the entire ticket.” Andy is a nationally recognized expert in cyber law and cyberspace (see

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Attention New York, National, Political and Daybook/Assignment editors

Announcement of New York news conference Thursday, March 5th

Andy Martin asks U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

Andy says Clinton has almost certainly committed criminal acts and equally certainly has jeopardized national security

Andy says Clinton’s secret email apparatus was not a garden variety “private email address”

 (New York) (March 5, 2015) Corruption fighter and Adjunct Professor of Law Andy Martin will hold a New York City news conference Thursday, March 5th to announce he has asked U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint an independent special counsel to investigate the email operations of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Andy’s letter follows:

National Anti-Corruption Policy Institute
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Global Headquarters: New York
Andy Martin, J.D.
Adjunct Professor of Law

Executive Director       

March 5, 2015

Hon. Eric Holder
Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Re: Appointment of Special Counsel Re Hillary Clinton

Dear General Holder:

I am writing to strongly urge you to appoint an independent special counsel to investigate the email practices of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

There has been a great deal of confusion generated by the media concerning the use of “personal email accounts” by Clinton as well as other federal officials. Many people have “personal” email accounts. In my own case I use AOL because of special considerations. Providers such as and also offer email addresses. What all of these “personal” email accounts have in common is that they are all hosted by recognized Internet firms.

Corporations and the federal government create their own email clients in order to gain greater internal control of email sending, receiving and storage.

The Clinton email apparatus is the most bizarre and conspiratorial email setup I have ever seen. Because I have participated in government fraud and corruption investigations going back to the 1960’s, my experience with such matters is unusually extensive.

Secretary Clinton went to great lengths to privatize the record of emails during her government service. She wasn’t just using a “personal account.” She created her own Internet operation, with a server apparently located in her home in New York

Circumstantial evidence is always probative to show intent. The circumstantial evidence in Secretary Clinton’s case is of someone going to great lengths to create a secret email operation before entering government service. Her overall and ongoing behavior was legally questionable and very probably constituted a series of criminal acts.

Clinton defenders have pointed to recent statutory amendments as exculpating her from criminal liability. But the recent statutory amendments are irrelevant to her actions. Rather, numerous congressional committees were seeking access to Clinton’s records, and there was a public concern as to why none of her emails were available. Now we know why. She had secreted her email operations in her own home, effectively depriving the Department of State of any direct access to or control of those emails without explicit cooperation from Clinton operatives. That is not the way our government works.

So why a special counsel? Because the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) certainly came into contact with Clinton’s peculiar email apparatus. State and DOJ work closely together. Clinton’s email shenanigans were going on for four (4) years. Did no one at DOJ notice? Was no one tipped off? Likewise, there may be more secret government-related emails stored in Clinton Foundation servers. Hillary Clinton’s data breach is the most serous and bizarre since email came into general federal government use.

In addition, since she never had any Department of State email address, some of her email must of necessity have transmitted classified information. Former General David Petraeus recently pleaded guilty to the same kind of misuse of classified information. Clinton clearly violated a federal statute in using her own private personal property as a vehicle to conduct government business.

I urge you to authorize the FBI to take immediate possession of all of Clinton’s email records, servers and internet apparatus and equipment, as well as to examine all Clinton Foundation Internet operations and servers for related information.

To allow Secretary Clinton to operate her own secret government-within-a-government email system, particularly at a time when her affiliated entities were collecting cash from foreign entities, makes a mockery of the federal government and humiliates the DOJ if the DOJ stands mute and does nothing. Given the overwhelming appearance of impropriety on the Secretary's part, and the obvious conflicts of interest in having DOJ investigate a senior cabinet officer, only an independent special counsel can satisfy the appearance of justice.

Respectfully submitted,



March 5 New York news conference details:


New Hampshire corruption fighter Andy Martin


Andy Martin will announce he has asked Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special counsel (special prosecutor) in the Hillary Clinton email scandal/investigation


909 Third Avenue, New York, public sidewalk in front of FDR Station post office entrance (scaffold), (under the “909” canopy in case of rain)


Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 1:00 P.M.

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Andy has also been a leading corruption fighter in American politics and courts for over forty-five years and he is executive director of the National Anti-Corruption Policy Institute. He is currently sponsoring See also;

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