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Friday, April 17, 2015

Andy Martin conducts an undercover investigation of President Barack Obama-Davis’ “best friend” and the tables are turned as the BFF is shadowing Andy

Barack Obama author/investigator has been in Hawai’i investigating President Barack Obama-Davis’ early years there, as well as reports concerning Obama-Davis’ “mystery mansion” in Hawai’i. Today Andy reports on an undercover investigation with a humorous twist: while Andy was investigating president Obama’s “best friend forever” (“BFF”) the BFF was investigating Andy. The two men met on a beach, and the investigation continued. Andy provides new disclosures about Obama’s ongoing life in the Aloha State and new details about the BFF’s life, including an exoneration of some media speculation.

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Andy Martin went looking for President Barack Obama-Davis’s “best friend forever (BFF),” and it turned out the BFF was looking for Andy; the two men met on a North Shore beach

Obama author/investigator Andy Martin is in Hawai’i continuing his research into President Barack Obama’s origins and circle of friends, with new information straight from the files of the Honolulu Police Department

Andy says speculation that Obama-Davis’ friend was soliciting “gay sex” are not supported by the files of the Honolulu Police Department

Andy says there is strong circumstantial evidence but no proof that Obama-Davis and Titcomb are still “doing drugs” during O-D’s annual visits to Hawai’i, and that Titcomb may have brought drugs into the White House

(COC-Honolulu, HI) (April 14, 2015) In my eleventh year (2004 – 2015) of investigating Barack Obama-Davis (“O-D”) this has to be one of the funnier stories you will read about our enduring relationship. I went undercover in Honolulu seeking to look at the beachfront home where O-D and his BFF (best friend forever) Bobby Titcomb continue to smoke dope on Obama’s annual visits to Hawai’i. And, in an amusing twist, while I was investigating Bobby Titcomb, he was investigating me and confronted me on the beachfront.

Titcomb is one of the “Choom Gang,” O-D’s high school clique at Punahou School. O-D and Titcomb have remained close friends and Titcomb is reputed (no evidence to confirm) to have brought “fish and poi” (weed and coke) to the White House (link [4]).

During routine investigative operations and contact with the Honolulu Police Department I requested to see the police files on Titcomb’s prostitution arrest in 2011. The following report is based on files of the HPD and, at least in one respect, exonerates Titcomb (how’s that for fairness?).

What this report is not about: (1) I am not discussing the morality of prostitution. (2) Although I will touch on the question of whether O-D is homosexual, O-D’s sexuality is not my particular concern (others are very concerned).

I was tipped to check with HPD about their files concerning Titcomb’s prostitution arrest for soliciting homosexual sex. There have long been rumors in the homosexual media that Obama-Davis is the “first gay president” and has engaged in gay sex with Chicago Rahm Emanuel and others (see [4] below). I have no admissible evidence of O-D’s sexuality and so I leave the question of his private proclivity to others. I am much more concerned with what Obama is doing to the nation (expletive deleted) than I am concerned with what he is doing in private (expletive deleted).

But Obama-Davis’ drug use and bad judgment do concern me.

Here is where I exonerate Titcomb. Despite everything else in the police report, the HPD is very clear that a female police officer was conducting an undercover sting, and that both she and Titcomb discussed male-female sex. At least based on HPD files, published speculation and reporting to the contrary is not supported by the HPD record.

So why is Titcomb of interest? Should he be? You decide. On balance, I say “yes.” When the president of the United states is spending time with someone, and very likely “lighting up” with that person, there is legitimate public interest.

1. The Titcomb – Obama history

Bobby Titcomb came from a well-established Hawai’i family. His family lived in the Punahou neighborhood where Obama and Titcomb attended Punahou School. They probably hung out at Bobby’s house, especially when the parents weren’t home. Bobby was a “wild child” for his era, and provided the “choom” in Choom Gang. Titcomb also dealt dope for others at Punahou.

Because of his emotional reserve O-D has not made many close friends in his adult life. But O-D remains perhaps closest to Titcomb. Titcomb has been to the White House (where he probably brought along some choom) and the men are close when Obama is in Honolulu. Obama’s visits to Titcomb’s North Shore home have elicited criticism because of the massive motorcades employed to move the president around the island.

Given his somewhat gilt-edged origins, Titcomb has led a somewhat uneventful and unsuccessful life, at one point claiming to be a “commercial fisherman.” Today he appears to be living off a family inheritance.

2. Titcomb’s prostitution arrest

A prostitution arrest would not usually generate much interest (see link [1] below). Indeed, the national media briefly reported Titcomb’s arrest and then moved on. Titcomb pleaded “no contest” and after a probation period his record was expunged (see link [2]). Although gay media have suggested (link [4]) that Titcomb solicited a male prostitute there is no evidence to confirm that fact.

Here is why I am concerned with Titcomb’s arrest. Titcomb knew how close he was to the president. He knew that if he got caught, he might be exposed to media attention. And yet he was still cruising the internet looking for commercial sex. As I said earlier, I am not here to judge prostitution in the abstract. But what kind of judgment does a man have who is so close to the president and yet still solicits sex? Shades of Walter Jenkins, who was a presidential aide and arrested for prostitution in Washington, DC. At a minimum, Obama-Davis’ BFF is a man of extremely poor judgment. I don’t think anyone can disagree with my conclusion.

3. Titcomb and Obama-Davis’s White House drug use

There have been published reports, but no credible evidence, that Titcomb has introduced drugs into the White House. As my regular readers know, in the absence of what I consider to be credible evidence, I can report scuttlebutt but will not accept its validity without corroboration. I would not be surprised if Titcomb and Obama have introduced drugs into the White House because I am sure the TSA does not screen Air Force One for drugs concealed in presidential baggage.

4. Andy’s undercover investigation is “reversed” as Titcomb appears to investigate Andy

After looking at the HPD files (obtained pursuant to a freedom of information request and payment of the appropriate fee) it was time to conduct a direct undercover investigation of the “Titcomb compound” on the North Shore (beachfront) of Oahu. We headed for Titcomb’s property. Under Hawai’i law, there is public access up to the high water line. No sooner had we arrived in the area than Titcomb appeared and claimed he was “investigating” Andy & Co. because of “problems” and a “bad element” that had been frequenting an area adjacent to his property. (There is a loosely-marked demarcation between the Titcomb property, which is extensive, and public property, but there is no fence or obvious marker.) Titcomb does have “no trespassing” signs posted along the highway itself and as well along his beachfront.

Honestly, it looked as though Titcomb had been tipped off we were coming but I could be wrong. It may have just been a coincidence that he was laying in wait for our arrival. Titcomb identified himself as “Bobby” and we exchanged pleasantries. I don’t know if he knew who we were, or genuinely suspected us as potential vagrants.

We went about our investigation along the beach, taking pictures (not great photography I must confess) and interviewing witnesses to gain more information about the Titcomb operation. Our local sources provided additional detail which we later verified through independent means. Titcomb runs a vacation rental business on his property and he probably supplements whatever income and assets he has from other sources. Other than lighting up with Obama there is no evidence Titcomb is still selling dope.

We concluded our investigation, took pictures, and were on our way. When we got back to the highway (choosing not to return along the beach route), Titcomb again had us under surveillance. As we walked along the highway and approached Titcomb’s truck, he drove off and disappeared.

Bobby Titcomb? A footnote to history, as Barack Obama-Davis’s best and most enduring friend in life. A wild child in his teens, more subdued as he reaches middle age. But, as his prostitution arrest confirms, still a man of compromised judgment.

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