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Friday, April 17, 2015

NASHUA, NH NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush adversary Andy Martin delivers searing indictment of Jeb Bush and his wife Columba, claims Bush is “psychologically unfit” for the White House

Nashua, NH News Conference: Andy Martin, the Republican who is spearheading the opposition to Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, will hold a Nashua, NH news conference today to accuse Bush of being under the domination and control of a wife whom Andy calls a “Mexican-American ‘Evita.’” “We can’t risk the Republican Party’s presidential prospects on a wishy washy man who has fallen under the total domination and control of a wife who would turn the White House into a taqueria,” Andy says. “Jeb Bush has surrendered his family religion, his family heritage and his own sense of identity to his wife. Jeb's psychological abdication to his wife sets a horrible precedent for someone that wants to lead the Republican Party. In a recent appearance on CNN Ryan Lizza alluded to Bush’s ‘psychological problem’ in self-identifying as Hispanic. I am not alone in sounding the alarm about Jeb’s ‘delicate’ psychological condition. We are establishing a ‘fighting camp’ in Nashua to oppose Bush and to ensure that the so-called ‘Bush Dynasty’ comes to an end after two failed presidencies. The last thing Americans need and want is a Mexican-American ‘Evita’ in the White House leading Jeb Bush by the nose and working to flood this country with illegal immigrants.”

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Attention New Hampshire, National, Political and Daybook/Assignment editors

Announcement of Nashua, NH news conference Friday, April 17, 2015

Andy Martin calls Jeb Bush’s wife, Columba Bush, a “Mexican-American ‘Evita’”

Andy says Jeb Bush has surrendered his American heritage to his wife, raising red flags about Columba Bush’s agenda to flood the United States with Mexican immigrants and Jeb Bush’s family’s fitness for the White House

Andy has established a Nashua, NH “fighting camp” to work against Bush for the duration of the New Hampshire GOP’s FITN Summit April 17-18
Andy will also be releasing and distributing a “Fact Sheet” comparing the chilling similarities between Jeb Bush and President Barack Obama

(COC-Nashua, NH) (April 17, 2015) “Let me start with the obvious,” Andy says. “Normally a presidential candidate’s wife is not a target of intense political scrutiny. But Columba Bush is unusual. She has established herself in Jeb Bush’s life as a de facto Mexican-American ‘Evita.’ Jeb’s psychological instability in terms of his subservience to his wife is the most serious I have ever observed in a modern American presidential candidate. I regret the necessity to issue this somewhat raw analysis of Jeb Bush’s psychological infirmity and unfitness for the presidency. But Jeb is not psychologically qualified to be president of the American people.

“Jeb has totally surrendered to his wife’s, ‘Evita’ Bush’s, cultural and psychological demands:

1. Instead of Jeb “Americanizing” his wife, she has “Mexicanized” him.

2. To satisfy his wife’s demands, Jeb gave up his family religion.

3. To satisfy his wife’ demands, Jeb gave up his family culture of peace through strength and abandoned our national integrity in favor of amnesty for millions of illegal Mexicans and other nationalities.

4. To satisfy his wife’ demands, he even gave up his language and started living and speaking at home in Spanish.

5. Jeb is so confused and psychologically dependent he listed himself as ‘Hispanic’ when he recently reregistered to vote. Bush tried to make a joke out of his voter action but, ask yourself, how dumb is he that he can’t even fill out a voter registration card properly?

“What is Jeb going to give up next of his American heritage?

“If Bush won’t even stand up for his own heritage how can we trust him to stand up for America’s heritage?

“What this country does not need is a modern-day Mexican-American ‘Evita,’ who behind the scenes is controlling and manipulating an emotionally and psychologically dependent Jeb Bush.

“If Bush were to be elected, ‘Evita’ Bush would be the de facto president and Jeb would surrender to her demands, as he has done through the decades.

“We have set up a ‘fighting camp in Nashua over the weekend to alert Granite State Republicans to the risks posed by Jeb’s putative candidacy.

“We also have a ‘Fact Sheet’ we will be distributing that lists the chilling similarities between Bush’s and President Barack Obama’s positions. Scary.

“Anyone who has read the ‘Psychological Profile of Barack Obama’ I prepared in February 2007, profiling Obama and predicting down to the last comma how Obama would be unable to function effectively in a crisis, should recognize that I have a track record of preparing penetrating psychological profiles of presidential candidates.

“We must defeat Jeb Bush before he defeats and destroys this Great Nation; he can’t be allowed to create a multicultural gumbo at the behest and demand of his domineering wife ‘Evita.’

“I have news for Jeb Bush. America is not Mexico, and we do not want to become Mexico. I have no problem with what Jeb does in his private family life. But I have serious problems with Republicans nominating or electing a man who is living under the spell of an ‘Evita’-like spouse. I may have even more multicultural exposure than Jeb and I am almost certainly more multilingual than he is. But I am 100% American, and that’s the way I identify myself. That’s the way I would fill out a voter card. The American people and the Republican Party’s base share my point of view, not Jeb’s.”

Nashua, NH April 17th News Conference details:


Maverick New Hampshire Republican leader and Jeb Bush adversary Andy Martin


Andy Martin says Jeb Bush is psychologically unfit to run for president because Jeb is under the domination of an “Evita-like’ spouse


Nashua, NH Hampton Inn, 407 Amherst Street (approximately two blocks from Crowne Plaza Nashua), Exit 8 Everett Turnpike

Please ask for Andy Martin’s room at the Hampton Inn


Friday, April 27, 2015 - 5:00 P.M.

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