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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dennis Hastert indictment news conference May 29: Capitol Hill/Illinois sex scandal

Illinois political expert and Chicago corruption fighter Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference Friday, May 29th to explain what he thinks are the hidden facts behind the indictment of former U. S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Andy has fifty years of experience in Illinois politics although he now resides in New Hampshire. []

Andy will be in New York Friday for continuing research into the Hastert matter. He is scheduling a trip to Chicago for on-the-scene investigation with his sources. “So why is ‘Individual A’ not identified?” Andy asks. “Why is there no disclosure in the indictment of why Hastert was being exploited and extorted? Because the Obama administration does not want to publicize what is a homosexual scandal arising out of the former Speaker’s office, which probably reaches back to events or incidents in Hastert’s high school days. The homosexual activity of politicians is rapidly becoming a ‘taboo,’ as though homosexuality does not exist. I have no problem with peoples’ private lives, but I do feel it is reasonable to discuss private behavior when it impacts public office or, in this case, when an incident from the past brings down the heavy hand of justice on a retired politician. My informed opinion is that Individual A and the incidents giving rise to the extortion of Hastert are linked to homosexuality, which is why prosecutors have concealed that information from the public.”
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Attention Illinois, Washington, New York, National daybook/assignment editors

Announcement of telephone news conference Friday May 29

Conservative columnist and Republican Party maverick Andy Martin says he believes the indictment of former U. S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert is linked to homosexual conduct

Andy says Hastert’s Speaker’s office was a headquarters for young homosexuals in the U. S. House such as Mark Foley,  Mark Kirk and other staff members

Andy says that because of political correctness federal prosecutors are declining to disclose why Hastert was being extorted, when such information would normally be part of a criminal indictment

(New York) (May 29, 2015) Conservative columnist and corruption investigator Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference Friday May 29th to explain why he thinks federal prosecutors declined to explain why “Individual A” was extorting former U. S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert: the extortion involves homosexual conduct.

“It is always a difficult situation when you discuss politics and homosexuality,” Andy says. “Six years ago I was pilloried by the Chicago media for simply reporting that Internet tapes posted by Jack Roeser accused then-Congressman Mark Kirk of being a closeted homosexual. I will have more to say about Kirk in the days ahead, as I work to block his reelection. But, only six months after I disclosed the Roeser/Kirk sex tapes in 2009, homosexual activist Bob Rogers officially ‘outed’ Kirk as a homosexual. I had been attacked (in 2010) by liberal media for telling the truth about Kirk.

“I also exposed Kirk was a military fraud in January, 2010. The Washington Post and other media later confirmed the accuracy of my allegations about Kirk’s imaginary military career. I only revisit this history to indicate that when I express opinions or make accusations, particularly concerning a topic such as homosexuality, I work hard to make them accurate.

“Which brings me to the House career of Speaker Hastert. Anyone who knew the Speaker’s Office in the Hastert years knew it was a congregating point for young homosexuals such as Kirk and former Representative Mark Foley and others. Because homosexuality per se is of no concern to me, and I am only interested in private conduct as it affects public behavior, I never wrote about the unusual situation in the Speaker’s office. Many of the homosexuals on the Speaker’s payroll later ended up working for the Illinois Republican Party, which has a reputation in Chicago as very ‘gay friendly.’

“What Hastert did decades ago is of no particular interest to me. But there is intense interest in Illinois, in Washington and nationally about the peculiar nature of the Hastert indictment, which essentially says Hastert was being extorted for some old episode in his life and caused Hastert to end up violating banking laws.

“The way Hastert mismanaged the criminal inquiry also suggests he was trying to conceal that he was being extorted on the basis of homosexual allegations. If the FBI walks up to your door, the ordinary citizen will call for an attorney and seek legal advice before talking with agents. Hastert’s situation is not unlike that of Martha Stewart, who was prosecuted for lying to federal agents over what would have otherwise been matters that an attorney would normally handle.

“This year I ‘celebrate,’ if that is the word you use to describe for being a watchdog over a cesspool, fifty (50) years of involvement in both Illinois politics and Washington politics. I have seen a lot of ‘stuff’ in fifty years and have written about some of it and swept a lot under the carpet. I bear Denny Hastert no ill will. If Denny had called me for advice he probably would not have been indicted. But Denny botched the situation. I have nothing but sympathy for the man. Nevertheless, the public is entitled to know what federal prosecutors know, and why they have filed such a bizarre indictment describing what is clearly an extortion scheme without disclosing what the extortion was all about.

“I am making plans to be in Illinois to continue my investigation of the indictment and the facts giving rise to the extortion scheme against the Speaker. In due course ‘Individual A’ will be exposed and when he is I think my analysis today will be confirmed.”

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May 29 2015 [TELEPHONE] News Conference Details:

Illinois political expert and conservative columnist Andy Martin

Andy Martin explains his belief as to why federal prosecutors have not identified “Individual A” in Hastert indictment


Telephone news conference:

Dial-in Number: 1-800-466-8543

Conference Code: 510518


Friday, May 29 – 3:00 P.M. (EDT)

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