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Friday, July 10, 2015

Saturday April 18th Nashua, NH news conference: Bush adversary Andy Martin issues a “Fact Sheet” charging the “multicultural” policies of Jeb Bush and Barack Obama are virtually identical

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Attention New Hampshire, National, Political and Daybook/Assignment editors

Announcement of Nashua, NH news conference Saturday, April 18, 2015

Andy Martin issues “Fact Sheet” comparing Jeb Bush’s “multicultural” policies to those of President Barack Obama and calling the two virtually identical 

Andy says the influence of Jeb Bush’ Mexican-American spouse, Columba Bush, would undermine America’s cultural cohesiveness and remove any remaining impediments to border security

Andy has established a Nashua, NH “fighting camp” to work against Bush for the duration of the New Hampshire GOP’s FITN Summit on April 18th
At a Friday news conference in Nashua Andy compared the influence of Columba Bush on her husband to that of a Juan Peron-style “Evita”

(COC-Nashua, NH) (Saturday, April 18, 2015)

Nashua, NH News Conference: Andy Martin, the Republican who is spearheading the opposition to Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, will hold a Nashua, NH news conference today, Saturday April 18th, to issue a “Fact Sheet” accusing Bush of advocating “multicultural,” pro-Spanish and pro-Mexican policies that are virtually identical to those of President Barack Obama. “Bush may claim to be a ‘conservative,’” Andy says. “And he occasionally throws conservatives a little right-wing catnip. But when you scratch below the surface, Bush, because of pressure from his Evita-like wife Columba, Bush would be pursuing the same kinds of border policies and language and immigration policies that are identical to President Obama. Obama is compromising our national security by undermining America’s cultural cohesiveness and allowing our borders to be unprotected. Despite his protestations to the contrary, Bush would essentially continue Obama’s approach.”

A copy of the Fact Sheet follows:

If you like Barack Obama,
you’ll love Jeb Bush

Barack Obama claims to be a “transformational” president. Jeb Bush wants to continue Obama’s “transformational” policies. Compare their records:

1. Illegal Immigration/abandonment of religion

Jeb Bush’s wife, a Mexican-American citizen, demands that Jeb legalize millions of Mexican and other illegal immigrants. Mrs. Bush mysteriously received a Green Card while still only a teenager; Jeb refuses to release his wife’s original INS (now ICE) files. Secret family files? Sound familiar? Identical to Obama’s approach. The Bush and Obama immigration policies are the same. To satisfy his wife, Bush abandoned his family religion. Obama’s religion? (Hint: Obama was born a Muslim, now claims to be a Christian, and rarely attends church.) Jeb Bush is a very confused man, just like Barack Obama.

2. Making Spanish an official language of the United States

Barack Obama is trying to tear down two hundred years of American history by making the United States a “multicultural” country without any legally enforced borders. To satisfy his wife’s demands, Jeb Bush wants to make Spanish an official language of the United States. Jeb Bush speaks Spanish at home; do you want a Spanish-speaking White House run by an “Evita”-like First Lady? Jeb will continue Obama’s pro-multicultural policies. So if you love the Obama approach, you can keep the same “attitude” with Bush. Obama and Bush, perfect together.

3. Unnecessary Bush Family wars; more to come?

A. In 1990 President George H. W. Bush’s State Department (remember Ambassador April Glaspie?) led Saddam Hussein to believe the United States would not object to an invasion of Kuwait; when Saddam did exactly what he was told was acceptable, the Bush Administration reversed itself and attacked Iraq.

B. In 1999 I broadcast a commercial over WMUR-TV warning Americans that George W. Bush would “bomb Iraq” and start a second Bush Family war. At the time no one listened. My prediction proved to be 100% correct. G. W. Bush’s 2003 Iraq invasion will eventually cost taxpayers 4-6 trillion dollars for an unnecessary war to avenge his father’s “honor.”

C. The Bush Family’s campaign contributors have profited from unnecessary wars. Now Jeb’s “neo-cons” are once again beating the war drums. Sound familiar?

4.  My Obama predictions

 In October, 2008, on “Sean Hannity’s America,” I warned Barack Obama wanted to “overthrow” the U.S. Government. Watch the tape:  Are Obamacare, Irancare and Cubacare an “overthrow” of the established order? On Hannity I also predicted Obama would embrace Cuban dictator Fidel Castro; Obama has now endorsed the Castro regime. My predictions concerning George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been prophetically correct. Now I am warning why Jeb Bush is a clear and present danger to America.


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Nashua, NH April 18th News Conference details:


Maverick New Hampshire Republican leader and Jeb Bush adversary Andy Martin


Andy Martin issues “Fact Sheet” comparing Bush-Obama policies on multiculturalism, immigration and border security


Andy Martin’s room at the Hampton Inn, Suite 226; Nashua, NH Hampton Inn, 407 Amherst Street (approximately two blocks from Crowne Plaza Nashua), Exit 8 Everett Turnpike


Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 1:00 P.M.

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