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Friday, September 16, 2016

Obama expert Andy Martin: “Birther” issue will almost certainly boomerang on Hillary Clinton

Andy Martin, the independent Internet columnist and blogger who created the “Birther” movement and became Barack Obama’s first antagonist, says that toady’s attacks on Donald Trump are almost certain to backfire and benefit Trump. “Clinton and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) will see their racial politics boomerang and benefit Trump,” Andy predicts. “The CBC and Clinton are engaged in shameless race-baiting and it is going to turn off undedcideds and Millennials. Trump closed the book today. Efforts by Clinton and her media sycophants to revive and reopen the issue are going to backfire.” Andy will hold a Saturday news conference in New York to further address the issue. After losing a congressional primary in New Hampshire earlier this week Andy has rejoined the national political conversation. Watch for his investigative reports on Clinton and Trump.

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Andy Martin says “Birther” issue may boomerang on Hillary Clinton and Congressional Black Caucus

Andy Martin created the “Birther” movement and then walked away when the issue was taken over by crazies claiming Barack Obama was born in Kenya

“I have always stated unequivocally that Barack Obama was born in Hawai’i,” Andy says “The origin of the ‘Birther movement’ was not a so-called ‘Kenyan birth’ but rather my efforts to force the release of Obama’s Hawai’i birth certificate”

Andy says that efforts by the Congressional Black Caucus and Hillary Clinton to exploit the Birther issue are almost certainly going to boomerang on Clinton and benefit Trump

Andy plans to hold a news conference in Forest Hills, NY on Saturday morning (the 17th) to provide greater depth and detail

(NEW YORK) (September 16, 2016) Andy Martin, the corruption-fighting Internet columnist and blogger who first challenged Barack Obama’s family story in 2004 and later created the so-called “Birther” movement says that today’s efforts by Hillary Clinton and the Congressional Black Caucus to harass and harangue Donald Trump are almost certainly going to backfire and end up benefiting Trump. “You heard it here first,” Andy says.

“What Clinton is doing and what the liberal media is doing is going to boomerang on her and benefit Trump. She is trying to attract ‘swing’ voters. Will they really be impressed by a lecture from Charlie Rangel and other members of the CBC on the dead issue of Obama’s birth certificate? Very doubtful.”

Andy created the “Birther” movement in 2004 when he published his first expose on the misrepresentations Barack Obama had made about his family history. (Please see link #1 below). Andy knew of Barack Obama from Obama’s days in the Illinois State Senate and thus was in a unique position to research and investigate the man who eventually became president, please see link #2 below.

“The original Birther movement which I created was based on Obama‘s refusal to release his long-form birth certificate in 2008,” Andy says. “Obama had issued a computerized record, a certificate of live birth, but not the original document. I sued in Hawai’i to release the original document and the Birther movement was born out of my litigation and Internet columns.

“I always maintained Obama was born in Hawai’i. Later crazies took over the movement and proposed increasingly irrational and unfounded claims Obama was born in Kenya. I never supported those claims in any way.

“Nevertheless the Kenya theorists eventually took control of Birtherism and I walked away and disassociated myself. Donald Trump was a late arrival. He never sent anyone to Hawai’i and no doubt just took my own original research and used it himself. I have asked Trump to release his records and he never has.

“Nevertheless until this week the Birther issue was dead-as-a-door-nail until Clinton operatives decided they could use the issue to agitate their ‘base.’ But using Obama's birth certificate is a desperate and counterproductive maneuver. Voters know Obama is not on the ballot. People are going to be turned off by the Clinton/CBC actions.

“Trump dealt with the matter as best he can, and today he finally closed the book. End of story.

“The ‘base’ Clinton is trying to agitate is not the base they are losing. So instead of benefiting Clinton, the latest effort to exploit Birtherism is almost certainly going to boomerang on Clinton and the CBC with independent voters and millennials.

“I will hold a news conference in Forest Hills, NY York Saturday morning to further detail my beliefs and conclusions.

“Ironically, the man who ultimately created the Birther movement was Obama himself. He and Michele would constantly drop hints that Kenya was ‘home.’ They never disavowed claims by Kenyan politicians that he had been born there. They falsely claimed that a ‘granny’ was his grand mother, even though she was senile and claims to have been present at Obama’s birth, which was obviously delusional. Obama fed the Birther movement because he has shamelessly use Birther catnip to irritate and frustrate the right. He is the real ‘founder’ of doubts about his origins.

“For myself, he never fooled me. I always believed Obama was 100% American born, even though his emotional and psychological loyalties may lie elsewhere.”

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