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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Huffington Post: Obama expert Andy Martin played a “pivotal role” in the 2008 presidential campaign

As Barack Obama slowly slips into history, Andy Martin’s “pivotal role” in American presidential history is slowly being acknowledged by leftists and, ultimately, by historians. In a new analysis of the “Birther” movement by the Huffington Post Andy is credited with creating the “rumor” that Barack Obama’s religious loyalty was questionable. Sam Stein writes that Andy’s TV appearance on Fox News “play(ed) a pivotal role in the campaign.” “What ‘leftists’ do not realize, however, is that their ‘rumors’ are in reality just troubling facts that Barack Obama has never clarified or refused to address. As Stein quotes Obama, Obama always has ‘better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do,’ because in his convoluted mind Obama has always been too high-minded and simply too good for the American people. We have always been beneath him. Respectfully, both I and the American people beg to disagree with President Obama,” says Andy. “I also predict that history will also find that Obama was a failed president. I predicted that outcome way back in 2007.”
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Andy Martin responds to an article in the Huffington Post calling Andy the de facto successor to Republican operative Lee Atwater

Andy says the “Birther” movement came into being because, as Barack Obama himself confirmed, Obama was a “different kind of candidate”

“I have no quarrel with Sam Stein’s recapitulation,” Andy says, “But Sam understates the extent to which Obama himself was the ‘First Birther’ and created the Birther movement”

(NEW YORK) (September 23, 2016) “Last week I conducted my ‘last Birther News Conference’ (please see link #1 below) and, absent extraordinary circumstances do not expect to hold another one,” says Andy Martin. “But Sam Stein’s story today in the Huffington Post (please see link #2 below) starts creating the actual leftist ‘history’ of what happened during the 2008 presidential campaign. So a gentle response is called for.

“The fundamental flaw in Stein’s article, as with all leftist writing, is that he does not recognize or admit that what the left calls ‘rumors’ are actually ‘facts’ or opinions that the left wants to pretend do not exist. Stein does mention the phony Kenyan ‘grandmother’ that Barack Obama created to confuse the media and to present a false family narrative, a false narrative that later boomeranged when Donald Trump exploited Obama’s own lie.

“Stein also places me in something of an aeropagus, as someone whose original research and honest reporting ‘would later play a pivotal role in the [2008 presidential] campaign.’ (please see link #2). Barack Obama was forced to launch a full, frontal attack on me personally, while trying to ignore the historical evidence I had unearthed. Obama’s effort failed. My ‘history’ will endure alongside his own.

“And Stein, of course, claims that I live in a ‘fever swamp.’ (I actually live in New Hampshire today.) Where are these ‘fever swamps?’ We need to know because according to the Huffington Post all Republicans and certainly all conservatives’ live in ‘fever swamps,’ en route to some day being placed in FEMA camps by an Obamaite president. I am tagged as the Left’s answer to question, ‘Who is Lee Atwater’s successor,’ as ‘Andy Martin, a dark arts Republican from Illinois who helped spread many of the rumors (facts?) about Obama’s origins.’

“Ironically, the reason I have endured as a symbol of the public’s continuing questions about Obama is that I never told a lie. I always maintained that Obama was born in Hawai’i, and I called out those who disagreed because they lacked probative evidence to sustain their own claims. My writing and my analysis have survived the scrutiny of history. Thus, untimely, Birtherism, despite its many branches (e.g., natural born citizen, place of birth, release of birth certificate) was not built on ‘rumors’ but on rock solid truth.

“I told the truth about Obama. The firestorm I created played ‘a pivotal role in the [2008 presidential] campaign.’ Unfortunately for them, and for him, Obama and his operatives are stuck with me as we ride off together into the historical sunset. I told the truth about Obama and the truth created doubts that spawned a movement that in Stein’s own admission ‘will likely never fully die.’

“While you can call what I do ‘dark arts,’ spinning the truth in a way that creates problems for the opposition has always been a legitimate part of American politics. I am proud of the role I played and continue to play as I analyze Hillary Clinton for a story next week.  I will no doubt be accused of playing a ‘pivotal role in the 2016 presidential] campaign.’

“It cannot be emphasized enough that I never said Obama was born anywhere but Hawai’i, which was why I particularly irritated the president. He loved to agitate his base with the more outrageous claims of less scrupulous Birthers. And while Sam says I live in a ‘fever swamp,’ at least its an honest fever swamp in contradistinction to the ‘Sanders swamps’ where Hillary Clintons’ own adherents reside today. (I am working in Illinois over the next few weeks, on a blockbuster analysis of Madame Hillary.)

Finally, if you read my Psychological Profile of Barack Obama, prepared in 2007, who today can disagree with my preliminary analysis and conclusions way back in 2007? (please see link #3) The CIA could not have done better job,” says Andy.

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