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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Andy Martin on “The Day the Music Died” for Barack Obama

Chicago columnist Martin says Obama purchased his “dream home” with financial aid from an Iraqi wheeler-dealer. Mr. Obama has a lot of explaining to do,” Andy says. “The lies involving NAFTAgate are only a small part of the daily feed of distortions, half-truths and misrepresentations on which Obama has based his entire life.”

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(CHICAGO)(March 4, 2008) Bye, bye Obama Pie. Yesterday, March 3rd, The Music Died for Barack Obama. It is not the beginning of the end, but it is certainly the end of the beginning (Churchill).

Hillary Clinton has suffered from what is probably the worst campaign staff in recent history. Slowly, that is being remedied. And if she listens to me, she will dump Penn & Co. and start with a clean sheet of paper. Nevertheless, Hillary’s roar has become more audible. Obama can finally hear it. The free ride is over.

While I don’t hesitate to criticize Obama, he deserves great praise for developing an extraordinary campaign machine. His campaign has been as efficient and effective as Hillary’s has been inefficient and ineffective. But what happens when the two campaigns begin to match-up in competence?

Yesterday, it was clear that Obama fell to earth. With a thud. One of the subscribers to my e-mail list on Obama columns recently wrote me and said “It’s over; take my name off the list.” Well, obviously it wasn’t over, and it isn’t going to be over for a long time. He unsubscribed too soon. Maybe Obama himself had unsubscribed from his own campaign too soon. How can you explain yesterday? It was indeed a “kitchen sink” of disasters.

First, “Michelle’s Law.” Michelle has criticized Hillary by saying, “How could she run the government when she could not run her own household?” or words to that effect. Good point. Well.

How can Obama run the government when he can’t run his own campaign? He was blatantly lying to the American people about a NAFTA meeting involving one of his senior advisers and a Canadian official. His limp excuse that his lies were based on “information I had at the time” is sheer nonsense. Michelle’s Law disqualifies Obama from continuing his candidacy.

Second, not to worry. In Chicago, up is down and down is up. Especially when you are a co-owner and storm trooper for Sam Zell. Today the Chicago Tribune congratulated Obama for lying about NAFTA, and said “thank goodness” he was lying. And you wonder why corruption flourishes in the Windy City? People pass a lot of wind. The media are just as crooked and crackpot as the craven politicians they cover.

How could any responsible newspaper endorse lying? Well, in Chicago, they will do anything to keep Barry O’s hopes alive. And maybe Sam Zell’s as well.

I watched Obama’s body language on Monday and it would be enough to blow up the screen on Bill O’Reilly’s weekly body language séance. Obama’s shoulders were stooped, his face dejected. He looked as though he had just lost the big game and his puppy had died as well.

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, whom I castigated years ago for being an Obama sycophant, has morphed into an attack dog that kept barking as Obama exited the newsroom (what are they putting in the Sun-Times water coolers? Sam Zell’s co-owners could use a bottle or two of the same juice.).

The NAFTA debacle was devastating to Obama. He claims to be honest, and he lied. He claims to be organized and have sound judgment, and his own advisers were lying to him. What a mess. “Liar, liar, pants on fire” is the only way to describe Obama’s NAFTA disaster.

I should point out that Obama lies to us and insults our intelligence virtually every day. How often have you heard or read that Obama gave his anti-war speech in 2002 when he was “in a senate campaign.” The obvious context is that Obama was a candidate for federal office and he was courageously speaking out on a national issue, at some political risk to himself. In point of fact, Obama was running for the Illinois state senate in 2002, and that body has nothing to do with issues of war and peace. The only wars fought in the Illinois senate involve battles between patronage armies, not real military forces.

But Obama and his fund raisers and supporters shamelessly misrepresent the context of Obama’s antiwar speech in 2002 to suggest he was speaking during a campaign for the U. S. Senate. He was not. There was no risk to Obama speaking out against the war, no courage involved. Hyde Park, Chicago, where he was a candidate for the local senate seat, is probably as liberal as Cambridge Massachusetts, or Berkeley, California. And so, in small ways and not so small ways, Obama’s entire persona is built on lies, lies and more lies. How many of them does he believe himself?

I have been screaming about Obama and Rezko since November, 2006. A long time. Of course, I also went to the Grand Jury and the FBI. No secret. No one cared. No one believed. No one knew. Well, now, slowly, the truth is oozing out. And the truth is not a pretty sight.

The federal government is trying to “break” Tony Rezko. That’s why Rezko is being tortured in a federal prison in downtown Chicago. I have condemned these practices. Will he break? As the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen might say to Rezko, "I know John McCain, and you’re no John McCain. You’ll break." In other words, at one extreme point, even John McCain broke in captivity. Rezko will break.

Over the past couple of months I have been providing insights into the progress of Rezko’s federal case and, again, no one was noticing. But it’s all there on my net postings to see. I have been involved in the federal court at 219 S. Dearborn for thirty-nine years (no, I’m not that old, but Jack Benny would approve, at least in my 39th year). I know how federal courts and federal prosecutors and federal judges operate. They are nasty people. But as the prosecutors ratchet up their torture of Rezko, the potential for an implosion and then explosion involving Obama also increases.

And, finally, the worst blow. Whether the numbers are crunched in the Rezko trial or outside the Rezko trial, it is now clear that Barry and Michelle bought their “dream home” in Kenwood with money provided by an Iraqi wheeler-dealer. The ultimate turn of fate. Obama opposed the war; then he had his own home financed by someone who was, depending on whom you believe, a Saddam stooge or a Saddam victim. Either way, an Iraqi financed the purchase of the Obama “compound” in Chicago. Yekkkh.

And this is the Democrats’ “Mr. Ethics?”

Dear friends (as John McCain might say), it ain’t pretty. I may have been a prophet Isaiah pronouncing to the unbelieving, but sooner rather than later the unbelievers are becoming believers. I am no longer a prophet without honor in my own house.

March 3rd was the day the music died for Barack Obama. By, bye, Obama Pie.

But fear not, I have a few more slices of Obama Pie to serve up before his trajectory hits the ground. was first, and we will be the last, to provide accurate facts, information and interpretation about the Lion King of Illinois.

As for the great Emperor Zell and his co-owners/storm troopers at the Chicago Tribune, as long as they continue to congratulate Obama for lying there will be plenty of work for me to do in Chicago. Come to think of it, maybe I should order a bottle of their giggle juice from the Sun-Times. Bottoms up, Lynn and Carol? Just remember what mommy told you when you go home at night: don’t violate Michele’s Law. Look what happened to Barry O when he did.

There is a delightful Yiddish word to describe Obama right now: bakakt.

And, if I have any other subscribers who want to unsubscribe because the battle is over, just let me know.


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