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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catfight: Senator Obama and Reverend Wright take off the gloves

Andy Martin on the Obama/Wright wildfire: was first to disclose the mutual admiration society of Wright, Farrakhan and Obama in a March news conference. That’s why we are the #1 blog for the 2008 presidential campaign.

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(NEW YORK)(April 29, 2008) One week before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, Senator Barack and his former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright have taken off the gloves. Yesterday, Wright called Obama a “politician.” Today Obama said he was “denouncing” Wright and said Wright was “outrageous, appalling” and made Obama “angry.”

Obama obviously condemned Wright to stem the hemorrhaging to his presidential campaign. But Obama’s remarks are going to provoke a retort from Wright; we appear to be in the midst of an escalating catfight.

But there is also back story here. What is interesting about the exchanges of the past couple of days is how the latest disclosures by Wright validate my news conference in Washington on March 28th. At that time I disclosed the hidden links between Obama and the Nation of Islam (NOI):

Once again we beat the mainstream media (MSM) with exclusive information that Obama had sought to camouflage. We exposed the old links between Obama and the NOI. Yesterday, Wright offered effusive raise for Minister Farrakhan, thus reflecting that Obama, Farrakhan and Wright were much closer than the public record had ever appeared and something of a mutual admiration society.

Will Obama’s denunciation allow the presidential campaign to concentrate on “you,” or “us” and not on Wright, as Obama has been asking? Not on your life. In February, 2007 we offered a psychological profile of Obama and predicted that his mask would eventually crack. The mask is falling away. Although Obama said today he is “not a theologian” and is unfamiliar with “[Black] liberation theology,” how could he be so innocent after two decades in the pews? How could he not have been aware of Wright’s great admiration for Farrakhan? How could Obambi have been so innocent?

Obama is unfortunately caught in a catfight he can’t win and Wright can’t lose. That is why we can almost guarantee more and more conflict and finger-pointing. The more the MSM publicize Wright, the more his stock will rise in the African-American community as an authentic voice of Black rage. Obama was right about that, all Wright. But since Obama already had 90% of the African-American vote he can only lose support; Wright’s ranting can only polarize the electorate further.

For the past four years has been ahead of the MSM in disclosing the truth about Barack Obama. The revelations of the past couple of days confirm how, once again, we were right on the mark in Washington last month.

Where do we think Obama’s campaign heading? Early this morning, long before his afternoon news conference, we predicted that he is going to lose both North Carolina and Indiana. Our prediction is looking pretty good right now. DNC Chairman Howard Dean said “one of the candidates” has to withdraw in June. Increasingly, and surprisingly to some but not to us, it looks likely Obama will become the one facing pressure to step down. Because he won’t withdraw, and Hillary Clinton should not withdraw, the donnybrook is going to continue.

We are hoping to be able to report from the campaign trail in North Carolina or Indiana between now and May 6th.

On May 7th, the Democratic race will be a new campaign. Obama will be wounded, Clinton will be surging and the irresistible force will meet the immovable object.
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