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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Andy Martin: Barack Obama has become the "McGovern Democrat"

George McGovern's endorsement of Obama: a plus—or minus? At a time when Republicans are on the defensive, Democrats are reviving their campaigns of 1972 and 1984, says Andy Martin. Hillary Clinton should stay in the race and talk truth to an unwilling-to-listen power media elite.

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(NEW YORK)(May 8, 2008) Well, it's official. Barry Obama has been endorsed as the "McGovern Democrat" for president. Hillary Clinton should be celebrating, though I doubt it has dawned on her yet she just won a round without realizing it.

George McGovern was one of the most decent men to ever serve in public life or in the U. S. Senate. He served bravely in World War II. He represented a rural state and was reelected by conservative voters. And he was a nice guy. But he was a lousy national candidate who led the Democrats to one of their worse drubbings in history. In the midst of or closing days of (take your choice; sound familiar?) an unpopular war he managed to lead Democrats to one of their biggest defeats in history. The more things change…

Yesterday McGovern endorsed Obama. If Democrats ever doubted where Obama was going to lead them, now they know. Obama has received McGovern's endorsement. Bill Clinton's genius was that he managed to neutralize the Democratic Party's left-wing loonies while appearing "moderate" to mainstream voters. Increasingly as Obama acts as "The Candidate," he is going to unleash the left-wing in an uncontrollable "Days of Rage" (sound familiar?) for their marginalization under the Clintons.

Regular readers of my columns know I am a Republican. But in writing about politics I try to be scrupulously impartial. That does not mean I don’t develop viewpoints. I do. That's why I alone have championed La Clinton's efforts in the national arena. And I also admire true grit in any party, whatever the political philosophy of that candidate. But as a columnist I do not "support" any candidate.

Although I must confess I was very surprised by the outcome on Tuesday—we had predicted Clinton wins and belatedly last weekend everyone seemed to agree with us—we still have the most sensitive antennae on the national political scene. And the "chatter" we are monitoring tells us the first cracks in the Democratic base have begun.

The media elites in New York, Washington and Los Angeles have always discounted opposition to Obama, ignored the very large warts on his political history and pretended that all would be well once he was the candidate. Fa la la. It ain't going to happen. The exit polls, which showed Clinton trouncing Obama among white voters in Indiana and North Carolina, are just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, and they speak truth to an unwilling-to-listen-power media elite.

Newton said that action produces reaction. It sure does. Obama's "victories" have come in states where he could rely on massive block voting by African-Americans. But the black vote is concentrated in regions which are either inhospitable to Democrats (in the south) or in states where Democrats already enjoy an overwhelming advantage (e.g. New York). And sure enough, as the enormity of the block voting for Obama has become evident, Obama's black bloc votes are slowly beginning to produce the predictable reaction from those who are concerned by the prospect of Al Sharpton sashaying through the White House.

Obama, of course, has always presented himself as the anti-Jessie Jackson and the anti-Sharpton. And indeed he is. Unlike Barry O, Al Sharpton probably thinks arugula is a small island in the Caribbean. But once Obama is elected (if he is) it is obvious he would knuckle under to the voting block that elected him. That has been his consistent history as an elected official.

Fraternities and sororities used to call (may still call) people like Jackson and Sharpton "peeps." They were legacy members who were admitted, but who would be unattractive to "rushing" new members. The "peeps" were "locked in the closet" at rush ("new member") time, so prospective new members would not see them and be turned off. Obama has succeeded for a long time in locking Jackson and Sharpton in the closet. But the louder the claims Obama is the "winner," the more insistent will become the demands from black "leaders" who, after all nominated Obama. I will have more to say about this topic in the next day or two.

The mainstream media, of course, are focused solely on impaling Hillary's head on a spear on 6th Avenue in Manhattan. I hope she frustrates all of them and stays in the race (more to say on that later, as well). But seen in context, she may have won-by-losing in allowing Obama to claim the mantle of "McGovern Democrat." Obama already had the black block to contend with; now he has officially been anointed as the left-wing Democrat as well. If the Internet chatter I am seeing is indicative, the mainstream media are again missing the evolving story, and Obama's problems have just begun.

I propose that Democrats now move their convention from Denver to San Francisco. It's 1984 all over again. The "San Francisco Democrats" are about to return. Arugula anyone?

Stay in there Hillary. On February 20th I gave you your marching orders: "Take it to the convention." You are still operating under those orders. Lady, do it. The mainstream media may not know who you are; but I do. And, oh, if you and Billy boy decide to sit down for a snack, make mine a double arugula. In honor of Barry O and McGovern.
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