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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soros attacks spell sales for Andy Martin's Obama book

George Soros' attacks send sales "Soaring" for Andy Martin's anti-Obama book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Is Soros smearing Martin's book because Andy is not part of the "right-wing echo chamber?" Do leftists fear Andy's crossover appeal to Democrats and Independents?

Soros attacks trigger huge sales for Andy Martin's book on Barack Obama
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George Soros' attacks send sales "Soaring" for Andy Martin's anti-Obama book

Is Soros smearing Martin's book because Andy is not part of the "right-wing echo chamber?" Do leftists fear Andy's crossover appeal to Democrats and Independents?

(NEW YORK)(August 18, 2008) The attacks by George Soros' proto-fascist attack group Media Matters have sent sales "Soaoring" for Andy Martin's Obama: The Man Behind The Mask.

"It's just amazing," says Andy Martin. "Every time George Soros' attack dogs smear me with lies and distortions on national television, my book sales skyrocket. can't keep my book in stock. My publisher keeps shipping and Amazon keeps selling. (Books can also be ordered directly from the publisher at: For Soros to smear me on national television three times in one week means they take my book very seriously. There are a number of reasons why.

"First, although my competitors lead in overall sales, my book is selling comparably with them where actual buyers are making their own individual purchasing decisions. Sales for my competitors have been hugely inflated by massive bulk buying/selling to the 'right-wing echo chamber.' My book is only selling with single sales. There have not been any bulk sales of my book that I am aware of. Excluding bulk sales, my book is on a par with its competitors.

"Secondly, my two principal competitors are indeed members in good standing of the 'right-wing echo chamber,' or worse. They are selling to their own 'base' that has never been in play for Barack Obama.

"My book, however, is not a right-wing screed and is a more 'fair and balanced' (where have I heard that before?) study of Obama. I am the only writer with actual knowledge of and experience in the cesspools of Chicago politics. So, unlike my competing authors, I am the only one who knew the 'Obama story' personally and who wrote with credibility and authority.

"Obama's 'defense, 'Unfit for Publication,' has the same layout and concept as prior Soros publications.

"Soros has not been able to find any factual errors in Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, so he has launched desperate smears on me based on quarter-century old litigation. That's the equivalent of me smearing Soros for betraying Jews in Budapest in WW II. The accusation has nothing to do with the 2008 election.

"My book is a real book; that is why Soros is pulling out all the stops to suppress the book and suppress me. They realize that Democrats and Independents, as well as Republicans, are buying my book. The Democrats who buy my book are potential Obama voters. That is why Obama and Soros have unleashed their proto-fascist attack dogs on me. Have at it George. Just get ready for me to strike back.

"In the meantime sales of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask keep going up. My experience proves that when you are under attack by George Soros, it's good for business. We are evaluating whether to sue Soros and his lackeys for defamation," Martin said. "America should be warned. A vote for Obama is a vote to put George Soros in power."
UPDATE: We are planning to issue a response to the media hysteria triggered by Barack Obama's latest pamphlet of lies, titled "Unfit for Publication," attacking one of my competing authors on Monday evening August 18th. I don't make a habit of supporting my competitors because they are, after all, taking money out of my pocket. Proceeds from my book all go to the anti-Obama movement, not my personal enrichment. But because Obama's "defense" against "lies" is a new set of his own lies, I feel I should respond.
In the meantime, readers of my book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, can rest assured my work is still the only gold standard and practical handbook on Barack Obama's unfitness for the presidency. Buy it.
Book orders: Immediate shipment from the publisher now available.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I have decided to oppose Barack Obama's election and have become Executive Director of The Stop Obama Coalition, By default, I have become the national leader of the anti-Obama movement. I am not acting as either a Democrat or Republican. I have had no contact whatsoever with the McCain Campaign. I am not a member of any political organization. The views express are entirely independent. I am acting as an American citizen who sincerely believes Obama is not the man we need in the Oval Office. We are going to run a very dynamic and aggressive campaign against Obama. I will continue to write my columns for
Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. His columns are also posted at; Andy is the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, published in July 2008, see MEDIA CONTACT: (866) 706-2639 E-MAIL: [NOTE: We frequently correct typographical errors and additions/subtractions on our blogs, where you can find the latest edition of this release.]

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