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Monday, November 05, 2018

New Hampshire politics: Andy Martin’s endorsement in a close congressional race - Chris Pappas is my cousin; I’m voting for Eddie Edwards

New Hampshire conservative GOP leader Andy Martin explains why he is enthusiastically voting for Eddie Edwards for Congress. Andy got to know Edwards during the recent primary campaign and explains why he supports Eddie. Andy is a cousin of Democrat Chris Pappas, and grew up knowing all of the Puritan Restaurant’s founders and owners, making Andy’s endorsement of Eddie Edwards even more significant.

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Andy Martin supports Eddie Edwards for Congress

(Manchester, NH) (November 5, 2018)

Dear New Hampshire Voter:

Tomorrow is likely to be a close election. As a candidate in the primary, I did not want to seem like a buttinski during the general election. So I kept my mouth shut. But because of the closeness of the election, I feel honor bound to provide my input. I don’t want to remain silent when every vote counts.

Chris Pappas is my cousin. I am voting for Eddie Edwards.

Let me explain why.

1. Family connections

Chris Pappas’ great grandfather, Arthur Pappas, married my grandfather’s sister’s daughter. Growing up, we “lived” at the Puritan Restaurant when we came to Manchester. My mother had worked there as a high school and college girl. The Puritan had two major founders, Arthur Pappas and Louis Canotas. Canotas baptized my mother; he was her godfather. Charlie Pappas, who created the modern Puritan Backroom, was my mother’s favorite cousin and vice versa. My memories of Charlie are still vivid.

Arthur owned a property at 1040 Elm Street, where his son Charlie lived on the first floor and Cousin Theo lived on the second. I stayed there every time we came home to Manchester. A few times I even baby sat Chris’s father. I know so much about the family because I was the first born, and thus got to see and hear things for years, alone, as I was dragged from family event to family event. (I am the only one who is fluent in Greek.)

I flew back for Charlie Pappas’ funeral, as well as that of his wife Mary. I cannot really explain and express the love and warmth that existed among our families. (I could go on with more details, but enough. You get the point.)

I bore you with these historical facts - my family has been in Manchester over 100 years - because you can now understand why it is so difficult for me to endorse Edie Edwards over Chris Pappas.

Although I have never met Chris Pappas - we bumped into each other on the campaign trial - I haven’t been close for a long time. Charlie’s kids grew up and I lived in many places around the world. But I’m certain Chris and his dad are both fine people and my support for Edwards is not a slur on the family.

2. The 2018 primary

I am in a strange place vis a vis the September primary. My work with the Right to Know law really defined the primary. My campaign efforts ended up choosing the winner; unfortunately it wasn’t me.

During primaries, candidates often get to know each other and by election time they are sufficiently friendly - if still adversarial - they can support each other after the election. That is essential in New Hampshire where there is only a small gap between the primary and general elections.

Unfortunately, the evil leadership of the New Hampshire GOP did everything it could to sabotage my campaign. They were sending me solicitations for contributions, to use my own money against me! The party leadership supported Andy Sanborn but, with my Right to Know litigation driving the news, Edwards emerged the winner.

3. Eddie Edwards: why he has my vote

I have not spoken with Eddie since the primary and he has not asked for my endorsement. But I give it freely.

I did get to know Edwards during the primary. We are not close; but I have a lifetime of experience analyzing and observing individuals and assessing their potential. Despite the efforts of the evil clown man, Wayne McDonald, to separate the congressional candidates, I gradually got to know Edwards and eventually to like him.

I have also been close to African-Americans all of my life, from my days in primary school. I was recruited to play Big Ten football in part because the coach wanted someone who would break the color bar. Whites and Blacks roomed separately; during the turmoil of the civil rights era the coach wanted someone to break that disparity. My roommate was an African-American. Today I belong to a church with somewhere around 50% African-American membership. I worked in a U. S. Senator’s office during the darkest days of racism and bigotry in Chicago. I know the handicaps African-Americans have faced, and still face every day.

My relatives came to New Hampshire over 100 years ago and achieved the American dream. Eddie Edwards came as a navy recruit and he has achieved the American dream. He did so despite handicaps that make his success all the more extraordinary.

Chris Pappas has been a career politician since graduating from Harvard. So he is glib and conversant with the Democratic Party playbook: higher taxes, more spending, open borders, blah, blah, blah. Pappas will be a Nancy Pelosi clone if he is elected. Sad but true. Just look at who is supporting him. And who is behind him.

Eddie Edwards’ biggest challenge is that he is not a politician. He sometimes says things that Democrats exploit. Edwards is not going to abolish Social Security. Since, like Eddie, I am a weight lifter, I am the only guy who could punch him out if he even tried. Both parties have “think tanks” that put out psychobabble (to justify their own existences) and almost all of their output will never see the light of day in Congress. Like dumb elephants, Republicans always walk in their own doo doo and permit Democrats to engage in Mediscare. Medicare has been on the books for over 50 years and is going nowhere. President Trump understands that.

Here is where Eddie will stand out in Washington. He will stand up for what is right. (I'll be there to help him if he wants my help.) His pre-primary refusal to endorse Andy Sanborn was one of the most courageous gestures I have seen in over a half century of political involvement.

Despite his TV ads, I don’t know what the state of Eddie’s muscles really is; weight lifting is a chore. But I can tell you he has one of the strongest backbones I have seen in many, many years. That is why I will vote for him Tuesday with enthusiasm. I know I will be proud to do so.

I hope you will also vote for Eddie Edwards. You’ll be proud you did.

Andy Martin


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