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Saturday, June 16, 2007


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(CHICAGO)(June 16, 2007) For young people today it is difficult to imagine the arrogance and corruption that characterized welfare recipients in the 1960’s and 70’s. Barack Obama wants to bring back the “good old days” of welfare fraud, when his mother was “ripping of the man.”

Obama, of course, is a master pickpocket. But he doesn’t pick our wallets, he picks at our emotions, speaking boldly with the use of emphatic but hollow phrases. And every so often he drops in a zinger, just to confirm that he knows everyone else wants to “rip off the man” too. A vote for Barack Obama is a vote to bring back the old days of welfare thievery. Exhibit A: The Obama Family.

Today’s Chicago Tribune (June 16th) has a huge picture of Obama telling us to have “responsible” fathers. What about responsible mothers? Dropped into the Tribune story is this gem: “[Obama] noted that, without support from his father (who was in Kenya siring more children and drinking up good whiskey) he and his mother at times turned to food stamps to make ends meet.”

I found this reference startling, because I did not remember any admission of welfare use by Obama and his mother. I checked my notes on “Dreams From My Father” (dreams after a night of whoring and whisky in Kenya?) and found no reference either. So I started digging.

It appears that the Barack-Obama-On-Welfare claim originated in Time magazine in a story by Joe Klein. See:,9171,1546302,00.html. Later, Larry King picked up the story and asked Obama about it on CNN. Then the issue faded. Until June 15th.

In Klein’s story the line is slightly different, and more arrogant: “For example, I was going to a fancy prep school, and my mother was on food stamps while she was getting her Ph.D.”

Well, the origins of the Obama-On-Welfare reflect a callous indifference to “ripping off the man.”

First, we have been led to believe that while he was at prep school in Hawaii, Obama lived with his grandparents. His grandmother worked at a bank. How is it they were able to afford tuition for prep school and could not afford money to feed their grandson? Strange. Maybe that’s why grandma is hidden and avoids the public. She knows the Obama family’s dirty secrets.

It is possible that Obama might have lived with his mother at some point while she was a doctoral candidate in Hawaii, and voluntarily unemployed after competing two college degrees. Obama seems to think it was all right for his mother to collect welfare while she “invested in herself.” Unfortunately, they had a name for such abuses, even in the 60’s: criminal fraud.

Welfare was never intended as a public subsidy for people who wanted to become long-term college students. Mrs. Obama (if that is the name she should be given, given her former husband’s frolicking in Kenya) seemed to think it was perfectly all right for her to claim welfare benefits at the taxpayer’s expense while her son went to prep school, and someone paid thousands of dollars of private school tuition and she pursued endless academic studies. What about student loans? Well, those would have to be repaid, of course. No need to repay welfare. Just “rip off the man.” Man.

While he served as mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani tightened requirements for welfare and food stamps. Hundreds of thousands of cheats like the Obama family left the public trough. Now Democrats are trying to liberalize welfare and food stamps in New York again, and the parasites are salivating at the new opportunity to “rip off the man.” Democrats want to bring back the “salad days” of welfare in Washington too. Or, rather, the private school tuition days of welfare.

By coincidence, my mom was studying her for Ph.D in the 1960’s. She did not apply for welfare and supported her family on a teaching assistant’s salary of $4,800 a year. She did not have money for private school tuition at exclusive academies of the type Obama’s family enjoyed. There was a lot of white bread and baloney sandwiches. My mother would have sooner died than apply for welfare. But then that’s the difference between an honest American family and Obama’s Kenyan-American rip-off artists. For us, welfare was a form of shame. Obama, obviously, is shameless.

And the liberal morons keep sending him money and swooning. Instead of “,” we need a ”” web site to alert Obama to the need to improve his standards of public morality.

There are few, if any, Americans who would deny a neighbor help in a time of genuine need. I have served at church soup kitchens, and many of us have contributed to programs for those in need. But few of us feel the need to subsidize people who want to get a doctorate degree, or who want to “save” their money for private school tuition or who are too lazy to apply for a student loan or work part-time, like Mrs. Obama. Many of us remember standing in supermarket lines and seeing people use food stamps to buy food, and then using their cash to buy alcohol and cigarettes. They called it “ripping off the man.”

The fact that Obama refers to the fact that his mother was a welfare queen, and that she thought nothing of ripping off society for her own selfish benefit, tells a lot about the man. This is another example of why Obama has such a troubled psyche. Instead of shame, Obama is telling us he wants to bring back the good old days when his mom was ripping the man.

Is it any wonder people voted for Ronald Reagan for president in 1980? Obama’s mother was one very obvious reason the thievery and arrogance and corruption had to stop. It did. Except in Obama’s mind, where stealing from taxpayers is what he promises for his future presidency.

Maybe, as a matter of conscience, Obama should repay the money that his mom ripped off from the “man.” The “man” was and is the American people that he now claims he wants to serve.

Barack Obama owes the American people an explanation. And an apology.

Really, Barry, you should get a life. And get a mom.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Seems as though your pissed at Barack and you wouldn't have any thing good to say about him at anytime. He is not the one who went to the welfare office and applied for help his Mother is responsible for her actions and what she felt was okay for her family everyone has their own family issues. Years ago you were able to go to school and recieve some help if you were a single parent. At least she got a better education so that she could take care of her family on her own eventually. Seems like someone isn't ready for a BLACK PRESIDENT.

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