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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Andy Martin on the Obamas, the Salahis, the Woods’ and Santa Claus

Andy Martin connects Barack and Michelle Obama, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, and Tiger Woods to Santa Claus’ claims of “executive privilege” and demands for “privacy” at the North Pole.

Andy Martin on the Obama and the Woods family scandals
Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Are the Obamas the new White House version of TV’s “The Jeffersons?”

Do the Obamas and Salahis share common characteristics?

Should Tiger Woods try to crash a White House party to reclaim his “privacy?”

What does Santa have to say about all of this commotion?

(CHICAGO)(December 3, 2009) A third of a century ago, President Richard Nixon created the modern era of “separation of powers” jurisprudence by claiming "executive privilege" to prevent White House aides from testifying before Congress and courts. Nixon created a major constitutional scandal. And lost.

In 2009, the Obama Family White House, which is looking increasingly like the TV sitcom “The Jeffersons,” is claiming executive privilege to prevent staff members from disclosing the truth about the couple that has been called the “White House party crashers.” Tareq and Michaele Salahi may have to star in a new sitcom, the “Real Housewives of the White House.”

By “stonewalling” the Congress (“stonewalling” is another “Watergate word”) Obama is making what should have been a minor embarrassment into a minor constitutional scandal. Like Nixon, he’s losing.

As the overall history of the episode unfolds it increasingly appears as though the Salahis were trying to be legitimately invited, and crossed-signals existed at several levels.

African-Americans, of course, are trying to convert the embarrassing incident of the Salahi social climbers into a national security threat involving potential terrorists. Congressman Bennie Thompson is trying to revive fears of a racial attack on Obama. I don’t think the Salahis' misbehavior is a light matter, but it is equally not a threat to the republic. In fact, security services often learn from their occasional mistakes. Let’s hope the Secret Service did. No one wishes the Obamas any physical harm.

It is clear that in trying to do things their way, “the Chicago Way,” the Obamas are increasingly taking on the airs of “The Jeffersons,” the social climbing TV sitcom family with whom the Obamas seem to share some characteristics. Why was security reduced after Obama took over the White House? Trying to make the place look more open? Putting on the Ritz? Ooops.

The Salahis and Obamas could also be peas in the same pod, or podcast. The Salahis were trying to crash a party at the White House; the Obamas crashed the White House in 2008, with a campaign of lies and misrepresentations that were much more toxic than the Salahis' pretensions.

Obama had no business in the White House. In that regard, he shares a lot in common with Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

Turning from the Jeffersons/Obamas/Salahis to Tiger Woods, I have resurrected another old Illinois political chestnut: “What was he thinking?” How did Woods think he could get away with it?

Tiger Woods’ “prossies” are popping up like daisies. If one lady really got $150,000 for her story, there may be more “lovers” of Mr. Woods who wish to appear. Woods’ defense? He says his family “intimacy” must be private, and can only be “shared by us alone.” Some "intimacy."

It seems to me Woods was sharing his charms with a lot of people that are clearly not part of his “family,” unless Woods’ definition of “family” is very different than the common American usage of the term. Greeks call everyone “cousin.” Does Woods call all of these ladies “mama?”

Woods can’t invoke “executive privilege” to shield his mendacity and hypocrisy, so he is invoking the common man’s version of executive privilege, “privacy.” But how can you be "private" when your picture is splattered across almost every wall in every air terminal around the United States? How indeed.

How can you be a model for young people when they listen to the alleged “sex tapes” of Woods trying to cover up his embarrassing disclosures? Or the messages boasting of his prowess in matters not involving a caddy?

Mr. Woods has received bad advice. If he had owned up to his mistakes and been honest and open about his marital problems, instead of repeatedly invoking “privacy,” the scandal might have gone away. Every day brings new disclosures of infidelity and new women seeking a payout (is it a “handout”) for baring all about their time spent in the sack with the Tiger.

The only thing missing: when is Tiger going to try and crash a White House party, claming that is the only place he feels private enough? It’s coming. Can the Tiger Woods “birthers” be far behind?

The silly season of mid-December news is upon us. What? There’s no Santa Claus? Omigod. What will they expose next? Isn’t Santa entitled to his privacy? Doesn’t he deserve some “executive privilege” with his elves at the North Pole?

Is Santa really going to replace Rudolph and the reindeer with a golf cart? Only Tiger Woods can tell us. And he’s not talking. Remember, if you decide to get Santa’s attention, bash in the rear windows to see his reaction, not the driver-side window. Not at all. As Santa would say, “Ho. Ho. Ho.” Or as Tiger Woods would say: “ho, ho, ho.” Where are the Salahis and Obamas when we really need them? Watching reruns of “The Jeffersons,” no doubt.

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