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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Congressman Eric Massa linked to Rahm Emanuel, Mark Kirk

Internet Powerhouse says Eric Massa is probably gay, and certainly acts nutty. But like a fool in a Shakespearean play, Massa’s claims may actually be closer to the truth than we realize or the Washington media will admit. After all, we know there are homosexuals on Capitol Hill, Martin says. It is illogical to believe they are not equally distributed throughout Washington’s media establishment. For example, the Associated Press assigned an apparently gay reporter to cover Mark Kirk’s U. S. Senate campaign. Martin predicts we have not seen the last of homosexual scandals in the 2010 election cycle.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin on Eric Massa, Rahm Emanuel and Mark Kirk
Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”

(Editor’s note: is scheduled to formally resume publication on Monday, March 15th. However, we prevailed on Andy Martin to do a column on the latest homosexual scandal on Capitol Hill and the scandal’s links to Illinois politics.)


Andy Martin “connects the dots” between former Congressman Eric Massa, Rahm Emanuel and Illinois U. S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk

Martin notes that homosexual scandals destroyed the Republican Party and that the significance of Eric Massa’s shenanigans and accusations go far deeper than Massa’s superficial theatrics

(NEW YORK)(March 11, 2010) Republicans have been chortling about resigned Congressman Eric Massa’s sexual shenanigans on Capitol Hill. They better look in the mirror.

Massa resigned this week. But it is only after Massa’s resignation that we learned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi covered up allegations of sexual shenanigans in Massa’s congressional office. Massa's claim that he was "railroaded" may not be as ridiculous as it initially appears. Democrats were engaged in a Republican-style cover-up, until Massa imploded. Interestingly, it was only after Massa left office that the much deeper homosexuality of Massa’s behavior and Speaker Pelosi’s months-earlier knowledge of the scandal became public.

Massa’s behavior, and his accusations White House Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel are more significant than the mainstream media have reported this week.

During the recent Illinois U.S. Senate primary campaign, where I was a candidate, I exposed in Illinois what is widespread knowledge on Capitol Hill: the eventual winner of the primary, Mark Kirk, is a homosexual. The news media responded with attacks on me for telling the truth and exposing the facts about Kirk. Even more interesting, ordinary Republicans did not want to know the truth.

Ironically, the most honest discussion of Kirk’s homosexual appeared in the homosexual media. In a parallel situation to use of the “N-word,” which only African-Americans can use, it appears that only homosexuals are allowed to speak honestly and openly about homosexuality in politics and American life. All others must remain closeted.

Knowledge of Kirk’s homosexuality was widespread in Washington and among Illinois political activists. Only Republican voters had no idea what was going on. And my experience shows they didn't want to know. They were not particularly happy when I became them messenger of the unwelcome truth. I paid a price for truth-telling. But at least I did tell the truth. Which is why I am probably a better writer than politician.

So how are Kirk, Massa and Emanuel connected?

First, Kirk was part of the homosexual colony in House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s office that undermined the Republican Party and helped defeat President George Bush's agenda. I have yet to write the definitive analysis of the Hastert-Kirk-Mark Foley scandal, but I will.

Second, during the Kirk imbroglio, one of the homosexual connections that surfaced was the rumor that Rahm Emanuel was gay.

Although Massa has been seen as a nut case, and his overall behavior is nutty, the evidence of his closeted homosexuality is increasingly evident after the fact. His accusations involving Emanuel may not be as outrageous as they initially appear.

Massa made what on the surface appear to be bizarre allegations against Emanuel. Until you connect the Kirk-Emanuel gossip to Massa. Then “Massa-Emanuel” becomes clearer.

Most of us would not be running around naked in a gym locker room trying to initiate conversations on public policy? So why is Emanuel’s alleged behavior consistent with prior rumors? Emanuel obviously was familiar with the stories abut Massa being gay. Thus, Emanuel’s “naked” approach to Massa was not out of character. He knew Massa was gay, and he was making a “naked” appeal to Massa. For Emanuel the congressional gym had become a gay bathhouse. Massa was not making crackpot accusations about Emanuel’s behavior; he was telling the truth.

So where do we go from here? First, Pelosi’s cover-up has now become public knowledge after Massa left office:

If Pelosi knew, Emmanuel knew. That’s why Emmanuel was running around naked in front of Massa and getting “in his chest.” Emmanuel was obviously aware of the homosexual culture on Capitol Hill, even if he wasn’t a part of it.

Second, before Republicans celebrate the Democratic embarrassment created by Massa’s sexual shenanigans, they should contemplate the time bomb that will probably explode later this year during the campaign season: Mark Kirk’s homosexuality.

The bottom line: we still can’t discuss homosexuality honestly in our politics. Ordinary Republicans mostly “don’t want to know” about homosexuality in the Republican Party. They prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist. At least not before it explodes into a political scandal they can't avoid.

The media? You be the judge. Eric Massa? He may have exposed a deeper vein of homosexuality in the Democratic Party, running all the way into the Obama White House, than readers and viewers have been lead to believe. Like Shakespeare’s "fools" that tell us the truth, Massa may have been a fool who spoke truth without our realizing it. (In a commentary unrelated to my disclosures, one observer suggested Mark Kirk is sharing living quarters in Washington with a homosexual Democratic congressman:

The Massa – Emanuel – Kirk story is not dead yet.

Footnote: ContrarianCommentary resumes regular publication Monday, March 15th with blockbuster analysis of Obama, America and the world. Our resumption was delayed by two weeks by my recent athletic injury. I’m back up to speed, almost, and ready to roll with “just the facts” about politics, business and foreign policy. As the “founding father” of the anti-Obama movement, I have a long record of truth-telling and breaking the news that will have an influence on the national discourse. Stay tuned, and subscribe now.

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