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Friday, April 23, 2010

Andy Martin slams CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s pro-Obama bias

Andy Martin says that CNN and Anderson Cooper are trying to deceive the American people concerning the facts related to Barack Obama’s missing birth certificate

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is a media fraud

Who keeps Anderson Cooper honest?

Andy Martin, the “King of the Birthers,” is preparing to land in Honolulu

“Andy’s Armada” launches “Operation Aloha Obama IV” in less than four days
“The Internet Powerhouse”

Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not Politically Correct”


Why is Anderson Cooper misleading his audience?

(NEW YORK)(April 23, 2010) Anderson Cooper has a segment he calls “Keeping Them Honest” on his CNN show “Anderson Cooper 360”. But who keeps Anderson Cooper honest? Apparently no one.

Wednesday evening I was surfing the cable channels and came up with an Anderson Cooper 360 discussion of Barack Obama’s missing birth certificate.

Cooper was shamelessly pro-Obama. His segment on the birth certificate had as “guests” two individuals who are also shamelessly pro-Obama. Roland Martin is seemingly on Obama’s payroll as well as CNN’s. John Avlon is a militant anti-conservative. No one spoke for the American people.

Cooper led off the pro-Obama roll by saying that Obama was the victim of “false internet rumors.” While there is no question that some unscrupulous individuals have disseminated false claims about Obama, I have constantly fought for the facts and searched for the truth. In other words, Cooper focuses on the discredited writers while ignoring those who have fought for full disclosure by President Obama.

Cooper suggested that Hawai’i officials had verified Obama’s identity. But what kind of “verification” has Hawai’i produced when half the American people don’t believe them? Hawai’i officials have even covered up their coverup of the birth certificate dispute. In a letter to me the Hawai’i Attorney General has claimed “executive privilege” for his advice to Governor Linda Lingle on Obama’s birth certificate. Hello?

I am hoping to file a suit to expose the coverup when I arrive in Honolulu next week.

So what are the facts, what is the bottom line?

1. The Founding fathers created a special test for president. The president had to be a “natural born” citizen. The term “natural born” is found nowhere else in the Constitution. Two hundred years ago the term “natural born” had a clear constitutional meaning. The founders knew what they were doing when they added the natural born requirement to the presidency.

2. Obama has constantly played word games with his birth certificate. Hawai’i officials have constantly reaffirmed they have the original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate. But they refuse to release it. Instead, they have issued a laser printout from a data base. That is not a copy of the 1961 original. The 1961 original had much more detailed information on it; it is that missing detail from the typewritten original that Obama is trying to hide.

3. By his own admission Obama is not constitutionally eligible to serve as president. His father was not an American citizen; he may not have even a permanent resident. He was a visiting student. “Natural born” requires that both parents be Americans. Obama admits he fails to meet the constitutional test. He is a usurper.

4. Obama is an “American citizen” even though he is not a natural born citizen. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama was born in Hawai’i. I have never seen any credible evidence to the contrary. But it is not enough to be an American citizen to be elected president. You must be a natural born citizen. Obama fails the test which was adopted by the founding fathers precisely to weed out people like Obama who were born with dual nationality (United Kingdom [Kenyan colony] and United States).

5. These facts are straightforward and largely undisputed. Why won’t Anderson Cooper put CNN’s legal expert, Jeff Toobin, and me together to debate the “natural citizen” clause of the Constitution? Because Cooper is peddling a lie to his audience. Cooper is promoting Obama’s frauds and fantasies, intended to keep Obama in the White House when he is not constitutionally eligible to be there. Cooper may claim that he “keeps others straight,” but he fails to keep himself straight.

Instead, the mainstream media keep mainlining Obama snake oil into the veins of the American people. Well, guess what? Americans are smarter than the media and Obama. Americans now realize they elected a fraud in 2008, and they can’t wait to serve Barack Obama with his moving papers.

NOTE: Obama is also concealing his college records at Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Since Obama’s law school education may have been financed in part by Saudi Arabian Wahhabi cash funneled to him through Khalid Al-Mansour, he obviously has a reason to conceal that information. And until and unless Obama tells the American people the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about his past we have every right to question him, to be suspicious of him and to keep searching for the truth.

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