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Friday, August 06, 2010

CHICAGO NEWS CONFERENCE: Andy Martin says Mark Kirk must withdraw as Senate candidate

In light of new accusations that Mark Kirk frequents gay bars, and the allegations by his former wife Kimberly Vertoli that “Kinky Kirk” is involved in some sort of meretricious relationship with a political consultant who destroyed her marriage, Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Friday, August 6th to demand that Kirk withdraw as a candidate.

Martin says Mark Kirk is an embarrassment to every Illinois Republican candidate and should step down so that a replacement can be selected promptly. Martin accuses Kirk of obtaining the senate nomination by fraud. Martin says that the fact he is an opponent of Kirk’s should not detract from the lethal impact of the independent evidence which condemns Kirk.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says Mark Kirk obtained his senate nomination by fraud and must step down

Martin says that the latest disclosures by homosexual blogs that Kirk frequents “trendy gay nightspots” and “gay bars” are an insult to Illinois Republicans
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Andy Martin
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Andy Martin says that Mark Kirk obtained his senate nomination because Illinois news media lied to readers and viewers

Martin says that Mark Kirk’s closeted homosexuality is a ticking time bomb for every Illinois Republican candidate

(CHICAGO)(August 6, 2010) Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Friday, August 6th to demand that Mark Kirk withdraw as a U. S. Senate candidate. Martin says that new allegations that “Kinky” Kirk frequents gay bars and “trendy gay nightspots”, and the accusation by Kirk’s former wife that Kirk has some sort of dominatrix relationship with a political consultant, are a ticking time bomb for every Republican.

“I am no friend of Mark Kirk,” Martin states. “But the fact that I am a political opponent of Kirk’s does not detract from the undisputed facts. Even a political opponent can get his facts right.

“Last December I disclosed ‘rumors’ about Kirk’s personal life. I clearly labeled them as rumors. The corrupt Chicago media attacked me for telling the truth, and lied to their viewers and readers by vouching for Kirk and seeking to discredit my evidence.

“The passage of only a few months has verified and validated all of my original allegations.

“I was also the first person to disclose that Kirk was a military fraud. I produced documented proof. Again the media lied to their viewers and readers and concealed the facts even though I backed up my charges with Navy documents. It was not until the Washington Post embarrassed Chicago media by exposing that Kirk was lying about his military service that the truth about ‘Kinky’ finally began to ooze out.

“After he voted against the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Kirk was ‘outed’ as a homosexual by gay rights activist Mike Rogers.

“Being a homosexual is not a per se disqualification for office. Lying to conservative Republican voters and denying the truth is a disqualification. Since my original disclosures ‘Kinky’ Kirk’s sexual proclivities have become a topic of endless embarrassment for Illinois Republicans. There is more to come.

“This week there were two new scandals. They could be fatal disclosures.

“First, Kirk’s former wife burst out with the accusation that Kirk had some sort of ‘dominatrix’ relationship with a political consultant that had destroyed her marriage. Kirk’s wife also admitted she was a militant homosexual rights activist and Obama supporter. That was a strange marriage partner for someone such as Kirk who claims to be a ‘conservative.’

“Second and more seriously, homosexual blogs are now ‘filling in the blanks,’ if that is the right term, about Kirk’s sex life.

“The lesbian web site ‘’ said Wednesday that ‘Kirk has been known to visit several trendy gay nightspots…’ also said that Kirk ‘visits the gay bars:’

“The blog said that Mrs. Kirk’s denial that Kirk is gay ‘sounds like she’s hedging:’

A comment on ‘Lez’ said ‘It’s a non-denial denial.’

“When these comments are coupled with Mike Rogers’ statement that Kirk was eyeing young men and admitted to being gay, Mr. Kirk faces a terminal illness politically:

“Rogers also said that men had approached him and stated they had sex with Kirk, and that Kirk had admitted his homosexuality to Rogers. Those men are still out there.

“I have no problem with gay men, lesbians or homosexuality. I am a passionate believer in the right to privacy, for people who wish to remain private. If people are honest and open about themselves, I respect that as well. But when you insist on remaining closeted as a candidate for national office you are a threat to yourself and to anyone with whom you associate politically. Kirk’s lying to conservative Republicans is a no-no. Kirk is a danger to every Illinois Republican candidate.

“If Bill Brady and other statewide Republican candidates lose, it will be because of Mark Kirk and his sexual shenanigans. It is time for ‘Kinky Kirk’ to step down so Republicans can choose a conservative replacement,” Martin will urge at his news conference.

“Finally,” Martin says, “Although Kirk has tried to ‘fudge’ his military record, the reality is that hundreds of thousands of veterans in both parties will vote against Kirk because he lied about his military service. Kirk erased any good he had done, and demeaned the life-and-death risks taken by our fighting men and women. Kirk disgraced the Navy. You can bet there will be a ‘veterans’ payback’ in November if Kirk is still on the ballot.

“The only unknown is how badly voters will punish other Republicans who endorse Kirk or stand by him in silence. That’s the open question. Conservatives have been known to ‘stay home’ when they were ignored and insulted by party leaders.”

August 6th news conference details:


Internet Powerhouse and Illinois anti-corruption crusader Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,
Chicago (weather permitting)

WHEN: Friday, August 6th 4:00 P.M.


Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin calls on Mark Kirk to withdraw as a candidate of the Republican Party. Martin says Kirk obtained his nomination by fraud and is a potential disaster for every Illinois Republican candidate

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