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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Andy Martin says Jim Nalepa is unfit to serve as chairman of the Illinois Republican Party

Andy Martin, who has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois since he was a student at the University Illinois College of law, says that the Illinois Republican Party is corrupt because the indirect manner in which the party’s leadership – the state central committee – is chosen is undemocratic. Andy says one of the candidates to serve as state party chairman, Jim Nalepa, is a “delusional jerk.” Andy continues to be committed to fighting corruption in Illinois although he now resides in New Hampshire. Andy also notes that U. S. Senator Mark Kirk is again making false claims that Kirk is a combat veteran; Andy says Kirk and Nalepa are “perfect pair.”
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May 29, 2013

Dear Illinois Republican:

I am no longer involved in Illinois Republican politics. The internal politics of the party is corrupt because the “leadership” of the party is not elected by the party voters but is instead imposed on Republican voters by an undemocratic and unrepresentative “leadership.” The result of this undemocratic selection process, which was originally imposed by Governor Jim Thompson to make himself an absolute ruler, has been a disaster.

The recent machinations involving Pat Brady are instructive. Brady was the worst party chairman of either party in the nation. Brady single-handedly defeated the Illinois Republican Party in 2010, and he again led the party to defeat in 2012. Brady’s removal had nothing to do with “gay marriage.” Brady was a crook who surrendered his law license and was working to defeat, not elect, Republicans.

Now the party is choosing Brady's “successor.” Days away from the “vote” no one knows whether the committee will meet openly or in secret. No one knows how the “nominees” were selected to replace Brady. Is this any way to run a party? Unless and until Republican voters can directly elect the membership of their state committee this travesty of machine politics will continue.

Having left Illinois politics a couple of years ago, I don’t have a dog in the Brady-successor race.

One of the candidates, however, Jim Nalepa, would be a disaster for the party. Nalepa is being promoted by various individuals because he is a “speaker.” The only time I saw Nalepa speak he was incoherent and his “joke” bombed.

More to the point, during Nalepa’s “exploratory” campaign for the U. S. Senate in 2007 I exposed Nalepa as a complete nut:



My final commentary on Nalepa was devastating, and follows:



Republican for U. S. Senator

“He works for the People of Illinois”

Suite 4406

30 E. Huron Street

Chicago, IL 60611-4723

(312) 440-4124


(CHICAGO)(September 6, 2007) Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin issued the following statement in response to an article in the Hinsdale Suburban Life.

“Unfortunately, ‘exploratory’ senate candidate Jim Nalepa continues to inflate and distort his military service. Because Nalepa has made a virtual career of being a ‘West Point graduate,’ the fact that he distorts what he did during his brief mandatory service on active duty is doubly distressing and embarrassing to him.

“In response to calls from an area newspaper, Nalepa continues to play fast and loose with the truth.

“First, Nalepa was accused in an e-mail to my campaign of claiming he had completed Ranger training when there is no evidence he ever completed the program and earned the Ranger designation. Is the accusation true, or not true, Jim?

“Second, Nalepa landed on Grenada long after combat operations, which were mercifully brief, had ended. There was no ‘combat’ going on when Nalepa arrived in Grenada. The ‘combat’ was in Nalepa’s mind.

“Finally, Nalepa continues to seek to bamboozle the public by equating any service in a ‘war zone’ with being a ‘combat veteran’ (see above link). Nalepa has been living his dream for over 20 years.

“Nalepa has never disclosed his MOS while he served his brief mandatory commitment in the army. He should do so to avoid any confusion that the Army considered him assigned to a line company.

“Even in Iraq, where the front lines are blurred, the U. S. Army has been very careful about issuing the Combat Infantryman's Badge (CIB) to solders. Was Nalepa awarded a CIB? If so, he should show the award certificate.

“Support units do not automatically become ‘combat’ units merely by arriving in a zone where hostilities have ended, as they did in Grenada, or in Iraq, where hostilities continue. In Iraq, where support units have been exposed to combat, some qualified individuals, but not everyone, has received a new metal badge to show the support person was engaged in action.

“Although Nalepa mounts his pseudo-soap box and tries to claim that question about his inflated and distorted military service do a ‘disservice’ to current veterans, exactly the opposite is true. It is Nalepa himself who has pumped up his military record in Walter Mitty-style that has done a disservice to men and women who served in real combat; he has been doing this for decades and it is time Jim Nalepa came down to earth and faced the truth. He is not a combat veteran. Period.

“As the recipient of a free West Point education, Nalepa was required to serve a mandatory period on active duty. He served his required time, and shortly thereafter left the service. We honor Jim for his brief service; he dishonors himself by perpetuating that fiction that he is a combat veteran.

“Particularly as one who criticized Senator John Kerry for inflating his military service, Nalepa should know better than to do likewise.

“As a professional headhunter, Nalepa should know what the penalty is for inflating a resume: ‘you’re out.’”


Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers regional, national and world events with forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639



In closing, let me say that Illinois is a great state that has been raped by the corrupt politicians of both parties. What makes fighting corruption very difficult is that the laws are written to protect corruption. For example, the state central committee in the Republican Party can be chosen in secret, with no voter input, by a handful of operators. Democracy does not exist. By contrast, in January a new New Hampshire Republican Party chairman was elected by delegates who were openly selected in a state meeting that was conducted in public. The process wasn’t perfect but it was worlds better than the way Brady’s successor is being chosen.

Nevertheless, I remain committed to fighting corruption in Illinois and we retain an office in Chicago for that purpose.

I will be eternally grateful to the People of Illinois for all of the opportunities they provided to me over the decades. I hope in some small way I was able to repay them; I don’t think I ever could. But all of you will always be in my prayers.

In my opinion, electing Nalepa would be a mistake for the reasons stated above. It’s your call.

We will continue to distribute our newsletters to Illinois residents and media, and we will continue trying to expose the fraud of Mark Kirk, who is again imagining and claiming in public that he is some sort of war hero. Come to think of it, Nalepa and Kirk make a perfect pair. Two delusional jerks.




(c) Andy Martin 2013 All Rights Reserved

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