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Monday, May 06, 2013

Honolulu - Andy Martin opens his fifth annual meeting on Obama with “Obama's children,” the Tsarnaev Brothers

In a provocative column/letter, New Hampshire author and Republican leader Andy Martin says that President Obama’s attempt to blame “self-radicalization” for the Boston Bombings is a ruse to deflect attention and responsibility from Obama himself. Andy says that for the past four years Obama has been abroad running down the United States and trying to create the impression America is “in decline.” Andy says that after a four-year germination period, young Muslims are becoming increasingly radicalized by Obama’s poisonous ideology. Andy calls the Tsarnaev Brothers “Obama’s children,” the bitter fruit of Obama’s Cairo speech, Obama’s genuflecting to Arab kings, and Obama’s refusal to “stand tall” for America. Andy also blames Republican Party incompetence for the rise of Obama.

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New Hampshire author Andy Martin says the Boston Bombers - the Tsarnaev Brothers - are “Obama’s children”

Andy says President Obama’s “America-is-in-decline” approach to world affairs is the true source of Muslim radicalization

There is no “self-radicalization,” Andy says; Obama himself is the source of Muslim radicalization

(NEW YORK) (May 5, 2013)

Dear Reader:

On April 21st, the New York Times’ respected liberal columnist Thomas L. Friedman referred to President Obama’s “Muslim grandfather.” (Please see Link #1 below). Seven days later, Friedman again referred to “Obama’s “Muslim grandfather.” (Link #1)

It is almost unimaginable today, but nine years ago when I first raised the issue of then-Senatorial candidate Barack Obama’s religion I was attacked by the media for telling the truth. The same New York Times that today allows Friedman to link “Obama’s grandfather” to Islam, in 2008 sought to demonize me by publishing a front-page story making all sorts of false accusations (please see Link #2).

So what’s happened? What’s changed since 2004? Well, Friedman, who has lived in the Islamic world, knows the truth. Islam descends through the father, not the mother. For Friedman to repeatedly state that Obama has a “Muslim grandfather,” while politely overlooking Obama’s putative Muslim father, is to point directly at President Obama’s Muslim roots as a source of our problems in the Muslim world. Friedman may be suggesting, inferentially, that Obama’s heritage is more of an influence and more of a problem than Friedman originally anticipated.

People can change their religion; President Obama says he has done so. But people can’t change their culture and values. Obama says he hasn’t. Obama told New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof that Obama had a total recall of the Muslim muezzin call to prayer (see link #3).

Obama may claim to have left behind his Muslim roots. But young Muslims such as the Tsarnaev Brothers reject Obama’s “conversion” to Christianity. The Tsarnaevs see our president as a Muslim who has never publicly rejected his family’s faith. Thomas Friedman’s continuing concern with Obama’s family religion is testimony to the fact others agree with me.

Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech and Obama’s constant overtures to radical Muslim nations may be the real reason the Boston Bombers “self-radicalized.” The Tsarnaev brothers may be “Obama’s children.”

I am not for a moment suggesting President Obama intentionally or directly encouraged the bombings. But, indirectly, Obama’s complacent and compliant attitude toward radical Islam has created the conditions and circumstances where young Islamists are not “self-radicalizing” but rather radicalizing directly in response to Obama's stimulus.

After all, why are only Muslims “self-radicalizing?” Lots of people have grievances, all over the world. They are not committing terrorist acts.

When I began to study Barack Obama in depth in 2004 I was alone. The media were spoon-fed Obama’s propaganda.

When I landed in Honolulu five (5) years ago, I was the first scholar to conduct independent research into Obama’s past.

Although I am credited with creating what the media sought to call the “Birther” movement, I had and have nothing to do with some of the thieves and crackpots that have sought to profit from false claims about Obama’s birth. I have found no evidence that Obama was born anywhere but Honolulu. Even the New York Times was forced to admit I clearly differentiate between fact and theory (see Link #2).

In fact, the reason Obama’s henchmen have attacked me so relentlessly over the years is precisely because I only seek to find the facts and to search for the truth.

You can see the short film I produced at which prompted other researchers to produce their own films. In other words, over the past nine years I have been and continue to be a catalyst for research and investigation into Obama’s origins.

For the past five years I have convened an annual conference in Washington, DC to discuss my research into Obama, and to present my theories about where we are headed in the future (

This year we are combining the national conference with sponsorship by Contrarian Commentary, and we are holding our meetings in Honolulu beginning May 8th. This is your opportunity and invitation to attend the conference, to financially support the continuing investigation, and to help us spread and share the ongoing research. We kept a lid on the conference with this late announcement because we have some explosive leads that we are pursuing in Honolulu.

When we began planning the 2013 meeting a couple of people said to me, “Why bother, the election is over?” First, the “election is not over.” Obama will be in power for three more years. Need I say more?

Second, many of the seeds Obama planted in his first term took time to germinate. “Self-radicalization” is one of them. Obama’s unwillingness to stand up for America, and his refusal to defend our values against competing “values” from the less civilized world, have now created a cotillion of continuing terrorism.

Many liberals were offended when conservatives attacked Obama for not defending American “values,” and for appointing an Attorney General who refuses to even mouth the term “Islamic terrorism.”

Anyone who has ever been an avid gardener, as I am, knows plants can take years to grow to maturity, and some plants are just slow starters. I have a plant that went in the ground five years ago; many times I thought he had died, but he is sprouting this year. Likewise, political doctrines do not create an instant response. That is why the Tsarnaev Brothers may be “Obama’s children.” It took time for their violent anti-American attitudes to explode into the reality of the Boston bombings.

Since Obama started planting his seeds in 2009 he has mismanaged (sabotaged?) the federal bureaucracy so as to limit counterterrorism activity. Today, Obama's so-called “self-radicalized” seeds are bearing bitter fruit. Obama planted a lot of seeds in the past four years. The Tsarnaev Brothers are not alone.

If ordinary Americans are not prepared to break through the relentless propaganda of the Obama Administration (Benghazi: “what difference does it make?; Benghazi: “that was along time ago”) then we can expect more anti-American activity from Obama’s children.

It is Obama himself who has radicalized the Muslim world. He has created and presented a portrait of America as being in decline, a helpless and hapless nation. Obama’s actions are “radicalizing” Islamic extremists. There is no such thing as “self-radicalizing.” College students respond to incitement from their environment and from their national leaders. That is why I have labeled the Tsarnaev Brothers “Obama’s children.” There are many more “Obama children” out there.

Please be sure to pass these comments along to your family and friends. Right now I am perhaps the only source labeling Obama’s bogus “self-radicalization” claims what they are: the fruits of Obama’s surrender to the Muslim world over the past four years.

It took Tom Friedman five years to catch up with the reality that Obama was raised in a Muslim family. What are the media ignoring today that they will only admit five years from now when it is too late? At ContrarianCommentary we like to say we “see over the horizon.” Our work in 2004 looks pretty good in retrospect. That’s the best reason to support our continuing efforts.

Won’t you join us in Honolulu for a scintillating and controversial conference, or support our work with a contribution if you can’t attend in person?


Andy Martin

P.S. While my research into Obama is independent and scholarly, I do not hide my own Republican views. The Republican Party’s internal incompetence, in Illinois in 2004, and nationally in 2008 and 2012, has done a great deal to facilitating Obama’s rise to power. While I try to keep scholarly research and investigation separate from partisan politics, there is no denying that Republican Party failures to confront Obama and to understand the threat he poses to the United States have allowed him to endanger our national security. At a time when Christians in the military are threatened with prosecution for “proselytizing,” President Obama has been very subtly proselytizing the Muslim world to rise up against America. Facts are facts. The truth is the truth. The Tsarnaev Brothers are the fruits of Obama’s efforts.


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