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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Chicago news conference: Andy Martin demands that Mark Kirk step down as U. S. Senator

Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today to state that it is time for Mark Kirk to step down as a U.S. Senator. Andy says Kirk’s disability makes him unable to engage in the taxing role of a U. S. Senator. “Mark Kirk is a ‘Potemkin Senator,’” Andy says. “He is being propped up by his staff, and by Democrats that know he has become a reliable vote for liberal Democratic policies. There would be no shame for Kirk to acknowledge that he has been the victim of a serious illness can make a ‘recovery’ but still be unable to handle the stress of public office representing millions of people. Kirk’s proposal to arrest almost twenty thousand African-American men and to implicitly hold them in a vast concentration camp harks bark to the darkest days of Apartheid in South Africa. Kirk has expressed racist sentiments in the past. He has to go. Alderman Carrie Austin had it right: Kirk’s stroke has affected his judgment - or exposed his lack of it.”


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Announcement of Chicago news conference Wednesday evening

Attention national and Chicago daybook/assignment editors

Andy Martin says that Mark Kirk should resign as a U. S. Senator

Andy says that Kirk’s proposal to create an Apartheid-style gulag with twenty thousand African-Americans reflects Kirk’s lack of meaningful mental functioning

Andy says that despite Kirk’s alleged “recovery,” the senator has not recovered sufficiently to do the strenuous work of a U. S. Senator

(CHICAGO) (June 5, 2013) Corruption-fighter Andy Martin will hold a news conference today, Wednesday, June 5th, to suggest that it time for Mark Kirk to step down due to his inability to properly function as a U. S. Senator.

“Mark Kirk has always expressed racist views, contrary to his latest protestations on Tuesday,” Andy says. “He called African-Americans ‘thugs’ and ‘goons’ in 2006 and 2008. Maybe Mark has forgotten he earlier remarks; I have not. There are on a web site (see link below) below. I documented Kirk’s racism in the 2010 primary. The media covered up for Kirk, the same way Clarence Page and Lynn Sweet are ‘covering’ for Kirk today (see links below).

“Now Kirk is proposing a vast Apartheid-style concentration camp for twenty-thousand African-Americans. Where would ‘Kirk’s Gulag’ be located? Kirk suggests dumping the prisoners in Western Illinois. Who would bear the cost? Obviously Kirk misspoke, because his recent stroke sometimes compels him to blurt out what is on his mind.

“Can you imagine what 20,000 new criminal cases would do to the federal courts? Or Cook County? What would State Attorney Alvarez say to that? Federal judges would have to create a Guantanamo-in-Illinois to hold 20,000 African-American prisoners. Kirk is not only an incompetent senator, he is an incompetent lawyer. He makes crazy suggestions without realizing the impact of his proposals on the real-world judicial system.

“Mr. Kirk suffered a horrible medical event. He has my sympathy. I have kept a relatively low profile on my criticism for the past fifteen months. There would be no shame for him if he admitted that he has made a strong ‘recovery’ but that his recovery is not sufficient to allow him to hold down the very strenuous job of U. S. Senator. Today Kirk is a ‘Potemkin Senator’ who is propped up by his staff, and manipulated by liberal Democrats such as Senator Dick Durbin.

“Kirk’s views do not represent either Republicans or the vast majority of Illinoisans who have been impoverished by Democratic Party thievery and profligacy.

“At a time when Republicans are trying to recruit African-American voters, Kirk is proposing to imprison them in a vast Gulag. Kirk’s remarks were sheer lunacy. We don’t need Kirk’s kind of ‘outreach.’ Kirk’s limp-wristed attempt to walk back his Apartheid remarks in a meeting with Representative Rush was not sufficient.

“Kirk needs to issue a public apology for his unvarnished racism, and he needs to start focusing on real solutions, which he is physically incapable of doing. I will address the ‘gang problem’ in a column tomorrow.

“It is time for Kirk to go. Kirk simply does not have the physical and mental capacity for the job he holds. There is no shame in my making that allegation, and there would be no shame if he admitted I was right.”




American corruption-fighter and Internet Powerhouse/Conservative blogger Andy Martin


Andy Martin suggests that it is time for Senator Mark Kirk to step down


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,

Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 7:00 P.M.


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