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Friday, September 19, 2014

Andy Martin holds Chicago news conference Friday, September 19th to state Mark Kirk is unfit for reelection

Independent Republican Party activist Andy Martin and his new political action team, Coalition for America, will hold a Chicago news conference Friday, September 19th detailing why Mark Kirk is unfit for reelection. Andy catalogs all of Kirk’s current false claims and continuing efforts at stolen valor even after Kirk was exposed as a military fraud in 2010. Andy also demands that Kirk disclose all of the alias’ he has used in addition to “Hillel Underwood” and where he has used them. Andy also questions whether a reputed closeted gay male can be elected in light of the changed social climate and acceptance of same-sex marriage. Andy says Mark Kirk is not electable in 2016 and was only elected in 2010 because Democrats nominated a mobbed-up “banker” with Crime Syndicate links as their candidate.

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Announcement of Chicago news conference Tuesday

Attention national and Chicago daybook/assignment editors

Andy Martin calls on Mark Kirk to stop seeking reelection in 2016

Andy says that even after Kirk’s 2010 military scandals Kirk continues to lie on his U. S. Senate web page and lie to Chicago media about the details of his military service

Andy says Kirk’s entire public career has been “a series of lies”

(CHICAGO) (September 19, 2014) Independent Republican activist Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, Friday, September 19th, to document why Senator Mark Kirk is unfit for reelection and should not be fundraising using Michelle Obama’s name.

“Mark Kirk is a disgrace to the Republican Party,” Andy charges. “I have written to Senator Kirk and asked him to step down when his current term expires. All of the claims I make in the letter, which follows below, are documented by a series of links at the bottom of this article. Even after his 2010 scandals, Kirk continues to lie on his senate web page that he has “deployed” on active duty service when DOD regulations (links below) prohibit such a false claim.

“The accusations by gay activist Mike Rogers that Kirk is a closeted homosexual are still on Rogers’ web page.

“All in all Kirk’s entire public life has been a total and complete fraud and he should step down so that the party can begin to choose a replacement.”

Letter to Kirk (without Coalition for America letterhead):

September 19, 2014

Senator Mark Kirk
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Kirk:

“There you go again!”

I find that you are again blatantly misrepresenting and inflating your military record. In addition, there are personal issues that make it obscene for you to be fundraising for reelection using the name of Michelle Obama. For the good of the Republican Party you should announce that you are not running for reelection so that the party can begin the selection process for your replacement now.

1. Misrepresenting your military record

I began investigating your false military record in 2009, see letter posted at Later you went on to describe for Chicago media imaginary battles in Afghanistan in which you participated. I documented your fraudulent activity during January, 2010 but the local media preferred to engage in a cover-up until the Chicago cover-up was exposed by the Washington Post in June, 2010. The Washington Monthly stopped at a running total of nine (9) military lies by you in 2010, see

There is an extensive paper trail, starting with my post at detailing that you never “deployed” to Afghanistan and your activity as a military person was circumscribed by DOD regulations placing you in the inactive reserve, see:

Despite the fact that you have repeatedly been exposed for stolen valor you continue to publish, today, in 2014, the false claim that you “deployed” to Afghanistan on your senate web page: and to make the same false clam to Chicago media:

After being caught lying to the Chicago Sun-Times before the 2010 election, even after the election scandal you continued to lie to that newspaper and the Sun-Times continues to falsely report that you were “deployed” to Afghanistan:

In short, you have utter contempt for the truth, utter contempt for stolen valor and very possibly a serious psychological and/or psychiatric difficulty that makes you a compulsive liar.

You were elected in 2010 because the Democrats chose to run a Mobbed-up, Crime Syndicate-linked “banker” as your opponent. I seriously doubt you will be so lucky next time. Trying to fund raise off the possible candidacy of Michelle Obama is thus gross and obscene.

2. Your use of false names and alias’

You registered at a hospital under a false name (Hillel Underwood). That may be a violation of federal law. Although you tried to claim that a Senate employee encouraged you to do so, a search of senate records and rules provides no justification for the claim that the Senate’s employees encourage false hospital registrations or the use of alias’ in medical or any other matters. I would ask that you disclose all of the alias’ you have used and where you have used them since 2000.

3. The allegations of your homosexuality continue in a changed climate for gay acceptance

To be clear at the outset, I have never accused you of homosexual behavior and I do not do so at this time. In 2009-2010 I merely pointed to allegations of your homosexual activity posted by your Lake County neighbors, the late Col. Ray True and the late Jack Roeser. I have no personal knowledge of your homosexual status vel non.

I was attacked by the completely mendacious Chicago media for truthfully drawing attention to public postings accusing you of being homosexual.

Subsequently, a gay activist posted a detailed exposition of your status as a homosexual, based on his personal knowledge and investigation and based on meeting you personally, see

Once again, I merely draw attention to what is posted on the Internet. When you voted against repeal of DADT the gay community attacked you for hypocrisy, which was also the basis for Mike Rogers’ outing. My guess is that if you continue to remain closeted, you will again be attacked for the fact of being closeted.

Since 2010 there has been a sea change in how Americans view homosexuality. In neighboring Wisconsin, an openly lesbian senator has been elected as your colleague. Same-sex marriage has gained widespread acceptance. In other words, society has generally moved from a gays-as-closeted attitude to an open acceptance of homosexuals in public life.

There is strong opposition within the politically active gay community to closeted males who deny their sexuality. While the matter has yet to be tested in 2016, if you run for reelection I am relatively certain you will face opposition from gay activists for remaining closeted in the current environment of acceptance.

All in all your pretensions to reelection are an embarrassment to the Republican Party. Instead of acting as a faux candidate and seeking to raise cash off Michelle Obama, why not do the right thing and retire at the end of your term so the party may begin a search for your replacement now.

Respectfully submitted,




September 19, 2014 Chicago news conference details:


Independent Republican Party activist Andy Martin


Andy Martin says Mark Kirk is unfit for reelection and unelectable


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash Streets,
Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Friday, September 19, 2014, 11:30 A.M.


LINKS TO THIS STORY (cut and paste the entire link below and not just the underlined portion):

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[2] False claim on Senate web page

[2] Alias in medical care

[4] Continuing false claims of deployment

[5] Mark Kirk closeted gay

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