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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chicago news conference-Senator mark Kirk financial scandal - Corruption fighter Andy Martin offers to help Illinois Republicans

National corruption fighter Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, Wednesday, August 12th to announce he has offered to challenge Senator Mark Kirk if Illinois conservatives can raise a campaign fund to defray the cost of getting Andy’s name on the primary ballot. Andy was already in Chicago standing by for the latest Kirk financial scandal to appear in the media (link below). Kirk has been accused of violating federal campaign finance laws and could be fined or prosecuted and go to jail. “Because I have already run against Kirk, and I have a track record of exposing his lies and telling the truth, I can mount an effective opposition where a rookie opponent cannot,” Andy says. “I am not anxious to run, as my letter explains, but I sincerely believe it would be an insult to the People of Illinois for Republicans to support and renominate Kirk for reelection. Hint: it is only going to get worse for him and, therefore, worse for the Illinois Republican Party. I am very proud that my lifetime of energy and continuing efforts to fight corruption are helping lead the way for a rebirth of public integrity in Illinois and across the nation.”

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Attention Chicago daybook/assignment editors

Announcement of Chicago news conference Wednesday August 12th

Andy Martin responds to the latest financial fraud by Senator Mark Kirk, offers to challenge Kirk in the primary

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(Chicago) (August 12, 2015) Andy Martin’s letter to Illinois Republicans offering to challenge Mark Kirk follows:

August 12, 2015

Dear Illinois Republican/conservative:

I am writing to you about the continuing scandals involving U. S. Senator Mark Kirk. Kirk’s latest financial shenanigans are major news today. But Kirk has had shady dealings his entire life.

I left Illinois five years ago to live in New Hampshire. But at the time I promised Illinoisans I would not abandon my anti-corruption efforts and we continue to do our best to beat back the relentless flood tide of corruption and political perfidiousness in this state.

Later this week I will be in Washington, DC for a three-day series of events in which I announce my national plans. You will be receiving updates for all of the events and if you happen to be in the DC area, by all means stop by.

Two days ago I announced my efforts to block corruption at the University of Illinois. In my news release at the time I stated I was in Chicago for “another corruption investigation.” Now you know what it was/is: the Mark Kirk campaign finance and criminal fraud imbroglio. I was tipped off in advance. (See link below in Links section.)

Let me get to the point. Because of my national plans and national base in New Hampshire, I have no plans to run against Kirk in the 2016 primary. But, because of a quirk in the U. S. Constitution, I do not need to be a citizen of Illinois to challenge Kirk in the primary (I need to be a citizen of the state if I am actually elected to office). So I could run against him as part of my national anti-corruption campaign.

To date, Illinois conservatives have not taken any serious steps to challenge Kirk. However, if any one or some of you want to organize and raise a campaign fund of $25,000 to cover the costs of ballot access in the primary, I will accept the call and come back to file against Kirk in the primary.

A U. S. Senate candidate can’t be a rookie. Senate candidates need extensive national and international experience, as well as prior statewide campaign experience. At present, there is no experienced opposition to Kirk, which is why I am making this offer. Joe Walsh, for example, has dithered for months as to whether he might, or might not, run against Kirk. If someone is seriously going to file against Kirk in the primary, they need to start running now, or as soon as a ballot access campaign fund can be raised in my case.

My preference would be for someone who is both experienced and based in Illinois to tackle Kirk. But if no one is willing to step forward to present the case against Kirk, if any of you want to collect the funds necessary to get my name on the ballot I will take on that campaign as part of my overall national operation.

Here is why Kirk must be challenged:

1. Kirk obtained his office by fraud

In 2009-2010 I explained how Kirk was lying about his military background. I also exposed the media cover-up. Kirk told the media about imaginary battles where he had come under attack (all delusional, and all before his stroke). My original web site is still available, and the Pentagon letter is still posted there (see and scroll down). On the web site I accused Kirk of inflating his military record and documented my charge with a Navy document. What happened? A media covr-up of Kirk’s lies?

While the media lied to you before the primary, the truth emerged after the primary: Kirk was a military fraud who claimed imaginary roles, nonexistent positions and faux military awards. Kirk was a Walter Mitty “warrior.” The media had lied to the people of Illinois; I had told the truth. (Surprise.) If the truth had come out before the primary, there is a serious doubt whether Republicans would have nominated a military fraud as their candidate.

2. Kirk is not physically able to serve as a senator

Kirk is disabled. There is no shame in being ill or growing old. It happens to every last one of us. But being a senator is a physically demanding job. The job of a senator is also mentally demanding. Kirk cannot even speak properly at committee hearings. He has become a mannequin for his staff members to manipulate. As for his apparently former Cameroonian man-servant (see Tribune story), what can I say (see link below)? Even in the choice of a personal attendant Kirk showed manifest bad judgment; he chose a career criminal.

Kirk can’t walk and he can’t talk. That is the truth. Kirk’s “recovery” has probably reached its maximum. I am sorry for his illness but I do not need to apologize for raising the obvious fact Kirk can’t care for himself (see Tribune story link below about the Cameroonian man-servant and swindler). Kirk is a growing embarrassment in Washington and he will now come under more intensive criminal investigation.

3. Kirk is still lying about his military record

After Kirk was elected he probably thought his military fraud was “laundered” by the 2010 election and his earlier lies would be forgotten. With Kirk, lying about himself approaches a psychological illness completely apart from his physical ailments. Soon after being elected, Kirk started inflating and exaggerating his military credentials again. I am keeping a file of Kirk’s latest military lies.

4. With all due respect, Governor Rauner is wrong

Governor Rauner is supporting Kirk for reelection. Governor Rauner is wrong. As you are probably aware, I would not be afraid to stand up to Rauner, but I am not going to pick a fight with him gratuitously either. But Rauner is dead wrong. Kirk will be a massive burden for the entire ticket. Seeing Republicans run a disabled man as their best choice is going to make the entire Republican Party look weak and disabled.

Kirk’s latest financial shenanigans, using campaign funds to pay for personal expenses, have landed many politicians in jail. He has now been exposed (link below) and the latest disclosures put an end to his prospects. Why run a “dead man walking” in a live campaign? It makes no sense. I know how Mayor Daley “the First” would have resolved the Kirk problem; I know how Rauner should resolve the matter. But running Kirk for reelection is suicidal.

5. Bottom line

There you have it. If you can find a better candidate, by all mean please do. I am not anxious to be distracted. But I also feel a sense of loyalty to Republicans, and to the People of Illinois; Kirk should not be renominated by default. You deserve better than a severely mismanaged and seriously misdirected Republican Party leadership. If someone wants to raise $25,000 in advance as a ballot access fund, I will get the petitions printed and stand in line to file them. If not, I love all of you and love this state and love my University of Illinois and will be happy with whatever you decide or don’t decide. If you need me or need my assistance, I will not abandon you and will do what I can to help. If not, have at it.

Best wishes from New Hampshire (Now that the Kirk story is out I leave for NH his afternoon.) Go Granite! for the New Hampshire primary in 2016.

Can we still say “love and kisses,” or will that offend Megyn Kelly?


August 12 Chicago news conference details:


National and Illinois corruption fighter Andy Martin


Andy Martin says he will challenge Mark Kirk in the Republican primary if conservatives collect a $25,000 ballot access expenses find in advance


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash Streets, Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Wednesday, August 12, 2015; 2:00 P.M.

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