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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Corruption fighter Andy Martin: Why I still support Donald Trump for president; and how the media are destroying America

Corruption fighter Andy Martin explains why he still supports Donald Trump for president, and why and how the media is destroying America. Andy says the media attacks on Donald Trump, orchestrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign, are going to boomerang and backfire and will probably elect Trump president. Andy is en route to Chicago where he will hold a Monday news conference supporting Trump and excoriating Illinois Senator Mark Kirk. Andy calls the media assault on the Republican Party’s presidential candidate “a de facto left-wing coup attempt to nullify the votes of the American people.”

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Andy Martin says Donald Trump needs a “Checkers moment” at the debate on Sunday night

Andy accuses America’s media of staging a de facto “coup to nullify the votes of the American people”

Andy says America’s media have become an “enemy of the American people”

Andy says massive hypocrisy accompanies the latest political attacks on Trump; Trump’s “sex tape” remarks, while deplorable, are mostly blather and hardly unusual for a man who came to maturity fifty years ago

Andy says “Let’s be clear on the distinction between Donald Trump’s potty mouth and Bill Clinton’s actual sexual attacks on women”

Andy offers a step-step analysis of the Trump “sex tape” brouhaha

Andy says, “A generation after Bill Clinton introduced the nation’s children to adult sex, another Clinton is once again saturating our public life with sexual conversation, this time for her political gain”

(CHICAGO) (October 9, 2016) “I would like to explain why I still support Donald Trump for president,” says corruption fighter and maverick Republican Andy Martin.

“During the past couple of days media hypocrisy and corruption have reached a new high, and the American people are now under assault by a left-wing media’s attempt to stage a de facto coup against the American people.” Andy is en route to a Chicago news conference where he will defend Donald Trump and attack Senator Mark Kirk.

“Donald Trump’s vulgar speech decades ago is no surprise. It has been a staple of media controversy since Megyn Kelly’s original question fourteen months ago at the first Republican candidates’ debate. What is new is the way the media are trying to starve the presidential campaign of substance, and are acting as an arm of the Clinton campaign by spewing forth Hillary’s sexual smut about Trump as legitimate campaign coverage.

“The Washington Post reporter who received the latest Trump ‘sex tape’ knew his source. In other words, unlike the claims of the New York Times that an envelope mysteriously appeared in the Times mail room with excerpts from Trump’s tax return, reporter David Farenthold admits he knew his source. Well, who was this ‘known’ source? Obviously a Clinton campaign mudslinger.

“A generation ago, in the 1990’s, Bill Clinton’s sexual adventures in the Oval Office coarsened this nation’s conversation. Today another Clinton, Hillary, is coarsening the nation’s politics by seeking to use sexual smears to defeat Donald Trump. The Clintons are both despicable human beings.

“Let’s look at the reality of what Trump has called a ‘distraction,’ and what is nothing less than Hillary’s effort to cheapen our politics with irrelevant sexual smut.

1. Hypocrisy is in flower, thanks to the Clintons, again

“It is clear that Clinton’s dirt diggers and friends in the media are the source of the latest sex tape, and perhaps there are more to come. But what of it? What is relevant about Donald Trump’s pathetic conversation on a bus eleven years ago? Our free commercial television is saturated with sexual innuendo and increasingly with sexual artifice. Cable television is flooded with sexual images and activity. What, exactly, about Trump’s potty-mouthed nonsense is so essential to our national conversation? Nothing but grabbing more power and money for the Clintons. They are literally defacing our national political season with their obscene activity.

“Hypocrisy is in season. Who was among the first to jump on Trump? Why Jeb Bush of course. But Bush had a mistress in Tallahassee and a full-blown sex scandal when he was governor of Florida. David Letterman has been prominently featured for calling Trump ‘damaged.’ Compared to Letterman, Trump is a choirboy. Letterman was a sexual predator on the stage of his own late-night show. Letterman was notorious for his sexual predations on his staff. Letterman literally had to apologize for his misdeeds. Now he is a ‘conscience’ for men of morality? Letterman is ‘damaged,’ not Trump.

2. The 1960’s are still with us

“Fifty-five years ago I went to work as a busboy in an excusive restaurant to support my ‘family,’ a 1955 Plymouth. Most of the waiters and busboys cracked gross jokes and acted out gross memes. In retrospect, it was what the world looked like in the Mad Men era. Then I went to Illinois to play football. There was real ‘locker room banter’ in Memorial Stadium, not Trump’s pussytalk.

“Donald Trump not only grew up in another era, he grew up two eras ago. His language a decade ago still reflected the period when he was a teenager and college student.

“Hillary also has a potty mouth, but no one mentions that fact. What about Hillary’s swearing and abuse of public servants such as the Secret Service? Silence from the media. Another cover-up.

“Is Trump the only candidate who talks trash? They both do.

3. Trump’s fibbing finally catches up with him

“I first met Trump in 1978 or 79. I see him in my church occasionally, and have been to Mar A Lago. I don’t see him trash talking today. Back in the 70’s? I am sure he did. But most of what Trump has always said was fibbing. He lied about his buildings; do you suppose he didn't exaggerate about his women as well?

“Celebrities do get away with behavior that is scorned by ordinary people. Is that an inaccurate statement worthy of endless repetition on cable TV? Eleven years ago Trump was a celebrity, nothing more. Is it surprising that he said celebrities get special treatment? Not to me. Trump’s language, looked at in isolation a decade latter, is despicable. Looked at as part of his typical theater of banter, exaggeration, fibbing and sheer nonsense, he was merely being in character while trying to impress a lightweight like Billy Bush.

4. The coming backlash and boomerang of the American people

“If Hillary Clinton plans to conduct her campaign for the next month by releasing sex tapes and garbage from the Howard Stern Show - the latest source of ‘news’ on CNN -  and other lurid locations, and the media fosters her filthy strategy of polluting our national conversation, there will be an incredible backlash and boomerang against the media and against Clinton.

“Trump will win the presidency.

“Trump has never denied who he was and what he was; his history of over-the-top behavior is what made him a credible candidate in the first place. But do we really need to listen to Hillary’s continuing release of smut just because she can’t run a campaign and can’t win on her own issues? I don't think the American people will stand for Hillary’s strategy. She is polluting our nation with unnecessary sexuality the same way her husband did a generation ago. The Clinton’s are bad people.

“The fact that the liberal media, which have launched an unprecedented campaign of personal destruction against Trump, are supporting Clinton’s ‘smut strategy’ is disgraceful. Trump’s imbecilic language was maybe worth a brief mention or two. His remarks a decade ago should in no way be allowed to disrupt a discussion of the issues.

5. Hello evangelicals: there is no sinner like a reformed sinner

“Evangelicals know something about sin, and sinners. They know that reformed sinners can be the straightest people of all. I suspect Trump would be a very ‘straight’ president in the White House. He is a reformed sinner.

6. Trump better have a “Checkers” moment ready

“In 1952, vice presidential candidate Richard Nixon rescued his candidacy after a disclosure of a slush fund used to fund his personal expenses. Nixon gave the famous ‘Checkers’ speech and saved himself. I hope Trump has a Checkers strategy ready. He needs one.

7. Finally, I would rather be led by a jerk than a crook

“There is always the chance that I am right, that Trump is a reformed sinner and that he would be a decent president. How could he be worse than Hillary, who is now exposed by Wikileaks as calling for open borders? I don’t know.

“I do know for sure the Clintons are crooks. They have sold out our nation from the Secretary of State’s office the same way they sold out the Lincoln Bedroom when they were in the White House. Let’s be honest: the Clintons are trash.

“Honestly, if I have to choose between being led by a jerk or a crook, I will choose the jerk every time.

“I am not going to condemn most of those who have dumped Trump; many of them weren't supporting him to begin with. It’s a free country and both public officials and candidates are still entitled to run their own campaigns. But I hold a special contempt for Senator Mark Kirk. Kirk is a sick man. One of his arms has to be lashed down to a wheelchair. He can’t walk. He can’t speak. His mind is squiffy. Kirk’s doctor’s concept of ‘cognitive recovery’ is a joke. The Republican Party has no business supporting a sick man for the strenuous job of U. S. Senator. Yet Republicans have no problem supporting a vegetable like Kirk, while they condemn Trump for goofy remarks he made over a decade ago.

“I vote in New Hampshire, so I can’t vote against Kirk. But Kirk is a disgrace to the Republican Party. I would dump Kirk before I would dump Trump.

“Donald is quite right when he says he has done some stupid things. He has. He has done a lot of bad acts. He has committed a lot of sins. But as between the Clinton’s cravenness, that probably cost some Americans their lives because of Hillary’s skeevy server, and Trump, who is a genuine patriot, I will stand by Trump every time.

“Please join me in supporting Donald Trump. He’s not a perfect choice. But he’s clearly the best choice for president,” Andy says. “Bill Clinton disgraced this nation with his sexual appetites and misconduct. Unlike Trump, who is a blabbermouth, Clinton is a rapist. Bill Clinton defiled our national home. Hillary defended her husband the rapist and excoriated his victims; now she is flooding our national conversation with irrelevant sexuality to detract attention from her own failed campaign and failed character.

“Someone should step down as a candidate and withdraw. And that’s Hillary, not Donald. Hillary is the real disgrace.

“As for the media, they are trying to stage a coup and deprive the American people of a rational and informed presidential campaign. The media are carrying Hillary Clinton’s dung, and they should and will be held accountable by decent American voters.”

Watch for Andy’s Monday news conference details. He can be reached in Chicago at (312) 440-4124.

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