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Monday, January 30, 2017

Andy Martin: The New York Times lies when it says President Trump’s voter fraud claims are a “fantasy”

The New York times has accused President Trump of engaging in “fantasy” when Trump says voter fraud is a major problem. Conservative New Hampshire Republican Party activist Andy Martin shows how Democratic election fraud cheated President Trump out of New Hampshire’s electoral votes in November, and how U. S. Senator Kelly Ayotte was cheated out of reelection, almost certainly on the basis of fraudulent Massachusetts and other out-of-state votes. Andy says Trump is not engaging in fantasy accusations. Rather, the New York Times and the liberal media and cable TV bobbleheads are the ones who are lying.
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Andy Martin says the New York Times is lying to its readers when it says President Trump’s voter fraud claims are a “fantasy”

Andy documents how Democrats used fraudulent votes to cheat Donald Trump out of New Hampshire’s electoral votes, and how U. S. Senator Kelly Ayotte was defeated on the basis of fraudulent voting and voters

Andy says there is a nationwide crisis with illegal, non-citizen voting in federal elections

(Near the Winter White House, Florida) (January 30, 2017)

Dear American:

I’m temporarily based near the Winter White House in Florida, awaiting the arrival of President Trump next weekend. But don’t expect me to vote here based on my temporary presence. Sadly, in my home state of New Hampshire, thousands of illegal, out-of-state voters robbed now-President Donald Trump and Senator Kelly Ayotte of victory in November.

On Saturday, the New York Times carried a lead editorial claiming President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims were a “fantasy” (please see link #1 below). The New York Times was lying. As an institution that claims to be concerned with factual accuracy, the Times was wrong on the facts, wrong on the law and wrong on “reality.”

As someone who has spent a lifetime fighting political corruption and voter fraud, I am a legitimate expert on the topic. After reading my remarks I hope you will agree that the Times, not Trump, is living in a dream world when it comes to voter fraud.

Fraudulent voting in New Hampshire in November almost certainly cost Senator Kelly Ayotte her U. S. Senate seat and President Trump my state’s electoral votes. Below I will provide the evidence to support my opinion.

The reason Democrats pretend that vote fraud does not exist is because the dominance of the Democratic Party in big cities is based, in part, on election fraud. So Democrats and their supporters in the media have a vested interest in deflecting Trump’s Executive Order calling for an investigation.

1. If you ask the wrong question you will get the wrong answer

Donald Trump is not a “detail” man when it comes to politics. He is not a researcher. But he has an uncanny sense of what is wrong and what is right with our society. He also has common sense. Trump began making vote fraud claims during the 2016 election. He was spot on.

A.  The media’s response to Trump’s accusations has been to claim there is “no evidence” to support his claims. But why is there no evidence? Because the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations made no efforts to collect the evidence or to mandate that the states conduct authentication tests on their voter records. So it’s easy to accuse Trump and others of lacking “evidence” when the government itself is suppressing collection of that evidence.

B. When the media focuses on “vote fraud” they invariably suggest that vote fraud involves fraudulent voting on Election Day, that is, persons who vote under another person’s name. Actually, vote fraud has many prongs and manifestations. Voter impersonation is probably one of the least significant. It is actually true that few people show up on Election Day and misrepresent their identity. But voter impersonation, while a serious crime, is a minute part of the problem. What the media try to accomplish by diminishing vote fraud and limiting that fraud to one category is to point to a “tree” instead of to the “forest” of fraud.

C. The real problem with fraudulent voting arises out of non-citizen voting. Only lawful U. S. Citizens can vote in federal elections. Yet the Democratic Party establishment, and the Clinton and Obama administrations, have systematically prevented any inquiry into the citizenship of registered voters. The result is that in our most populous states with a massive legal and illegal immigrant presence, non-citizen voting is unmonitored, unregulated and uncounted.

D. In addition to non-citizen voting, there are many other forms of voting abuse. Dead voters “voting,” and multi-state voting are a couple of serious problems, please see links #2 - #4 below.

2. New Hampshire’s experience with voter fraud

Because New Hampshire allows same day voter registration, thousands of people turn up without even having made the effort to obtain a local New Hampshire driver license or ID. And yet they want to vote. Many of these people - who curiously under New Hampshire law are entitled to vote with an out-of-state ID - then give erroneous addresses to election officials. Confirmation letters are returned (please see link #5 below].

For the November election Clinton campaign officials attempted to have Massachusetts residents temporarily living in New Hampshire vote illegally in New Hampshire; thousands of them, mostly out-of-state students, did. Senator Ayotte lost by 1,000 votes. Ayotte was almost certainly cheated out of reelection by illegal out-of-state voters. Curiously, Ayotte did not demand a recount or challenge invalid voters.

Trump also lost New Hampshire by a narrow margin. Since 6,000 people used out-of-state ID’s to vote, Trump can plausibly claim that he was cheated out of New Hampshire’s electoral votes by illegal Massachusetts voters crossing state lines without any lawful domicile in New Hampshire and casting fraudulent votes.

We can also see “confusing questions” by local media confusing the facts to present a distorted picture. When asked if New Hampshire had a false impersonation voting problem, Secretary of State Bill Gardner correctly said “no.” But he then went on to detail how thousands of people without any New Hampshire ID voted, and how the addresses they gave resulted in returned mail. If giving a false address isn’t fraud, what is? (please see link #5)

Fraudulent same-day registrations, and returned confirmation letters after Election Day, are a chronic problem in New Hampshire. The Union Leader newspaper says Democrats want to encourage illegal voting by non-residents of New Hampshire, please see link #5 (second entry). No surprise there. Although he was attacked for making the same accusation, Governor Sununu also accused Massachusetts voters of crossing over to New Hampshire, please see link #5 (third entry). The Democrats are openly engaging in what politicians call “honest graft.”

My personal opinion is that people without a valid New Hampshire ID should not be allowed to vote. Just in the Trump and Ayotte races, illegal voters almost certainly determined the outcome due to a quirk of federal law. Under the Motor Voter Act, to retain an exception from compliance New Hampshire is required to allow same-day Election Day registration, please see link #6 below.

Not surprisingly, New Hampshire’s newly elected Governor Chris Sununu is calling for election law changes, and State Representative David Bates wants to create a photo data base of voters who lack a local ID, please see link #7. Why not just ban the practice entirely? (Full disclosure: Secretary of State Bill Gardner and I were on the same side in a lawsuit in Strafford County, opposing illegal voting in New Hampshire by persons whose domicile was in another state. Democratic Party operatives supported illegal voting by out-of-state voters.)

3. Vote fraud across the states

Let me start with a concession: reasonable people can disagree over the total amount of vote fraud and voter intimidation because we do not have hard evidence to confirm the ultimate number. But Florida investigators, for example, found evidence of illegal voting by both illegal and legal aliens (who are not entitled to vote). Please see link #8.

In Chicago, vote fraud is an art. Dead voters? Check? Impersonation voting? Check. Improperly influencing senior citizens in nursing homes to vote Democratic? Check. A good friend of mine was an assistant attorney general in a Republican-held office at the time. He was posted by his political organization to monitor a precinct on Election Day. There was massive vote fraud by Democratic party precinct workers. I could go on and on. Chicago vote fraud elected President John Kennedy in 1960. Over fifty years later the city is still an electoral cesspool.

4. Why would anyone vote illegally when legal voters do not?

One of the basic memes of liberal media commentators is that “we try to hard to get legal voters to vote, and only 50% show up, so why would an ineligible voter turn up on Election Day?” There are many reasons. Crowd mentality has a powerful psychological impact on individual behavior. Go to church on almost any Sunday and the pews are largely empty. And yet these same empty churches are filled to overcapacity on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday. The impact of public or community psychology on ineligible voters making an effort to turn up on Election Day is thus not surprising. Individuals respond to public pressure and peer behavior.

New Hampshire’s experience is instructive. Because you can register on Election Day without taking even the basic step of obtaining a local New Hampshire ID, people just turn up to vote. I believe many of them are voting illegally because they are domiciled in other states. But I am sure there are also some “lazy voters” who don’t bother to get an ID (legally required to drive) and end up voting because of the peer pressure generated by the media and political organizations.

Under the Motor Voter Act, registering to vote is a no-brainer. You check a couple of boxes and registration is automatically performed for you. But are these motor voter registrants or welfare recipients actually legal U. S. Citizens? No one knows. All efforts to find out have been stymied by Democratic Party officials.

5. What are my suggestions?

A.  I like New Hampshire’s approach. We do not make it easy to vote early. Absentee voting is limited and early voting is not allowed. So people actually show up on Election Day and vote! What a surprise. People who make the effort to vote show genuine interest. They are certainly not voting in late September or early October when the election campaign is in its early stages.

B. Because the federal government has an interest in voting, see the federal Motor Voter Act (link #6 below), Congress could require states to update voter data bases by (i) requiring new registrants to establish citizenship and/or (ii) requiring states to verify that existing voters were citizens. There would be an initial burden, but people could be assisted to comply.

C. Whatever approach is ultimately adopted, we must mandate that only lawful U. S. Citizens participate in our federal elections. Period. We must also mandate that a person can only be registered to vote in one location, which is that person’s domicile, usually determined by a driver license. Showing up to register or vote with an out of state ID is an insult to ballot integrity. And, as we have seen in just one state, in just one election, voter fraud and manipulation in November cost Trump New Hampshire’s votes and elected an illegal U. S. Senator.

By now, I hope you agree with me that President Trump is “on to something” when he claims voter fraud is a serious problem and wants an investigation (please see link #9 below). I have just shown how he was cheated out of New Hampshire’s votes by Clintonista election corruption. And, in my opinion, Senator Kelly Ayotte was also cheated out of her reelection by voting trickery and fraud.

That’s why I believe the New York Times is lying. What happened in New Hampshire, happened in other states, particularly New York, Illinois and California. Popular vote anyone? I do not trust the numbers and neither should you. Instead of ridiculing Trump, the media should be endorsing Trump’s call for an investigation. That call will never come. Liberal election fraud and liberal state voter fraud is as American as apple pie. Put another way, the media are not about to upset the liberals’ vote fraud applecart.

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