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Friday, May 05, 2017

Obama author and expert Andy Martin says the new biography of President Barack Obama by liberal icon David Garrow will trigger a massive new inquiry into whether Obama was/is gay

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Attention, New York, Washington, National daybook/assignment and Political editors

Announcement of New York news conference Friday, May 5, 2017

Andy Martin says David Garrow’s new biography of President Barack Obama is going to create a firestorm of inquiry over whether Obama is actually a homosexual

Andy was the first author/researcher to brand Obama’s life story an “invented” family history and to expose Obama’s lies about his life in Chicago

Andy candidly admits he never saw sufficient credible evidence to write that Obama was gay/homosexual, but Garrow may have provided the “missing link” to a number of gaps in Obama’s résumé

“Garrow may have stumbled on the ‘missing ink’ that explains Obama’s obsession with sexuality,” Andy says, “from filling the courts with homosexual judges to demanding that schools create unisex toilets for transgender students to being obsessed with ‘rape’ on college campuses”

Andy says that because David Garrow is a member of the liberal establishment, doors may have been opened for him that were closed to conservative authors and researchers

Is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel at risk?

(New York, NY) (May 5, 2017) Andy Martin, who wrote the first exposés about Barack Obama in 2004-2007, will hold a New York news conference today, May 5th, to claim that a new biography of President Barack Obama is going to trigger a firestorm of inquiry over Obama’s true sexuality and sexual orientation.

Andy’s remarks:

1. We have just scratched the surface in understanding Obama

“Barack Obama changed my life,” Andy says. “In 2004 I wrote what I thought would be a ‘one off’ exposing Obama’s bogus biography and invented family history. I ended up going to Hawai’i many times, being “investigated on the front page of the New York Tines as one of the most important stories of the 2008 presidential campaign, and becoming a focus of a Fox News Channel program hosted by Sean Hannity (please see link #1).

2. Some thoughts about sexuality and homosexuality

“If you believe what Obama wrote to his girlfriend about ‘considering’ a homosexual encounter, in David Garrow’s new book (see links [1][2] below), you will be buying into more Obamabaloney. I am not an expert on homosexuality but from what I have read most homosexuals have early inclinations that they are gay or lesbian. A person doesn’t get to college and have no idea about their sexuality. Moreover, a heterosexual person doesn’t usually ‘consider’ becoming homosexual. Obama’s explanations to his girl friend were self-serving and were probably intended to cover his tracks and his past sexual dalliances.

“When I went to the University of Illinois I was placed in an honors section for rhetoric. I spent a year with Professor Herbert Bogart studying human sexuality and all of its literary and analytical permutations, in a class full of sexually repressed honors students. (Bogart probably saved my life, because I learned more about sexuality in his class than I did in any military science course, which proved helpful overseas.)

“While I respect that sexuality reflects a continuum of levels from fully gay to fully heterosexual, Obama’s profession that he ‘considered’ homosexual activity, and that homosexuality was less challenging than a heterosexual relationship, is pure Obamabaloney. If there is one issue that most scholars agree on it is that living in a homosexual relationship, particularly in the 1980’s, was much more challenging (in the age of AIDS) than an ordinary heterosexual relationship between a man and a woman.

“Once again, Obama’s facts do not line up with either reality or clinical experience, and he appears to be admitting the precise opposite of what he is relating as his inclinations. Even then he was covering his tracks and leaving behind false clues.

3. The “compartmentalization” of abused children

“As we read liberal icon David Garrow’s massive book many will wonder ‘how was Barack Obama able to compartmentalize his sexuality and ambition until he was able to reach the White House?’ My theory, which I first offered in 2007 in a psychological profile of the presidential candidate, is that we have to understand Obama’s behavior in the context of analyzing the psyche of an abused child.

“Abused children become masters of compartmentalization. They have to endure unspeakable emotional and physical abuse, but still function normally in the ordinary, daily community. I have always believed that Obama was abused, emotionally and psychologically, and that he responded to his feelings of confusion, abandonment and abuse by compartmentalizing himself and his emotions and behavior. Garrow confirms my 2007 hypothesis.

4. 2007-2008 rumors concerning Obama’s homosexuality

“During 2007-2008 I was given source materials from people who claimed to have had a homosexual relationship with Obama. I refused to use the ‘homosexual’ material because there was no extrinsic evidence to verify the encounters. And I came under criticism and attacks on the Internet because I refused to address the allegations of homosexuality. I am confident today, a decade later, I made the correct choice. Unlike others, I clearly labeled my facts and theories as facts and theories and distinguished between the two. Indeed, I irritated Obama and the Obama camp precisely because I refused to publish lies about the candidate. Unlike the work of other authors, all of the controversial material I originated about Obama’s family history turned out to be correct. I did not publish unverified allegations as facts unless I had independent evidence to support the claims.

“Which leaves one to wonder: when will the next shoe drop? There were endless ‘reports’ of a sexual relationship between Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Could Emanuel be the next ‘victim’ of Garrow’s book? Writers and researchers are going to have to go back and review their notes and files; what did we miss that Garrow found? (I am heading back to Hawaii for new research.) What is there still left to find? I firmly believe there is much more we are going to learn about Barack Obama’s private life.

“Garrow has opened a can of worms for Obama’s admirers. Interestingly, none of the ‘mainstream’ media that have preliminarily reported on Garrow’s new book have mentioned Garrow’s explosive findings on Obama’s potential (or actual) homosexuality. The mainstream media protection racket covering up unflattering aspects of Obama’s personal life remains in full force.

5. Obama’s contrived his “blackness”/was his sexuality also contrived?

“One of the reasons Garrow digs deeply into one of Obama’s relationships is because Garrow probably saw for the first time how Obama was capable of contrivance and manipulation. Most people pursue nonmarital sexual encounters for the pure pleasure of the encounter. Obama moved from being a sexually active teenager to being obsessed in his 20’s with how his racial and sexual choices would affect his political future. Wow. What kind of mind and what kind of repressed psyche would you have to have to make sexual choices and romantic choices based on political ambition?

“Because of his smoothness and personability, Obama was someone who could have entered either white or black society on an even keel. Garrow mentions Chicago politicians I knew who made choices in their private lives that limited their public advancement; Obama chose advancement over personal satisfaction. That extreme level of self-denial may have prompted concerns as Garrow peeled back layer after layer of Obama’s manipulations and contrivances as Obama reached the threshold of becoming a public figure.

“We have to remember several pertinent aspects of Garrow’s status and stature. First, he was a member in good standing of the liberal establishment, giving him massive ‘cred’ as an Obama author. Second, people opened up to him and doors were opened on the assumption that Garrow was writing a sympathetic or even sycophantic biography. Conservatives would not receive similar access. Bottom line: writers have just begun to explore the many and massive ‘contrivances’ in Obama’s life. Garrow provides the first liberal-originated guide book.

6. Did Obama’s mother influence Barack’s confused sexuality?

“My colleague Jerry Corsi explored the sexual proclivities of Barack Obama’s mother. Corsi focused on the mother in a way that I did not. But let’s turn Corsi’s writing around 180 degrees. ‘Barry’ Obama, as he was then known, had to have known of his mother’s libertine sexuality. Could he have felt shamed by his mother’s casual sexual practices?

“As new research is conducted and new witnesses and sources appear, we are likely to find that part of Obama’s admittedly confused sexuality, and his admitted willingness to consider a homosexual lifestyle, may have been promoted by his distaste at observing his mother’s behavior. Corsi may have been correct in his reporting about the salacious behavior of Obama’s mother, but Corsi probably missed the true significance of the mother’s behavior: she left behind a sexually confused and vulnerable son.

7. What really happened at Occidental College?

“I have always been fascinated by the great gap in Obama’s college years: his time at Occidental College. Instinctively I knew there was a major story in the Occidental years but it was probably not a ‘political’ story, more likely some sort of ‘coming of age’ situation. Garrow, I believe, has provided the ‘missing link’ that is going to unleash a torrent of new research on Obama’s past. Occidental was an elite, expensive private college. How did Obama, a self-confessed mediocre student at Punahou School in Honolulu, finance his education there? I have wondered for over a decade what the answer to that question would be.

“Ultimately, the tortured ‘relationship’ between Obama and Professor Lawrence Goldyn may provide the ultimate missing link. The two men did indeed have a relationship. Obama admits he was ‘experimenting’ during his time at Occidental. Why wouldn’t he have experimented with Goldyn? Obama may have felt a need to leave Occidental to avoid further and deeper involvement with Goldyn. Goldyn may be the ‘Rosebud’ link which explains why Obama left Occidental and moved on to relative anonymity at Columbia University in New York.

8. Obama’s obsession with sexuality during his presidency

“As I watched Barack Obama become President Obama I was amazed at his relentless and repeated obsession with controversial sexual issues. Time and time again, Obama focused on sexuality when it was counterproductive to do so. In his final year in office, Obama triggered a national controversy over transgender individuals and how to deal with their bathroom needs. Obama had to know the ‘bathroom bills’ would become a distraction and even hurt Hillary Clinton, but he persevered.

“Obama filled the federal courts with gay men and lesbians, to the point where it became obvious. While packing the courts with gays and lesbians never became as controversial as the bathroom bills and diktats, throughout his presidency Obama was obsessed with peripheral sexual issues. Why? Perhaps Garrow has provided an answer. At least he has pointed the way to further inquiry.

9. Are Barack Obama and Michele Obama BFFs?

“Garrow’s book is likely to focus attention on the real nature of the relationship between Barack Obama and Michele Obama. Is theirs a ‘marriage of convenience?’ Are they ‘best friends forever? (BFFs)’ Do Garrow’s disclosures about Obama’s tortured sexuality call into question whether Michele Robinson Obama may have been just another pawn or ‘tool’ in Obama’s relentless rise to national prominence?

“All of these questions will come under renewed focus in the coming days. Garrow has blown open the secure ‘safe’ where the reality of Barack Obama’s personality and sexuality have remained hidden for decades,” Andy concludes. “I have been working on a second book, ‘The Search for Obama,’ as well as a book on President Trump. Garrow has now provided a road map to many new areas of inquiry concerning the mysterious Mr. Obama.”

May 5th New York news conference details:


Obama author and expert Andy Martin


Andy Martin says a new biography of President Barack Obama by liberal icon David Garrow will trigger a firestorm of inquiry into whether Obama is a homosexual


909 Third Avenue, public sidewalk in front of FDR Station Post Office entrance, New York (under the “909” canopy in case of rain)


Friday, May 5, 2017; 12:00 P.M.

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