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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Andy Martin on how he sent love and kisses to “Comeback girl” Hillary Clinton; before the election

Andy Martin on the loneliness of America’s most accurate and respected independent political columnist. The “City of Big Shoulders” produces independent analysis from someone who actually knows how to analyze elections and campaigns. On the eve of Illinois’ biggest political corruption trial, and Andy Martin are also there. First with the be
Andy Martin blows love and kisses to Hillary Clinton at noon on election day, and she returns the favor by winning big, bad victories in Ohio and Texas. Knighthood is in flower again. Is Hillary’s hanky in the mail to Andy? And Illinois’ own Andy Martin has become America’s most respected and most accurate independent political columnist, beating out the big guys. The “city of big shoulders” had a columnist with big shoulders.

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”




(CHICAGO)(March 5, 2008) At noon on Tuesday (March 4th) I filed a story about Hillary Clinton that ended “Love and kisses. Comeback girl.” My own metrics told me Hillary had gained momentum, and that she was going up and going on.

And then I was stone cold scared. Everyone was taking the other side of the bet. Despite confidence in my own analysis and conclusions, it still feels lonely to be lonely, when you are the only columnist taking Hillary’s dance card on primary day.

MSNBC has become the “Obama News Network.” MSNBC fairly reeks of bias and contempt for Senator Clinton, from Olbermann, Matthews and Abrams down to the field reporters. As Hillary was winning they were obsessed with the question of when Hillary should concede defeat. Enough said.

The old “Clinton News Network,” CNN, has been less Clintonesque of late. And Fox News, well that’s my old network, and they stay pretty much in the middle where the Democrats are concerned.

It was a lonely feeling being the only political opinion columnist who was touting Hillary Clinton as the winner-in-waiting and calling her the “Comeback girl.” But, hey, that’s why is contrarian commentary.

Of course, as a former candidate myself I have a Republican background. Some people have a problem believing that when I write independent political analysis I don’t favor the Republicans. But I don’t. Sergeant Joe Friday would understand, “Just the facts, ma’am.” Independent.

Actually, my own political background is a major plus. Because I have run elections and produced TV commercials, been a real candidate and organized attacks, I know what to look for on the political battlefield. No one has had a better sense of the movement and momentum in this campaign than And that leads me to Senator Obama or, as I call him more familiarly, “Barry O.”

By 5:00 P.M. On Tuesday I had analyzed Obama’s bad hair Monday, and announced the “Music Had Died” in his campaign. Full disclosure: I have been a skeptic on Obama from the gitgo.

Anyone watching Hillary Clinton Tuesday night, and then watching Barack Obama, would have wondered just how I could have called them so accurately in advance. There was a new Hillary. And Obama’s music had died. He had the same teleprompter and the same concepts, the same cadences and the same “hope.” But they were flat. And Barry’s body language was down in the dumps.

I took an incredible amount of heat for mocking the Chicago Tribune over their asinine editorial congratulating Obama for lying on NAFTA, by having an Obama staffer meet with a Canadian official to promise that Obama’s threats against NAFTA were mere campaign posturing. Baaaad. And Obama lied to boot about the secret meting? Until a smoking gun memo surfaced? Was there a blue stained dress somewhere in this scenario that I missed? Any day now I expect a dirty pair of dungarees from Sam Zell, or as I prefer to call him, “The Emperor Zell and his co-owners at the Chicago Tribune.” I will have more hemlock juice for Sammy Z next week.

And then I rewrote the Rezko-Obama narrative in a way that devastated Obama’s devotees. But, again, it was “just the facts.” Hiding in plain view. Obama opposed the Iraq war, and then had his dream home financed in part through an Iraqi wheeler dealer. Baaaad.

And so here we are: a small Chicago Internet newspaper on the cutting edge of the biggest crime story in Illinois political history. The case of the corrupt Illinois governor (Blagojevich) and his enforcers in the field (Rezko, et al.). Or so the United Stats of America claims. But I am skeptical of federal prosecutors too. And I am the only person in the entire state of Illinois who has defended Rezko, and condemned the torture being directed at him in jail. Contrarian commentary, again.

The colorful “Combine” that controls and corrupts Illinois politics finally goes under the judicial microscope in the Rezko trial. continues to lead the way.

And now has become America’s most accurate and respected source of independent political commentary and analysis.

What are the other guys doing wrong?

I’ll be watching my mailbox for Hillary’s hanky, and Zell’s dirty dungarees. But then that’s Chicago.


Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin covers regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He has been a candidate for U. S. Senator from Illinois. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.


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