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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fulbright scholar fracas: Andy Martin says Israel is a nation built on a Big Lie

Andy Martin condemns Israeli atrocities in Gaza. Martin says Israeli attempts to imprison American Fulbright scholars show the total bankruptcy of the Israeli military junta. It is time for Secretary of State “Clueless Condo” Rice to awake from her slumber.

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(CHICAGO)(June 3, 2008)(Exclusive) Israel is a nation conceived and crated based on a Big Lie. That lie was best encapsulated by the late Prime Minister Golda Meir, who said that British Palestine had been a “land without a people for a people without a land.” Palestinians, of course, were the vast majority of inhabitants in the “Land of Israel,” and sixty years ago they were ruthlessly attacked and dispossessed by invading Israeli legions.

Over the decades and over the generations Israelis have continued to make the Big Lie the cornerstone of their state and Israeli “civilization.” Sadly, lying does have consequences. Today the Israeli regime is led by a man who is both a professional liar and a professional thief. And that's no lie. Or as that noted biblical scholar Reverend Jeremiah Wright would say, “The chickens have come home to roost.”

Israeli spinmeisters have spawned a continuing series of lies using the Big Lie as the basis. “There is no partner for peace,” was and is an enduring Big Lie. “Yasser Arafat is the obstacle,” was another Big Lie. Arafat has been dead for years, and there is still no peace. The Israelis just keep spinning out new lies, new prevarications, new evasions and new exceptions to justify their terrorist state.

Terrorist state you say? Well, truth be told—and this is not a big lie—Israel is the world’s most dangerous and aggressive terrorist state. Al Qaeda? Yes, Al Qaeda is ruthless and evil. But Al Qaeda does not have a seat in the United Nations. And Al Qaeda does not hold millions of Palestinians as prisoners in the open air prison of Gaza. The blood lust of the Israeli regime for "revenge" on the Palestinian people as a means of self-justification for occupation and terrorism is measurably worse than that of any other “state” that considers itself civilized.

I decline to compare Israel to savage jungle kingdoms because my Israeli friends would feel that is an unfair comparison. So I do not hold Israelis to the standards of a savage; I hold them to the standards of western civilization.

One of the greatest of the Big Lies was and is that Israel has “withdrawn from Gaza.” This lie was meant to suggest another correlative Big Lie, that Palestinians were incapable of functioning as a society and were incapable of self-governance. And, month by month, and year by year, the pro-Israel lobby continues to spin out its malevolent fantasies that Gaza is “free” and that Arabs are “attacking” Israel.

Innocent women and children pay the price for these Israeli lies. Every day. Israelis can no longer fight Hezbollah and win, but they love bombing unarmed civilians and incinerating children. “So sorry,” Israeli military leaders say, with perfunctory British politeness. And when Palestinians fight back by engaging in the same kind of random violence against Israelis, Israelis call their adversaries “terrorists.” Palestinians admittedly commit terrorist acts. But terrorism did not begin with Palestinians. Terrorism began with the Israeli onslaught on peaceful Palestine sixty years ago. On and on it goes.

So what about last week’s Gazan Fulbright students? How could savages produce Fulbright scholars ask the Israelis? Aren't they all terrorists in Gaza? Another Israeli Big Lie.

The endless and senseless killing has a way of numbing and confusing our senses. Sometimes it takes a simpler and direct incident to project the reality of American futility in Palestine and Israel. That moment came last week when the New York Times reported that Gazan students had been denied access to the United States to study as Fulbright Scholars.

Israelis were forced to admit that Gaza was an open air prison, where millions are imprisoned and where no one can leave unless death is imminent. Any comparisons to the death camps of the Third Reich were purely coincidental. Of course. Israeli leaders have become the obvious successor to the Third Reich. Hitler imprisoned nations; the Israelis people have stolen a nation, and then imprisoned its inhabitants for sixty years, a dirty deed which they celebrate with a parade down Fifth Avenue in New York.

And, of course, our clueless secretary of State, Condo (“this condo should be condemned”) Rice said she was “surprised” by the Israeli action against our Fulbright Scholars. (Yes, once we appoint them, Gazans become “our” Fulbright scholars.) Condo is always being “surprised" and “unhappy" at Israeli actions. “Clueless Condo.” Yes, truly, she should be "condemned." How can anyone who has been to Israel be “surprised” by the daily Israeli atrocities inflicted on the Palestinian people?

Sometimes, though, reality intrudes on the Israeli fantasies and the wanton prevarications of American political leaders.

Condo Rice was caught in their own ruse, and had to take action to avoid further American embarrassment at Israeli prison policies. The Washington Post, sadly, treated Rice’s reversal on the Fulbright scholars as a minor matter in a compendium of small world events, See also:

And so justice has been done for seven students. When will the people of Palestine receive justice from the American people? When will we stop using our tax dollars to subsidize mayhem and murder in occupied Palestine? When will Republicans and Democrats stop groveling to their “pro-Israel” masters and overlords?


How many more students remain in Israel’s open air prisons? How much more hatred and anti-Semitism are Israelis generating every day for the future? How much more self-destruction will we tolerate before we face reality and force reality on our so-called “allies?”

Some day we will have to confess the truth. America encouraged and subsidized an invasion of Palestine by an army composed primarily of European Jews after World war II. Gazans and Palestinians have never attacked America and generally in the past were our dearest friends and supporters in the Middle East. People who have turned against us and remain against us do so because we subsidize and encourage a policy of genocide, occupation and imprisonment against the inhabitants of Palestine.

Guantanamo? We have a few hundred prisoners there. That’s a “pisher” prison compared to Gaza, where Israelis continue to imprison a nation with a brutal “electronic occupation” and airborne genocide.

Is peace possible? Yes. If the United states withdrew financial and military support for the Israeli regime, that government would collapse overnight, and Israelis would come to terms with Arabs almost as quickly. Ironically, in the long run, it is the Israelis, who have created a modern and sophisticated society on the banks of the Mediterranean, who stand to lose the most. Every day’s delay, every new day of insanity and unreality, strike at the heart of the Israeli dream. Justice will be done. How long will they prevent it? How many more innocents on both sides must die before leaders speak the truth to their peoples? Condo, dearie, are you listening?

Truth be told, if Gazans and Palestinians were offered a choice between an unpleasant and uncomfortable relationship with Israelis, as opposed to living in an Islamist extremist prison, most of them would choose freedom. People only turn to extremists when there is no alternative. America can and must create alternatives. We must stop building prisons and stop bombing civilians and start propagating the values that have made us the greatest nation in the world: freedom, justice and hope (yes, hope) for reconciliation.

This column is written in sadness, not in hatred. I have visited Israel and I hope to return. I feel a close kinship with many of its people. It pains me to have to write painful truths about the Israeli/American relationship. I greatly admire the Israeli “peace block” that tirelessly works for genuine reconciliation and peace between Israelis and Arabs.

The United States of America has been and will continue to be the greatest engine for peace and freedom in human history. Flawed, often acting in error, America is still the last, best hope for humanity. But, in the midst of our own promise, we have failed our own Jewish neighbors here at home, and our Israeli "allies” in the Middle East, by allowing the Israeli gauleiters to commit crimes against humanity and the Palestinian people.

The fact that innocent students in Gaza are being needlessly and senselessly imprisoned says more about the failure of American foreign policy than many of the grander episodes and incidents than animate us. This, week, we began the confession of contrition that America had erred in blacklisting Gazan students. When will we be strong enough and honest enough and mature enough to recognize that our policies in the Middle East have been a complete and abject failure, that they endanger America and the rest of the world, and undermine the hopes and aspirations of every human being for peace and prosperity in the future?

To the students who will soon be in America, and who will be stunned by how different Americans are in our own real world at home than our American/Israeli representatives appear and act in the Middle East, I can only say, “Marhaba.” Welcome.

Americans are not the monsters that we appear to be to the rest of the world. But if this is so--and we know it is true-- then why can’t Americans understand and accept that the distorted picture of Palestinians fed to us by Israeli propagandists and American media is as equally flawed as that which others have of us?

I have spent a lifetime traveling the world, and this I know. People are not bad. They are made to act badly by leaders who seek to exploit divisions and animosities for their own political profit. So it is in Israel, and sadly so it has been in the United States. To our new Fulbright scholars, welcome. I hope you will learn the truth about America, and some day return to your homes to tell the truth about us.
Chicago-based Internet investigative columnist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin covers regional, national and world events with more than forty years of experience. He has almost forty years of experience in the Middle East, and is America’s most respected independent foreign policy and intelligence analyst. Andy is a former candidate for U. S. Senator from Illinois. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (312) 440-4124. Columns also posted at;


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