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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Andy Martin: Obama is creating a new “homosexual Roe v. Wade” for Republicans and conservatives in November

Obama author, film producer and investigator Andy Martin says that President Obama’s imposition of gay rights on every American hospital will become the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans in the 2010 election. Obama is roiling the American people just as Martin, the Founding Father of anti-Obama movement, prepares to open a new investigation into Obama’s past in Honolulu.

Barack Obama is going to systematically and single-handedly demolish the Democratic party, Andy Martin predicts

“Liberal conservative” Andy Martin explains why personal beliefs should not always be imposed as public policy
“The Internet Powerhouse”

Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Andy Martin explains how Barack Obama is deconstructing the Democratic Party and ensuring a Republican landslide in November

Martin says Obama has crated a “homosexual Roe v. Wade” by acting as a national dictator to impose gay rights on American hospitals

“Well, there he goes again” Andy says of Barry Obama, the man Andy has been exposing since 2004

Does anyone remember health reform? Or is gay rights a better topic for political debate?

(NEW YORK)(April 16, 2010) A quarter of a century ago I was studying at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York to be a priest in the Episcopal Church. I knew one of my classmates causally. One day we learned he was ill at Lenox Hill Hospital. Another classmate and I went to pray with our ill brother.

I can’t remember the exact sign on the door, but it was some sort of intimidating warning, maybe with a bright red letter alert to enter carefully. He had AIDS.

It was a heart breaking experience to share my friend’s illness and grief. In the 1980’s, AIDS was a death sentence. Physicians did not understand the condition; ordinary people had even less comprehension.

My friend Adrian Dumont had been abandoned by his family. As we helped Adrian, my other friend and I died a little each day alongside him. We chose to share his fate because we could not allow him to die alone. My second friend, Paul, and I attended to Adrian’s legal needs. We had to protect Adrian’s rights, to be sure his home was still there for him, and we also attended to many other aspects of helping a dying colleague prepare for the inevitable.

Neither my personal morality nor my Christian beliefs would allow me to abandon someone in need, whether their affliction was AIDS or something else.

I still belong to the Episcopal Church, even as it becomes an increasingly loopy place to be because of an obsession with sexuality to the exclusion of Christianity. I have friends who are gay priests; I accept them because they both openly acknowledge their status and also understand the proper and practical role of limiting their personal actions in the theological environment.

I did leave one Episcopal parish when the rector went berserk and wanted to make his church a gay Mecca. That was too much for me. The rector’s gay politics quickly overshadowed the Christianity of the place.

Over the years my attitudes on homosexuality have evolved. Based on my experiences ministering to Adrian Dumont I think my views on how we should treat human beings are actually close to President Obama’s. I believe gay couples have a right to the same treatment as others in the medical/hospital context.

In the conflict between homosexuality and religion, Christ tugs at both of our sleeves. Some Christians strongly believe Christ condemns homosexuality in every aspect of its existence. But Christ also teaches love and forgiveness. Correlating and rationalizing these two competing views is not always easy.

But the fact that my views on voluntary and private treatment of homosexual couples in the medical context would qualify as “liberal” does not mean that I am not a Republican, and a conservative Republican where many aspects of public policy and politics are concerned. I recognize and respect the inevitable and necessary disconnect between personal views and politics, between my own opinions and their imposition on everyone as public policy.

I have no problem with Representative Barney Frank. He is open about his sexuality. You can take him or leave him as you please.

But I also did not have a problem earlier this year exposing the virtually unanimous belief of Illinois Republican leaders and media that U. S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk is a closeted homosexual. Closeting in the public arena raises deeply challenging issues. The liberal media and Kirk's fellow travelers in the gay-dominated Illinois Republican Party apparatus attacked me for raising legitimate questions about Kirk. I merely pointed out that almost everyone in the media and in political leadership believed Kirk is gay; you could find the tapes on the Internet (and still can). Voters had a right to the same information as party insiders.

So where do I come out? It depends on the issue. Closeted gays that want to run for high office? I have a problem with that. People need to be honest with themselves and with the public if they want to accept a public trust. But on human and humane issues I come down on the side of trying to treat every human being with love and dignity. I have Adrian Dumont looking over my shoulder.

This long preface has been necessary because having said I essentially agree with President Obama on how homosexuals should be treated by hospitals, I completely disagree with him on his latest imperial diktat to impose gay rights on every hospital in the nation through an order emanating from the court of the Emperor Obama I.

One of the things we see as we look back into the 1970’s is that states were gradually liberalizing their abortion polices. In fact, in some states Republicans, including Governor Ronald Reagan, accepted liberalized abortion procedures. But the imperial diktat issued by the U. S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade created a backlash that is still burning.

A few days ago Democrats were breathing a sigh of relief; they thought they were going to be able to campaign on "health care reform." Obama has now erased the "health" issue. Obama’s “order” for “gay rights in hospitals” is going to become a defining issue and the latest evidence of his overwhelming and overweening arrogance as a leader. Because the Emperor Obama cannot remember the past, Democrats are doomed to repeat it. The imposition of gay rights on hospitals, however praiseworthy in concept, and however reasonable as a policy that hospitals should adopt, is going to create a firestorm that dooms even more representatives and senators as Obama martyrs.

In my book, “Obama: The Man Behind the Mask,” I explained in a psychological profile why Obama is not a leader. He is a weathervane. His only fixed reference point is a colossal personal ego that competes with the sun for radiation and reflection. But he is rapidly becoming the sworn enemy of the American people. His efforts to impose imperial law on every nook and cranny of this nation reflect an insufferable arrogance that is going to demolish his party in November:

Is gay rights for hospitals an urgent national issue? Not by a mile. But Obama is obsessed with grand gestures and imposing visible manifestations of his role as a Hugo Chavez-style national dictator.

So what is the lesson of Roe v. Wade? The lesson is that when people are allowed to make changes, even slowly, even incrementally, those changes acquire democratic legitimacy. The changes become a foundation for future change. When government imposes social policy by executive or judicial fiat, we create just another “culture war” to be continued endlessly at the ballot box.

Obama says that any hospital that takes “federal funds” must bow to his imperial edicts. If that is indeed the law since all of us receive “federal funds” in some form or fashion, we must all now bow down to the “laws” of the Emperor Obama. We are no longer citizens. Obama has declared by decree that we are his subjects. Over the past several decades, the “federal funds means federal control” doctrine has been expanded and expanded by Congress and the Supreme Court. Obama just pricked their balloon. The counterrevolution is about to begin.

Ordinary people don’t like to debate gay rights openly. Gay activists are noisy and obnoxious about seeking to intimidate opponents and imposing their views on the general community. But I can say without fear of contradiction that Obama has now created a “homosexual Roe v. Wade” conflict that is going to doom more Democrats in November. The American people don’t want to be dictated to by Barry Obama, the man without a birth certificate, even on issues where they might agree with him on principle.

Obama has created another monsoon issue for Democrats, and another gift for Republicans and conservatives. Ironically, Obama is actually hurting the progress of gay acceptance. The backlash is going to blow up in his face.

The other ultimate irony in all of this is that Obama is doing much, much more to defeat Democrats than the Republicans could ever accomplish on their own. Of course, I warned that this would happen way back in 2008; check out the 2008 Hannity video and my 2009 movie in Honolulu:

After watching my video predictions on Hannity and my ongoing media efforts to delve into the mysterious and deleterious Mr. Obama, you too can join the anti-Obama evolution!

And, hey, make a contribution to support funding for our research in Hawai’i and elsewhere. You may be paying the Emperor Obama’s light bill, but we still have to pay for our own electricity. Enough said.

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