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Monday, August 30, 2010

ANDY MARTIN: NBC News/Brian Williams “breached the levee” in New Orleans on Barack Obama’s religion and citizenship

Obama author Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Monday to commend Brian Williams and NBC News for asking President Barack Obama tough questions about his birthplace and religion. Martin says NBC crossed an “equinox” of public concern about Obama’s origins and spirituality that will not go away merely through Obama’s pretenses and joking. Martin has two lawsuits pending in Hawai’i seeking to open the “Obama Files.” Andy expects to be in Honolulu in November fighting to release the state’s secret records on Obama’s birth. “There is the televised Hawai’i Five-O, and there is the real Hawai’i Five-O,” Martin says. “Our investigative operation in Hawaii is real, and it poses a threat to the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency.”

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Brian Williams and NBC News "crossed a Rubicon” Sunday evening by raising questions about President Obama’s birth and religion on national television

Martin was the first person to offer a coherent timeline during the 2008 presidential campaign for Obama’s radical associations, on Sean Hannity’s America
“The Internet Powerhouse”
Andy Martin
Executive Editor

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(NEW YORK)(August 30, 2010)’s Executive Editor, Andy Martin, will hold a New York City news conference Monday, August 30th to commend NBC News and Brian Williams for “breaching the levee” in New Orleans on Barack Obama’s religion and place of birth.

“Six years ago in August 2004 I wrote the first article on Barack Obama’s religion, and said he was a Muslim,” Martin notes. “I am more convinced than ever that I was correct in my initial assessment. Over three years ago I raised questions about Barack Obama’s citizenship and eligibility to be president. (It's all in my book.) Frankly, the American people were not interested in ‘the facts’ and they preferred to buy a pig in a poke, Barack Obama. So it is kind of funny to see Barack Obama now telling Brian Williams in New Orleans ‘the facts are the facts,’ when Obama has worked so hard to conceal the facts during the presidential campaign.

“Last year I wrote that the window for Obama to ‘come clean’ on his citizenship and religion was closing. He would eventually cross an 'equinox' where he had more public hostility than support, and then the attacks on his religion and citizenship would be intensified by the media. We are right on schedule. I essentially predicted what happened Sunday night: Obama created a photo op in New Orleans and in the middle of an interview with NBC News Brian Williams dropped the ‘Muslim/Birth Certificate’ bomb.

“Mr. Obama tried to make a joke of Williams’ concerns about Obama’s religion and citizenship, but these questions are not a joke and they are not funny. And they are not going away. Every day they are growing on the Internet.

“I applaud Brian Williams for having the guts to raise the concerns. I am always squabbling with NBC News, and I will have an attack on them later in the week on an unrelated topic, but Monday I want to praise Mr. Williams and NBC News for opening Obama’s can of worms.

“Mr. Williams is a serious man who takes his journalism seriously. You don’t have to always agree with him to respect his integrity. I would have phrased his opening question to Obama slightly differently; but the fact that Williams directed any question to Obama over his citizenship and religion is devastating to the president.

“Over the Labor Day holiday we will be building out our new web site ‘,’ which is devoted to exposing Barack Obama’s lies about his birth, citizenship and education. Later this week we will be holding a Palm Beach news conference to announce an upcoming major new investigation and litigation in Hawai’i concerning Obama’s records. The second edition of my book (see below) is selling out and we are going to consider a new printing in the future.

“I go into these details to underscore that reasonable, responsible inquiry into Obama’s religion and family origins is a legitimate area of scholarly inquiry and that we are proceeding solely on the basis of scholarly standards.

“What Brian Williams should have asked, and he came close, was ‘How can you expect to govern when a fifth of the American people don’t even trust your answers on religion and birth?

“Obama’s responses appeared genuine, because he was probably surprised by Williams’ bluntness. Obama has a contemptuous attitude towards his critics. Obama said there was a ‘network of misinformation.’ In point of fact there is no network of misinformation. I have been the source of accurate information about Obama’s religion and citizenship for six years. He has never challenged or undermined any factual claim that I made. Instead he has used his attack dogs to launch personal attacks on me.

“Obama has maintained a relentless misinformation campaign against me, originally using Robert Gibbs and the New York Times to smear me with decades-old stale accusations and to intimidate the media. Well, the media are becoming increasingly ‘unintimidated’ as Mr. Williams’ inquiries reflect.

“That is not to say that all sources of criticism about Obama are accurate. The public record reflects, however, that I have repeatedly exposed and attacked anti-Obama charlatans who proffered false claims against the man. All I want is the facts and the truth. Nothing more. Indeed, some of Mr. Obama’s opponents have criticized me for exposing anti-Obama charlatans and exposing their misuse of the truth. But that’s why Obama is terrified of me, and loves the whackos who propound silly theories. I have a passion for the truth.

“FACT: There is no location in Hawai’i that openly advertises itself as Obama’s ‘birthplace.’ His family has claimed two different hospitals where he was born. Don’t you think if had been born somewhere, they would put a plaque on the door and say ‘Birthplace of the 44th President?’ Why are they hiding this obvious fact?

“FACT: I personally believe Obama was born in Hawai’i. But I have also noticed how Barack and Michelle Obama love to stoke the ‘Kenyan birth certificate’ crowd with catnip, so the Obamas can agitate their opposition and energize their own left-wing base. In my expert opinion, what Barack Obama is hiding is not where he was born, but how he was born.

“FACT: Obama says he does not want his birth certificate ‘plastered on my forehead.’ But his original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate has never been plastered anywhere. He has never released it to the American people. He released a laser printout from a state database. The original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate has never seen the light of day although Hawai’i official Chiyome Fukino claims to have seen that document. Obama doesn’t have to plaster his birth certificate on his head; but unless and until he authorizes Hawai’i officials to release the original, typewritten 1961 document he is hiding the truth from the American people.

“FACT: The qualifications to serve as president are different than those for any other federal office. Being an American citizen is not enough. Obama’s putative father was apparently never even a permanent resident of the United States. He came here on a student visa, fornicated, and left. I don’t think Obama’s putative father ever had a Green Card. While Obama may have acquired ‘birth citizenship,’ I do not believe he ever acquired the enhanced ‘natural born citizenship’ that the Constitution mandates only for the presidency.

“Obama is not stupid. He is a bright man. He’s no courtroom lawyer but he is trained in the law. That’s why he loves to play lawyer-style word games with the media and the American people. Obama knows his day of judgment is approaching, as we will detail in our forthcoming Palm Beach news conference. That’s why he increasingly acts like a one-term president.

“To mix another metaphor, Brian William and NBC News burst the dam. They put the issue of Obama’s ability to lead, in light of increasing doubts about his religion and eligibility to sit in the Oval office, on the front burner. We’ll have more analysis and commentary as week wears on. But today, Monday, we stop to salute Brian Williams and NBC for asking the tough questions,” Martin states. “Obama can joke about the ‘Muslim/birth’ questions, but these issues are on the minds of a growing segment of the American public. Why won’t Obama release the public records in Hawai’i, and other files at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, that would confirm the truth?




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Internet powerhouse Andy Martin thanks Brian Williams and NBC News for “breaching the levee” on Barack Obama’s Muslim religion and unknown place of birth


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