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Thursday, April 26, 2012

MEDIA BOMBSHELL: Republican presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin is stunned by announcement of a new movie endorsing his theory on Barack Obama’s father

As Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin prepares to land in Honolulu on May 2nd, conservatives dropped a media bombshell endorsing Andy Martin’s prior research in the Aloha State. Andy created the “Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama’s biological father” theory after his research and investigation in Hawai’i in 2008.  Andy pieced together how Frank Marshall Davis impregnated Ann Dunham, the president’s mother, and how the Kenyan Barack Obama became a stand-in for the president’s biological parent. Andy’s original theory and the 2008 CNN video documenting (and discounting) his claims have now become conservative dogma 2012.

Andy Martin, a controversial factor in the 2008 presidential election, is set to become a driving force in the 2012 presidential race

Andy was ridiculed in 2008 by CNN for his Hawai’i research; that research is now being corroborated by a new film promoted by the conservative web site

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As Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin prepares to land in Honolulu a media firestorm may be triggered by a new film endorsing Andy’s earlier 2008 Hawai’i research

Andy says CNN’s 2008 video of Andy in Honolulu will become a controversial piece of the Obama puzzle and possibly even a part of American television history (a CNN camera crew followed Andy in 2008 in Honolulu)

Andy says the “doubter vote” will decide the 2012 presidential election

(NEW YORK) (April 26, 2012) Will wonders never cease? Early April 25th I issued our “Honolulu Bulletin: Countdown to Honolulu,” announcing my research team would be landing in Hawai’i on May 2nd. Within hours, conservative Author Jerry Corsi published a story announcing that my original 2008 theory about President Barack Obama’s true biological father is now the topic of a new movie by Joel Gilbert. The movie is now being sold on (link below).

To be entirety clear and precise, I consider Jerry Corsi a friend. But we are friendly competitors. We do not share research and we compete for Obama information. I don’t have any link to So, frankly, I was stunned when one of my friends in Chicago notified me of Corsi's new article Wednesday evening (April 25th).

I have not seen Joel Gilbert’s film nor do have any direct link to the film. (As I told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in 2007, all Obama research stems from my original research.) I am generally aware that “indecent” photos of the president’s mother have been linked to Frank Marshall Davis but I have chosen to avoid some topics involving Obama’s mother such as the sex photos.

Nevertheless, the strange coincidence of my announcement confirming my trip in the morning, and a conservative “endorsement” by late afternoon, both on April 25th, confirms what I have said. My independent research and analysis drives the media crazy and drives the Obama “command” crazy because I have been driving the agenda on Barack Obama for the past eight years, since my original 2004 research on Obama’s grandfather and “Kenyan father,” research that was confirmed just last week by the British government.

Keoki Kerr and I sparred over these issues in 2010 during one of my earlier research trips to Honolulu (see link below-video apparently no longer available from KITV). (Kerr was somewhat confused by my views.)

I was the first independent investigator to land in Honolulu, in 2008, and my presence in Hawai’i and my efforts to interview Obama’s grandmother prompted the then-presidential candidate to turn his campaign plane around and fly to Honolulu to preempt me. Now we know why. I was coming closer to the Rosetta Stone about Mr. Obama’s family history.

My latest visit to Honolulu, next week, may also roil Hawaii’s’ political waters. Governor Linda Lingle, now a candidate for U. S. Senator, was someone who promoted the Obama’s-father-was-Obama on the eve of the 2008 election. Lingle consistently frustrated and denied my efforts to find the facts and search for the truth about Obama’s family history. Lingle helped make bad law in Honolulu on the issue of public accessibility to Honolulu’s historical records (see link below to history of the controversy, ObamaReleaseYourRecords).

All Points Bulletin: Has anyone got a downloaded version of the original KITV interview? It was online for a long period but has apparently been removed by KITV News. Please let us know.

We’ll have some new bombshell disclosures of our own both before we leave and in Honolulu after we arrive there. What is amazing to me is the way President Obama has kept doubts about his parentage alive by refusing to be forthright and candid with an honest and independent historical researcher such as myself. All I have ever searched for is the truth, and all I have ever tried to find is the facts about “Obama in Hawaii.” By delaying my efforts and seeking to block my research. Obama has done continuing damage to his on credibility.

I do not believe I exaggerate when I state, unequivocally, that the “doubter” vote, i.e. persons who have doubts about President Obama but may not subscribe to “Birther theories,” is going to be the “swing vote” that swings the 2012 presidential election.

Stay tuned for more bombshells. Not just from me, but from other conservatives that follow and monitor my own research and, in the case of the new “Frank Marshall Davis movie,” have now validated and confirmed my own prior research and supported my original investigation in Honolulu. Unlike Obama's mainstream media sycophants, for the past eight years I have been 100% correct in researching and writing about President Obama. No one else can match that record of historical accomplishment and accuracy.

People wonder why I spend so much time in Honolulu. My research has changed and is changing the way Americans view Barack Obama. His presidency hangs in the balance.

Our “Countdown to Honolulu” is now only six days away.

[Andy’s own short film, “Obama: The Hawai’i Years,” can be seen on his presidential web site as well as at You be the judge of whether Andy’s scholarly work has been the pathfinding work on Barack Obama.]


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