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Thursday, October 04, 2012

New Hampshire: How Andy Martin may have rescued Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign

Anti-Obama leader, New Hampshire corruption-fighter and maverick Republican Party activist Andy Martin is not the Republican Party’s favorite guy. But Andy’s surprise appearance in a Democrat v Democrat lawsuit in Strafford County, New Hampshire may have rescued Mitt Romney’s presidency and also helped the Republican candidate for governor, Ovide Lamontagne. Andy became the first Republican to appear in the Strafford case to prevent out-of-state ballot box stuffing by President Obama’s campaign. (Question: where were the Republican Party’s “leaders” when Andy was taking the lead in seeking to block a Democratic Party giveaway to Obama?) The Strafford judge has reset a hearing for Thursday October 4th. Andy will be there to defend the Constitution, to make history and to possibly be a pivotal factor in making Mitt Romney president.


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When New Hampshire Republican corruption-fighter Andy Martin moved to intervene in a Strafford County lawsuit that could decide the presidential election the case was a Democrat-v-Democrat love fest; Andy became the first Republican to take action to rescue New Hampshire for the Republican Party on November 6th

Andy’s appearance in an obscure New Hampshire lawsuit raised the national profile of the case and guaranteed that a New Hampshire Republican would be heard in the Democrat-v-Democrat litigation

Andy’s efforts focused attention on President Obama’s efforts to win reelection by stuffing swing state ballot boxes with out-of-state voters

Andy brings his national anti-Obama profile to bear on Republican efforts to carry the crucial state of New Hampshire

Listen to Andy on “Bulldog Live,” in Concord on Wednesday morning October 3rd (WTPL-FM) 10:05 A.M. (live streaming)

Ovide Lamontagne may also owe his election to Andy if Ovide wins by a photo finish

Nate Silver of the New York Times says electoral votes could be deadlocked on November 6th; New Hampshire hangs in the balance

(SEATTLE) (October 2, 2012) OK, let’s start with the obvious. I am not one of the Republican Party of New Hampshire’s favorite leaders. The publisher of the Union Leader Joe McQuaid has called me a “hot dog.” The Associated Press in Concord recently suggested I live in dreamland. I could go on, but you get the idea.

But maybe they’re the ones living in dreamland.

Oh, and I am not on Mitt Romney’s speed-dial.

But maybe I ought to be.

Recent legal action that I initiated may do more to put Romney in the White House than anything else being organized by New Hampshire Republican Party leaders. Here are the facts: you be the judge.

A number of students recently filed a lawsuit in Strafford County Superior Court. The plaintiffs were represented by the usual array of “civil liberties” suspects. It’s a free country; they had a right to file their lawsuit.

The case claims out-of-state students have a “constitutional right” to vote in New Hampshire instead of their home states where they hold driver licenses and register their cars.

Why are out-of-staters so intent on voting in New Hampshire? New Hampshire is a swing state; the student vote could help swing the election to Obama. If students (or others, since the lawsuit seeks to open the floodgates to out-of-state voters, not just students) come from New York or Massachusetts, for example, Obama is going to win those states overwhelmingly. In New York and Massachusetts, their home state votes would be meaningless. In New Hampshire thousands of out-of-state liberal votes could be decisive in the presidential and gubernatorial elections. That’s why the “students” are so desperate to vote in New Hampshire and not in New York or Massachusetts.

The Republican Party of New Hampshire did not seek to intervene and be heard in the Strafford proceedings.

Instead, the lawsuit was “defended” by Attorney General Michael Delaney, appointed by the lame duck liberal Democratic Governor, John Lynch.

And so here was a lawsuit filed by liberal Democrats being “defended” by an office that is controlled by liberal Democrats, seeking to open the floodgates to out-of-state voters in New Hampshire.

That is, until I showed up in court and said “Whoa, this case smells like a Chicago-style plot by Obama’s operatives to stuff New Hampshire ballot boxes with out-of-state votes.”

History may have been changed.

I filed my intervention papers to be heard on Monday morning September 24th. Monday afternoon, the Strafford County justice entered an injunction allowing out-of-staters to vote in New Hampshire. I was scheduled to leave for Honolulu at 6:00 A.M. Tuesday morning the 25th. I could have easily said, “Can’t do it; too busy with the Honolulu trip (investigating Obama) to respond to the judge's order.” But, recognizing the importance of this lawsuit and its potential to damage Romney and Lamontagne, I stayed up all night preparing an appeal of the injunction order. I actually deposited the appeal papers in the FedEx drop box in Salt Lake City where I changed planes. The appeal was received by the New Hampshire Supreme Court on Wednesday the 26th.

In a latter day version of the ride of Paul Reverse I had sounded the alarm about a potentially collusive lawsuit that could swing the state of New Hampshire to Obama using out-of-state voters.

Nate Silver of the New York Times has posited a way the electoral votes could be deadlocked (link below). New Hampshire is a crucial piece of the Romney strategy. The presidency could well turn on who wins new Hampshire. (That is why, in another prescient move, I announced in August that I would limit my fall campaign activity to New Hampshire and Nevada.)

But other than my independent Super PAC “Romney’s Rangers,” and my own formidable litigation activity, what are New Hampshire Republican leaders doing? You'll have to ask them. National ads from the Romney campaign and Super Pacs do help, of course.

But Obama’s people are cunning and ruthless. To demand that students who can vote at home were being denied a “constitutional right” by New Hampshire election authorities is a bold strategy calculated to stuff ballot boxes in a swing state. I was the first Republican to stand up and say “Stop.” To date, the only Republican.

If I had not filed to intervene to block this giveaway, and had not spent all night preparing an appeal to the Supreme Court, thereby forcing the Attorney General’s office to file their own face-saving petition, the Democrats might have walked away with winning New Hampshire without a fight.

And so I have this question for Joe McQuaid: am I a hot dog … or a big dog? Who in the Republican Party is fighting harder and more skillfully than I am to put Mitt Romney in the White House?

Facts are stubborn things. Until I appeared in the Strafford case the Democrats were “litigating” with Democrats. Now the New Hampshire Supreme Court is likely to make a major constitutional pronouncement. My legal maneuvering may have salvaged New Hampshire for Mitt Romney, and therefore saved Romney’s presidency.

Strange but true.

Bottom line: I came home to New Hampshire to honor my grandparents who immigrated to Manchester 100 years ago. I hope you will agree I am doing my best to redeem their legacy and to repay New Hampshire’s great gift to my family.

A copy of the New Hampshire Supreme Court order listing me as one of the parties to be noticed is ATTACHED.


Adjunct Professor of Law Andy Martin is an appellate law specialist.

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The Strafford County Superior Court has changed the hearing from Friday, October 5th to Thursday October 4th:

I'm emailing to let you know that the hearing in this matter currently scheduled for Friday October 5th, has been moved to Thursday October 4th at 1pm by Judge Lewis. All other parties have been notified by email as well. Please let me know if you have any problem with this date. Thank you.


Andy will be a guest on Bulldog Live, WTPL-FM, Concord on Wednesday morning 10:05 A. M. (live streaming)


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