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Thursday, October 04, 2012

New Hampshire news: Andy Martin was for Mitt Romney before the first debate October 3rd

Anti-Obama leader, New Hampshire corruption-fighter and maverick Republican Party activist Andy Martin was pro-Romney before the first debate. When media bobbleheads were hand-wringing over Romney’s campaign in mid-September, Andy stood up and said he was “strongly behind the Romney presidential campaign” and announced the formation of “Romney’s Rangers.” Andy has been battling in court to block Barack Obama from stealing New Hampshire’s electoral votes by trucking in out-of-state “students” from New York and Massachusetts. “It’s easy to join a winning wave, the day after a strong debate,” Andy says. “It took guts and character to stick with your candidate when Republican and conservative crybabies were ready to write off Mitt Romney last month.” I am proud to have been for Romney before October 3rd. Good job, Governor.

Wednesday afternoon, former President Bill Clinton let the cat out of the bag by attacking Andy’s efforts to block out-of-state voters. Now we know who’s really behind the Strafford County lawsuit.


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New Hampshire Republican Party corruption-fighter Andy Martin is celebrating Thursday morning; at a time last month when other “Republicans” were critical of Mitt Romney’s campaign, Andy stood out and stood up with strong support for Romney

“I was for Mitt before October 3rd,” Andy says

Andy will be in court Thursday afternoon fighting to stop Barack Obama from stealing New Hampshire’s electoral votes

Wednesday President Bill Clinton attacked Andy’s efforts

(Manchester, NH) (October 4, 2012) Mitt Romney will have a lot of new friends this morning.

I won’t be one of them.

I was already for Romney – before October 3rd.

On September 21st (see link below) I announced the formation of “Romney’s Rangers.” I said “There is no choice but to “Stand up for Romney and I am very proud to stand up with Mitt Romney as our presidential candidate.”

So, today I am extremely proud at Romney’s debate performance. It was a great debate. Both candidates gave it their best. But Romney’s “best” was better than Obama’s “best.” The long faces at MSNBC could not conceal their disappointment at President Obama’s showing. I was particularly fascinated by Ed Schultz, who is a strong liberal but often tells the truth about the state of the fight. Schultz was despondent with Obama’s performance.

As I said on September 21st, no candidate is perfect. But I had confidence in Mitt Romney because I have studied his campaign for the past eighteen months. During the primaries I was often critical of the other candidates. But I saw a future president in Romney. Republicans needed a winner. Romney could win. I believed he could and would. And will.

So today I am exultant at Romney’s preparation, his presentation and his total performance last night.

For my part, I have been tirelessly battling on Romney’s behalf. I am very proud to have been the first and so far the only Republican to stand up against a bogus lawsuit filed in Strafford County by Obama supporters to flood New Hampshire with liberal out-of-state voters. Wednesday afternoon former President Bill Clinton attacked my efforts (link below). (State House Speaker Bill O’Brien later sought to intervene in an official capacity, but not as a partisan). I am an openly Republican battler against the phony “Democrat v Democrat” lawsuit that was filed to legitimize out-of-state voting.

Mr. Romney realized Wednesday night that he needed to broaden his presentation. He spoke of his record as governor. Romney accomplished as governor of Massachusetts what he is promising to accomplish as president of the United States. Romney is not only a “businessman.” He is a candidate who rescued the Olympics. He is a candidate who proved he could be a successful chief executive in the Massachusetts governor’s office. Romney performed and produced for the people of Massachusetts. He can perform and produce for the American people in the White House.

At a time when nervous “conservatives” were writing off Mitt Romney, in mid-September, I stood tall with our party’s candidate. I’m even taller for him today. And of course every early Romney backer welcomes Mitt’s new post-October 3rd supporters.

No party and no candidate is perfect. We all have our faults. But Romney is the man we need in the White House. I totally believe Ann Romney when she says “Mitt will not fail.”

President Obama is absolutely correct that this is a “choice” election. Americans have a choice between a growing federal government influence in our daily lives and the constitutional conservatism of Mitt Romney and faithful Republicans.

Governor Romney showed he will not abandon those who need help; “We will leave no American behind.” But Romney will also provide incentives for those who want to take risks and “dream big.” Obama dreams of a bigger and bigger government making more and more decisions in our daily lives. Conservatives want an America that helps those who need help without discouraging those who can perform and produce economic opportunities which benefit all of us.

Thursday afternoon I will be in court in Strafford County protecting every New Hampshire ballot box. Bill Clinton can’t scare me off. In fact, if anyone doubted who was behind the bogus “voter” lawsuit, Clinton let the cat out of the bag: the failed Obama/Clinton administration. Wednesday afternoon Clinton made explicit what had hitherto been implicit: the Strafford lawsuit is a partisan maneuver to transfer votes from liberal “Obama base” states to conservative battleground state New Hampshire.

I will be working to ensure that New Hampshire voters do not see their votes diluted by these out-of-state “voters.”

Obama’s supporters tried to pull a typical Chicago-style fast one by stuffing New Hampshire ballot boxes with out-of-state votes. I was standing guard for the people of New Hampshire to block Obama’s scam.

I am proud to stand tall with Mitt Romney.

I will do everything in my power to make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States.


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