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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Andy Martin news conference demands that the Chicago Tribune fire Rick Pearson; a court hearing is set

Pearson, whom Andy calls a “potential highway killer.” Andy has written about Rick Pearson’s bizarre and abusive behavior, and sometimes called Pearson’s demeanor similar to that of a child abuser. “I was mistaken,” Andy says. “And I apologize. Pearson’s ‘character’ and his creepy behavior are due to his alcoholism. Pearson’s biased journalism is also infected by his alcoholism. The idea that alcoholics simply ‘blow off’ or ignore their alcoholism when they are in the workplace is not born out by the evidence. More importantly, Pearson’s offense - driving the wrong way down a one-way street - is potentially one of the most dangerous examples of alcoholic endangerment. Because Pearson was acting within the scope of his employment, the Tribune Company is liable for and is an enabler of Pearson’s alcoholism. It is time for Chicago media management to take alcoholism seriously and to stop coddling drunken reporters and writers,” Andy will state at his news conference later today. A court hearing is scheduled Thursday June 6th at 2:00 P.M. in Martin v. Pearson, Room 2302 of the Daley Center.


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Announcement of Chicago news conference

Attention national and Chicago daybook/assignment editors

Andy Martin says that the Chicago Tribune newspaper is legally liable for the drunk driving of its employee Rick Pearson

Andy is asking Sangamon County authorities to ensure there is no obstruction of justice in prosecuting Pearson for driving the wrong way down a one-way street

Andy says Pearson has shown longstanding evidence of alcoholic impairment

Andy says the media in Chicago have been much too tolerant and much too complacent about alcoholic reporters such as Mike Royko and Neil Steinberg

(CHICAGO) (June 4, 2013) Corruption-fighter Andy Martin will hold a news conference today, Tuesday, June 4th, to announce: [1] he is demanding that the Chicago Tribune fire drunken reporter Rick Pearson; [2] he is initially asking Sangamon County authorities to investigate why a prior DUI arrest of Pearson’s was not prosecuted and [3] there is a court hearing scheduled in Martin v. Pearson at the Daley Center on June 6th at 2:00 P.M., Courtroom 2302.

Andy will also issue a partial apology to Pearson based on the demonstrated evidence of Pearson’s longstanding alcoholism.

“The Chicago Tribune is responsible for putting a potential killer on Illinois highways,” Andy will charge later today. “Rick Pearson, who has a longstanding alcoholism problem, has been allowed to drive on Illinois’ streets and highways while officially acting for the Chicago Tribune.

“I first experienced Rick Pearson’s bizarre behavior exactly a decade ago, when he sent me an irrational email. Over the following years I referred to Pearson as someone with the demeanor or mien of a ‘molester.’ For that I now apologize. I realize Pearson has a longstanding alcoholism problem and that is the source of his creepy appearance and behavior.

“The Chicago Tribune has ignored and enabled Pearson’s alcoholism and put Pearson on the state’s highways as a potential - and perhaps inevitable - killer. Today I formally demand that the Chicago Tribune fire killer-in-waiting Rick Pearson.

“I am also asking that Sangamon County officials open an investigation into why an officer claimed the Fifth Amendment in another Pearson prosecution. Do they think Sangamon County is the IRS, where public employees claim the Fifth Amendment? If we do not get proper answers I will follow up with a request to the U. S. Attorney to investigate whether Sangamon County officials or The Tribune Company or others, engaged in obstruction of justice to protect Pearson from prosecution. I will not allow a cover-up of Pearson’s current criminal behavior in Springfield (link below).

“May 31st Pearson was driving the wrong way down a one-way street and was arrested for DUI. Alcoholics who drive the wrong way on streets and highways are perhaps the most dangerous form of vehicular killers.

“Because Pearson was acting within the scope of his employment while present in Springfield, the ‘bankrupt’ Chicago Tribune was legally responsible for Pearson’s criminal behavior. If Pearson has killed or maimed someone, Tribune owners would have been fully liable. Have Tribune attorneys considered these facts?

“For decades Chicago media have treated serious alcoholism as a joke. I often saw Mike Royko drunken and incoherent. Neil Steinberg wrote a book about his alcoholic exploits (link below). Alcoholics are public enemies. They kill on public streets and highways. Alcoholism is not a joke. Because the Chicago Tribune knowingly placed an alcoholic on Illinois streets and highways the Tribune created a clear and present danger of vehicular homicide. How would they report the story if Pearson killed someone?

“It is also true that when an employer ignores and enables alcoholism, the employee becomes emboldened to keep drinking. If you keep drinking, eventually and almost inevitably you will have a serious automobile incident.

“I always thought Pearson’s creepy demeanor was due to a potential molester’s profile. I was mistaken. Pearson’s bizarre behavior, and most likely his biased and malignant journalism, is due to his alcohol problems. Alcoholism is not something you can partition off. An alcoholic sees life and sees the world through a different vision. Pearson’s biased reporting, and his reputed bribe-taking from Republican ‘Combine’ operatives, all are natural permutations of his alcoholism.

“In order to retain its remaining credibility as a media enterprise, the Chicago Tribune has no alternative but to immediately fire Rick Pearson. There is no place in the modern employment world, and particularly no place in the media employment world, for malignant alcoholics such as Mike Royko, Neil Steinberg and Rick Pearson. Alcohol kills, and alcoholics are potential killers every time they get behind the steering wheel of any vehicle,” Andy will charge later today.

The Circuit Court of Cook County has set a Thursday, June 6th 2:00 P.M. hearing in Courtroom 2302 of the Daley Center in Martin v. Pearson. The matter was previously scheduled but Andy is going to ask the court for permission to file an amended complaint adding Pearson’s alcoholism and alcohol-fueled rage against Andy to the list of charges against Pearson and the Tribune Company.




American corruption-fighter and Internet Powerhouse/Conservative blogger Andy Martin


Andy Martin demands that the Chicago Tribune fire Rick Pearson


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,

Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 6:00 P.M.


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