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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chicago news conference: Corruption fighter Andy Martin documents once again that Senator Mark Kirk is complete military fraud

Beginning in the summer of 2009 (see many links below) corruption fighting independent Internet columnist and blogger Andy Martin exposed U. S. Senator Mark Kirk as a military fraud and mental case. Andy provided DOD records as well as exposing Kirk on live television in Chicago. Illinois’ corrupt, incompetent and completely gullible media published stories that Kirk had been “fighting” in Afghanistan. “Mark Kirk is more than a Walter Mitty,” Andy charges. “He has had serious mental problems all of his life. Most of his life is a lie. And, in 2016, perhaps hoping that I would stay silent, Kirk is recycling his 2010 lies that he was ‘deployed’ in war zones and ‘fought’ in wars and similar delusional claims.

“My complaints to the Department of Defense prompted an investigation that resulted in a warning to Kirk, to stop abusing his military uniform as a political prop. But Kirk goes on lying and posting ridiculous photos. In 2010 he pretended to be a fighter pilot. CNN caught him this week in full battle dress, another fabrication and delusion. Kirk says it was a ‘mistake.’ And yet the local media in Chicago keep protecting Kirk. What is wrong with this picture?

“I may be a prophet without honor in Chicago, but I am a prophet who deals in the truth based on hard facts and evidence. Chicago’s media are complicit in Kirk’s fraud. The local TV stations and newspapers are equally culpable as liars for promoting and broadcasting Kirk’s lies.

“I have been exposing crooked Illinois politics for half a century. That has to be some sort of record,” Andy says. Andy Moved to Manchester, NH in 2010 but he continues to maintain a corruption-fighting present in the Midwest.
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Announcement of Chicago news conference Thursday, September 22nd

September 22 Chicago news conference details:


National and New Hampshire corruption fighter and columnist/blogger Andy Martin


Andy Martin exposes Mark Kirk’s military fraud, says Kirk has mental problems and calls on Kirk to withdraw as a candidate


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash Streets, Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Thursday, September 22, 2015; 9:00 A.M. (promptly)


Andy Martin brings back to public view all of the evidence he created in 2009-2010 that caused the Department of Defense to warn Mark Kirk to stop using his military uniform for politics

Andy Martin says the gullible Chicago media published Kirk’s delusions that in 2008-2010 Kirk was “fighting” for “freedom” in Afghanistan

Andy Martin demands that Mark Kirk withdraw as a candidate for reelection because of Kirk’s pathological lying

(CHICAGO) (September 21, 2016) Andy Martin, the corruption-fighting independent Internet columnist and blogger who has probably exposed more corruption and incompetence from Hawai’i to New Hampshire and points in between, will hold a Chicago news conference Thursday, September 22 to excoriate the Chicago media for shamelessly promoting Mark Kirk’s lies that Kirk has served in combat overseas.

Andy can be reached in Chicago at (312) 440-4124.

“At my prompting, the Department of Defense (DOD) opened an in investigation of Kirk and admonished him to stop playing politics with his imaginary ‘deployments’ overseas, when he was never deployed anywhere,” Andy charges. “DOD has stringent rules prohibiting members of congress from ever being placed in harm’s way. Kirk’s claim that he came under fire in Afghanistan was delusional. His claim that he was ‘fighting’ is nonsense. His claim he told General Stanley McChrystal how to fight the war in Afghanistan is delusional. What is wrong with Chicago media that they publish such delusional claims by Kirk?

“Over and over again Chicago media scorned me for telling the truth about Kirk’s lies and presenting evidence to confirm my claims, all while exalting Kirk as a military impresario.

“I call on Mark Kirk to withdraw as a candidate for reelection. He is a disgrace to the Republican Party. I would very much like to see a Republican U. S. Senate elected in November. But if the price of a Republican senate is having to reelect a liar and fraud, then that price is just too high.

“This week CNN caught Kirk lying all over again. Notably, it was out-of-town CNN that exposed Kirk, not the local Tribune or Sun-Times.

“In 2010 Kirk was wearing a pilot’s gear. This time Kirk posted a picture in full battle dress (see CNN link below).

“There are simply too many links I have generated showing Kirk is a fraud, so without categorizing them I placed all of them below. The top link (
shows where I exposed Kirk on live television in Chicago (closing statements at the end). I also highlight the propaganda published by the Sun-Times and the ever gullible groupie Lynn Sweet (

“The Tribune’s creepy Rick Pearson was another flack who promoted Kirk and tried to undermine the credibility of my evidence. Mike Riopell is also exposed as a local media idiot. I could go on but the trend is obvious. The links from 2009-2010 are there (see below).

“If we want to know why Illinois is a ‘failed state’ and why Chicago is dying, the fact that Chicago’s media have betrayed and corrupted their public trust and duty to present the truth, and instead promoted phonies like Kirk is bitter medicine to swallow.

“Kirk should step down. The firestorm generated by his latest lies is, belatedly, going to consume him. He has done so very much damage over the years.

“I also call on the Illinois Republican Party to denounce Kirk for his lies, the way they attacked me for exposing the truth about Kirk. The fact that the institutional party supported Kirk is a disgrace to honest and honorable politics. Enough. Kirk must go. And go now. I have more evidence and extensive files but I don’t have them handy, since they were archived long ago. But the DOD records can be retrieved directly from the Pentagon. They are public records.”

LINKS TO THIS STORY (cut and paste the entire link below and not just the underlined portion):

(watch “Closing Statement” for Kirk “blockbuster”)

Mike Riopell

While one of his Senate Republican opponents was attacking U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk in radio ads this holiday season, the five-term congressman and Naval Reserve officer was serving in Afghanistan. Kirk has now returned and will no doubt hit the media Thursday with his assessment of the Afghanistan war and President Barack Obama's handling of the failed airline bombing on Christmas Day. This is the second time the Highland Park Republican has served a brief tour in the war-torn country as an intelligence officer. Last year, he also deployed to Afghanistan over the Christmas holidays, making him the first sitting congressman to serve in a war zone since World War II.


DeKalb Chronicle Kirk served in Haiti, Bosnia, etc.


New citations after emailing:


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