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Friday, March 28, 2008

Andy Martin with more exclusive commentary on Barack Obama's religious roots. Martin discloses Obama's flirtation with the Nation of Islam in Chicago. Andy continues his penetrating analysis of Barack's "wander years" in Chicago.

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(WASHINGTON, DC)(March 28, 2008) Barack Obama expert and Internet columnist Andy Martin told a Washington, DC news conference Friday, March 28th, that Barack Obama flirted with joining the Nation of Islam ("NOI") in Chicago before affiliating with Trinity United Church of Christ in the 1980's.

"Barack Obama's mid-1980's were a 'lost' period in his life," Martin told media. "Obama's 'wander years' lacked any spiritual or familial roots in Chicago. He eventually joined a Christian church, after abandoning the Islam/Atheism of his parents. But before formally committing to Trinity UCC, Obama 'church shopped' among other denominations and met with members of the NOI.

"NOI was in an expansion mode during that period, and Obama's 'street' experience had exposed him to the Black Muslims. NOI was obviously interested in recruiting Obama as a member. Hew was an obviously attractive prospect. Obama met with members and expressed an interest on learning more about NOI based on curiosity about his own exposure to Islam as a child. Ultimately, Obama elected to join Trinity and pursue Holy Baptism at some uncertain date.

"Our research is continuing," Martin said. "All of this digging has been made much more difficult by the fact that Obama has never given any definite dates for baptism and membership at Trinity. Obama's recent reluctance to criticize Minister Louis Farrakhan is probably based on their initial contacts during the 1980's."

TO COME: How "Black Rage" paralyzed Barack Obama


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Blogger daphnenerd said...

Why aaren't the news people picking up on these lies? They seem to be blinded by Obama's charisma and can not find fault with him. They find fault with Hillary every chance they get. They dredge everything they can about both Bill and Hillary Clinton and keep the "Monica Lewinsky" story alive. I'm glad she's not dropping from the race.

6:11 AM  

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