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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Andy Martin calls Senator Barack Obama an anti-Semite

Andy Martin responds to Obama’s attacks on Martin at the AIPAC conference. Martin charges that Obama is trying to block sales of Martin’s new expose on Obama by launching smears against the author/columnist. Martin’s book is set for publication in June, see The Nation magazine stated in an online comment that Obama was seeking to defuse Martin’s disclosures in Martin's upcoming book when Obama recently spoke at an AIPAC conference. “It’s crazy,” says Martin. “My pro-Muslim friends attack me for outing Obama, since they believe he is a closet Muslim, and my Jewish friends have to stand by and see me falsely accused of being an anti-Semite. Obama: The Man Behind the Mask is going to be a blockbuster book and torpedo Obama with the truth.”

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Andy Martin, J.D.
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June 7, 2008

The Nation
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Dear Publisher:

I wish to notify you that you have posted false and defamatory information about me on your web site, and possibly in an upcoming edition of your magazine. If a prominent apology and withdrawal are not promptly forthcoming we will sue.

Your latest defamation makes a number of utterly false and scurrilous statements:

1. You claim that Senator Barack Obama, speaking to the AIPAC conference last week, was validating and responding to the fact that I am the “source of the rumors being used to spook Jewish voters…” I have nothing to do with any rumors being used to “spook” Jewish voters and know nothing about their source.

Barry Obama has problems with Jewish voters because of his long associations with anti-Semites and anti-Americans, not because of any e-mails I have circulated. As satirist Jackie Mason has suggested, any Jew who votes for Obama would be very misguided.

On the contrary, as early as 2004 I predicted what would happen when the truth about Obama became known. Accurately predicting a course of events does not make you a participant in them. You should be saluting me for my prescience, not smearing me with false accusations; but that wouldn’t make as juicy a story for your Christopher Hayes, would it?

I am a legitimate investigative columnist journalist whose name has been attached to anything I have circulated. As near as I can tell, I am routinely criticized by both Democrats and Republicans, so I must be the honest man in the middle. I do not do anonymous.

2. I am not an anti-Semite. This is a vile accusation and constitutes libel per se. The only citation for this accusation was the fact that a quarter century ago I was involuntarily involved in a bogus bankruptcy dispute in which I exposed massive corruption in the local federal court in Connecticut.

As a result of my battles and exposures, two (2) potential candidates for the U. S. Supreme Court may have later been rejected (Judges Joe Cabranes and Jon O Newman; the judges are still angry at me, decades later). Pleadings in lawsuits are privileged precisely because they do not necessarily represent the views of counsel or parties. For you to seek to brand me as an anti-Semite in 2008 based on involuntary participation in a lawsuit 25 years ago is irresponsible, outrageous and libelous.

Moreover, there was never any due process determination of the accusations you reference. In one case the record reflects I was not even a party to a lawsuit (Eleventh Circuit) and was gratuitously attacked by mendacious judges. In the case where I was a party no hearings on these false accusations against me were held by the crooked judges (Cabranes and Newman) involved. I exposed looting in the federal courts by local judges and their acolytes. In our society, judges do not have the power to brand people, and you certainly do not have the authority to accuse me of being an anti-Semite in 2008 based on undocumented accusations in a goofy lawsuit 25 years ago.

In point of fact, I am a strong critic of the U.S.’s Middle East policies, but I have also been a supporter of Israel. My Andy Martin Middle East Peace Plan in 2000 (available on the net with a little digging) called for U. S. troops to patrol the Green Line to separate Israelis from the new Palestinian nation and to protect each side from the other. A willingness to put Americans in harm’s way to protect Israelis is hardly evidence of anti-Semitism.

Barry Obama and his fellow travelers constantly circulate lies and false accusations about me to cover up and distract attention from his long history of anti-Semitism, from Reverend Jeremiah Wright to the Nation of Islam, to Father Michael Pfleger to (insert your own choice). I did not make Obama an anti-Semite. His record of anti-Semitism speaks for itself. Now Obama & Co. are trying to block sales of my new book on Obama, coming out this month, which is why The Nation is recirculating old smears. Why are they so afraid of me? Buy the book and find out.

I do not read the Nation but my views are generally considered to be well within the mainstream of Middle East peace discussions. Criticizing the “Israel lobby” does not make you an anti-Semite.

Mr. Hayes needs to go back to journalism school, and you need to supervise his writing much more closely. Hayes tries to create suspense out of nonsense. He asked me a year ago if I had written an anonymous attack piece on Senator Obama and I responded, “everyone who writes in this area is to some extent working off my original research.” That is in my opinion an absolutely correct statement of fact, which can be verified by looking on the Internet and seeing that people credit me with “outing” Obama in 2004. There is noting conspiratorial or improper about having made the unexceptionable claims about Obama that I presented then or since. They were all true in 2004 and they are true today (which is why Barry Boy is going down and taking the Democratic Party with him). And, to the best of my knowledge, I have never circulated any information or any e-mail about Obama without prominently attaching my name as the source. So your claim I am the mastermind of an anonymous “vast right-wing smear machine” is Hayes’ fantasy.

Because I have a book coming out this month (, and because I write generally on politics, your attacks on my credibility as a columnist and false accusations of anti-Semitism are libel per se. We recently sued the New York Times, and they have two law firms (with more to come) defending their nonsense, which was far less toxic than your own outrageous accusations.

If you would like to run a prominent apology and retraction promptly, I will not sue. Otherwise, we are headed to court.

Very truly yours,





Blogger chklaver said...

I am shocked that "the Nation" has pitted you as anti-Semetic! I have been reading your on-line column for a couple of months now, and have found your writing to be both balanced and informative. I have found you to be one of the most neutral of the political pundits I read, as well as having a pleasant tone. And, I'm a Liberal Democrat (as well as a past subscriber to "the Nation").

I am appalled at the media's labelling of anyone who is not a supporter of Sen. Obama, or who merely criticizes his policies and/or affiliations.

Thank you for being another voice I can turn to as I filter through the misinformation about Sen. Obama, and the strange machinations of this Democratic Party primary season.

9:28 AM  

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