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Friday, June 13, 2008

Andy Martin says mainstream media slobber at Obama's "Fight Smears" web site

Is Andy Martin the most influential columnist in America? "The Internet rules," says Martin, "We are fighting Barack Obama's disinformation, and winning." Is opposition to Obama orchestrated from an underground bunker in midtown Manhattan?


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(NEW YORK)(June 13, 2008) There were floods in the Midwest Thursday evening, but the water overflowing the river banks was a trickle compared to the mainstream media's slobbering over Barack Obama's desperate attempt to "Fight the Smears."

From fashionable Fox News on the right to MSNBC on the loony left, the verdict was unanimous: Obama's confession that his campaign strategy for the past two years had failed was greeted with approbation and enthusiasm. "Fighting smears" was the message of the day and the media duly swallowed that sardine whole.

Is it any wonder the power of Internet-based journalists is growing? When no one in the mainstream media stands up and offers a dissenting opinion or a contrarian take on Obama's desperate "anti-smear" gamble, there is something drastically wrong with MSM coverage of the campaign. (Sean Hannity claims he is not part of the "mainstream media," but Fox News is absolutely part of the pack.)

Four years ago I disclosed that Barack Obama was fighting to conceal his family's religious roots in the Muslim faith. Because some conservatives consider me a sympathizer with Muslim causes, there was initial confusion when I was identified as the source of the Obama disclosures. But I have no pro or anti-Muslim agenda. "Just the facts, Mam'm." I just place the facts in the record and let readers decide. For my integrity and independence in digging out the truth about Obama I have been vilified by almost everyone.

And Tuesday night there they were, the mainstream panjandrums such as Chris Matthews (he of the "wet leg" when Obama enters a room) pontificating "Obama was never a Muslim" and words to that effect.

As is so often the case when the mainstream media are united in their incompetence and mendacity, the truth was exactly the opposite of that being preached on TV.

Obama's "Fight the Smears" site is not an attempt to debunk lies or "smears." Rather, the site is a confession of failure; a very risky gamble and one that I strongly feel will boomerang and blow up in his face. Obama is trying, once again, to conceal the truth with bombastic attacks on anyone who dares publish the facts about his religious roots and prior history of unpopular remarks (more on these remarks in a subsequent column).

I may be the only columnist in the United States who publishes the truth, but here it is:

Why are the media concealing the truth and depriving their viewers and readers of truthful information?

First, they are slobbering over the fact that Obama might just become president. So they are already genuflecting to their future king. The media toads are already toadying.

Second, the mainstream media dropped the ball on Obama's religious roots. The truth that Obama tried so desperately to conceal did not originate in the Washington Post or New York Times. The truth originated with my newspaper, and its predecessors. Mainstream media are always incensed when they are scooped on a story, especially when the scooper is a pisher publisher, not the mighty Chicago Tribune.

Third, the truth hurts. The truth hurts because Obama has said for the past two years that he would ignore and suppress the truth about his religious roots and hope it would go away. I have not gone away; the truth has not gone away and the percentage of Americans who suspect Obama is lying has steadily risen into the low teens. In other words—and may I take a bow on this one as the most influential columnist in any media today—my original research has been disseminated and regurgitated (not always accurately) to such an extent that the power of the truth has completely overwhelmed the ability of the mainstream media to suppress the facts.

My name does not appear under the masthead of the New York Times or the Washington Post, but I have gained credibility because I publish the facts and they refuse to do likewise. Fox News passed over me as an analyst for the Iraq war because I was too honest and too independent. I went to Baghdad and broke more news and criticism on the incompetence of the American mission than anyone else but John McCain.

The Nation, a leftish magazine, has published two attacks on me as the orchestrator of a CapitalOne-advertisement-style vast underground "smear machine." Since when did telling the truth become a "smear?" I invited The Nation's publisher to visit my secret bunker deep under midtown Manhattan, where we orchestrate the disinformation that confuses virtually everyone from ethnic groups to our own adversarial mainstream colleagues on the surface. Perhaps that will fulfill her fantasies about how we operate.

The reality is far more modest. I may not be as powerful as The Nation suggests, but I am willing to claim that has been right more often than not during the 2008 election cycle. That's why Obama is running scared. He knows I am in hot pursuit.

In our Obama "war room" at we are flooded every day with negative information about Barack Obama. We publish only a tiny fraction of the material we receive. Sometimes I am criticized for what we don't publish. But can anyone point to any errors we have published about Obama? I don’t think so. We do our own independent due diligence before a story or an accusation appears. I have never written that Obama attended a "madrassa." Others added that embellishment.

Likewise, I have never said that Obama "is" a Muslim. Obviously he is not. In our First Amendment republic people are free to worship as they please. Even if they worship at the altar of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Fourth, the mainstream media are in steady decline. The Chicago Tribune is now being run into the ground by a man whose prior claim to fame was that he made a fortune evicting helpless poor people from trailer parks. He jumped from mean-spirited evictions to mean-spirited attitudes towards his own reporters.

I follow the story where I know it leads. And after 40 years in the courthouses of Chicago, I know my way around the sewers of that city.

When I reported in November 2006 that Obama's ties to indicted influence peddler Tony Rezko were far more extensive than he was admitting, the mainstream media yawned. Who was right, and who missed the story? When Rezko's trial began I said more about Obama would come out. There was testimony Obama was acting as arm candy for Rezko during his 2004 senate campaign; Obama said he "didn't remember" meeting one of the richest people in the world.

Obama went through years of denials, evasions and prevarications, and the full truth about Tony Rezko is still not known.

But we will have new insights in Obama: The Man Behind the Mask, which goes to the printer in days.

To my loyal readers and those who join us every day, I say, "welcome." To my competitors, I ask, "How many websites is Obama going to have to put up to counter our writing before you admit that Obama's strategy has been an abject failure, not the wonderful idea to 'fight smears' you were suggesting in unison on June 12th?"

And for Senator Obama, I have a promise: we will do our best to publish only true and accurate charges and opinions about you, because we know that it is precisely the truth about yourself that you fear the most.

In the meantime, if anyone else would like to visit the mythical secret command-and-control bunker deep under midtown Manhattan, please contact us for a guided tour. Just remember, we are a hell of a lot more influential than our competitors up on the surface. And if you don’t believe my claims, or think we are exaggerating our influence, just ask the Obama people. They know we're telling the truth. They just put up a web site to "stop the smears," which in reality is a web site to control the truth and deprive voters of the facts. Maybe Obama should have called it the "" site.

Luckily, our readers and the American people are smarter than the mainstream media. Which is why the Internet rules.

Legendary Chicago Internet journalist, talk show host and broadcaster, and media critic Andy Martin is the author of Obama: The Man Behind the Mask, published by Orange State Press. Details on the book can be found at Advance orders from Orange State Press. Available everywhere in days. Because of the expected heavy demand, advance orders will be filled by date of order.
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